Has your Facebook messenger stopped working? Are you getting the message stating “Unfortunately, Messenger Has Stopped?” If yes, then you landed here on the right page.

Are you using the Facebook messenger app on your device? If yes, then there could be chances to get an error message like “Unfortunately, Messenger has stopped”?

We have done a lot of research, and we found that many android users suffered from the same problem “Unfortunately, Messenger Has Stopped.” So, today in our article we will discuss all the possible solutions to get rid of the “unfortunately, messenger has stopped message.” Well, there are dozens of solutions to fix this problem, but we recommend some of the best solutions for you. So, read our article further to get all the details in that matter.

Facebook is one of the biggest messenger apps in today’s world and one of the most used applications for android. Facebook allows users to chat with any of the people in the world, do voice and video calls with their friends and family.

But sometimes Facebook messenger throws an unexpected error message that causes the app to stop working or to crash. So, before proceeding to the main content, we will tell you the reasons why this message occurs.

Reasons Why “Unfortunately, Messenger Has Stopped Message” Occur

Well, there are no exact reasons for the occurrence of this message, but we recommend you some possible reasons for occurring this message.

  • The first and the main reason is that there may be lots of messages, videos, photos, and other junk saved on your messenger application.
  • Another reason is that there could be junk files. If you do not clean your phone for long, then it is a possibility that a lot of junk is stored in your device. That’s why Facebook shows an error message. So, clean junk files once in a week or once in a month by using built-in security software.

Besides all this, other reasons can cause this error message. If you are suffering from the same issue, you are not able to use your Facebook application properly. Without further ado, let’s take a look at the solutions below.

Solutions To Fix Unfortunately Messenger Has Stopped Error Message

If your FB messenger keeps stopping on your android, feel free to check out the solutions mentioned on this post.

(FIXED) Unfortunately, Messenger Has Stopped.

Switch Off and Reboot Your Phone

If you do not switch off your device for long then must do it because sometimes the problem arises if you do not switch off your phone for a more extended period.

Switch off your device and then turn on after a few minutes and check whether the problem is solved or not. If not, then we would suggest rebooting your device and testing again.

Clear Cache and Data of the Messenger App

This is another solution to fix this problem. Maybe a lot of junk files stored in your app so; clear the junk of the app. Let’s take a look at the steps below:

  • Open Settings and navigate for “Installed Apps”.
  • Now search for the “Messenger App” in the list of all application tabs.
  • Click on messenger app and then tap on “Clear Cache and Clear Data”.
  • Back to your home screen and “Restart Your Phone”.

Uninstall and Reinstall Messenger App

If the above solutions cannot work for you, then try our other solutions to fix this problem. Just install the latest version of the Facebook messenger app and check whether it works or not. But uninstalling the app will delete all your data such as photos, videos, GIFs etc. For uninstalling the app follow the steps below:

  • Open Settings and click on “Install Apps”.
  • In all application, tab look for the “Messenger App”
  • Tap on the messenger app and then click on “Uninstall”.


So those are the different ways to fix Unfortunately, Messenger Has Stopped problem. The solutions are easy to understand and perform. So, fix the problem and use the app again.

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