So many smartphones featuring from protective materials or metal but mobile phone case help them from an accidental drop. It’s the case that helps you to protect your smartphone from accidental damage & a good cover help you to protect for a longer duration. A perfect phone case or cover not only help to protect your device, but it also adds some stylish points to it as well.

There are so many types of cases available for smartphones like transparent case, rugged case, TPU case, slim and many more that can survive almost anything. Likewise, so many phone case brands have emerged in manufacturing them. Here’s the roundup of some of the best manufacturers of smartphone cases.

Best Phone Case Brands

You might know the best phone cases but not about the best cell phone case maker. Let’s talk about them one by one in this post.


Whenever you plan to buy any third party accessories from the smartphone manufacturer, Spigen will first come in your mind. It manufacturer variety of smartphone cases based on consumer’s need, including hybrid case, tough cases with dual layer protection, slim TPU case and many more.

They have manufactured some cases that provide military-grade protection, e.g. Neo Hybrid and the Rugged Armor. It looks more stylish and great that keeps the device’s edge & corner safe.

Best Cell Phone Cases by Spigen:

Best Cell Phone Cases by SpigenThis company makes cases for Samsung, Oppo, ZTE, LYF, iPhone, Huawei, Sony, Motorola, LG, One+ or etc and many other smartphone brands too.

It’s not only limited to Android but you can also call it as best iPhone case brands among all.

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Maxboost also manufactures car charger, screen protector, car mount & many more. They manufacture cell phone case for most of the brands but Galaxy Note 9, iPhone Xs Max, iPhone 6s, iPhone XR are the most popular cases they are selling on Amazon.

Here is an example of a Wallet case you can see in the image below, you can store your credit cards, money in your smartphone case. If you don’t drop your smartphone frequently and want to keep your credit cards on hand, you can check out this case.

Best by Maxboost phone case maker

  • Best for Galaxy S9: Maxboost HyperPro Case at Amazon, “Provides you top-notch protection to your device that compatible with wireless charging technology.”
  • Best for iPhone Xs Max: iPhone SX Max Case at Amazon, ” Lifetime warranty on this case + Amazon’s choice especially for iPhone SX max device.”
  • Best Wallet Case: Folio Style Wallet Case at Amazon, “Multifunctional protective case specially designed to store credit cards & act like wallet & yes, protect your device too”

Best by Maxboost phone case maker

Maxboost not only manufactures android phone cases but it also produces other smartphone accessories like car phone mount, USB car chargers, Screen protectors, USB wall chargers and many more items like this. To check out complete Maxboost portfolio, check out below link.

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Unlike other phone case companies, Otterbox also manufactures phone case for iPhone as well as Android mobile phones.

Best by Otterbox phone case maker

  • Best for iPhone: OtterBox Case at Amazon, “Well designed for iPhone 8 Plus & iPhone 7 Plus. Best selling case by Otterbox is iPhone 8 plus case rose gold.”
  • Best for LG K20V/LG K20 plus/LG: OtterBox SYMMETRY SERIES Case at Amazon“Designed for LG K20 series smartphones that not only looks stylish but also pocket-friendly. “

Best by Otterbox phone case maker

Apart from that, they also manufacture USB wall chargers, Power banks, Bluetooth speakers, Earphones, MicroUSB cables and many other accessories for Android & iPhone devices. You can check out their complete portfolio & all Otterbox products from below link.

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It’s not much known or the best cell phone case brands among listed here but a budget-friendly case for sure.

Best protective phone cases by Ringke

  • Best for cards: Ringke Slot Card Holder at Amazon, “If you are fond of storing credit cards on the back of your smartphone, you should check this out. A lot of color variation is there, so best for females too.”
  • Best Flip Card Holder case: Flip Card Holder at Amazon, “Budget friendly case that can protect your device, hold your cards & so many colors to choose from.”
  • Best for iPhone XS Max: Ringke Fusion-X TPU Case at Amazon, “iPhone xs max military grade case is for you if you frequently drop your phone.”
  • Best for Google Pixel 2 XL: Ringke TPU Case at Amazon,” Dual layer heavy duty protection that is scratch resistant & made up with shock absorbing material to protect your Pixel 2 XL effectively.”

Best protective phone cases by RingkeThis was all about Best Sellers from Ringke but they also manufacture Magnetic car holders, Wireless chargers, Screen & lens cleaning spray, USB type C data charging cables & many other smartphone accessories. You can check out the complete accessories & best selling products by Ringke from the below link.

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Poetic is another most protective phone cases manufacturer that product rugged cases, for tablet devices, for smartphone devices and many more. Their cases are not the most expensive phone case but affordable one that can be affordable & cheap for everyone.

Poetic has some of the best cell phone case for drop protection in their product lists that protect your device from accidental drops effectively. Unlike other cell phone protective cases, this brand is especially focused on manufacturing & selling phone cases. You will not find any other mobile phone accessories from their product list.

Best by Poetic

Best by Poetic phone case makerYou can find out more strong phone cases for your device from their product list. If you want to buy some of the most durable phone cases, you can check out complete Poetic phone cases from below link.

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This is another brand in the market that sells Samsung & Apple iPhone cases in the market. Mostly you will find the case for the recently launched Android devices like Samsung Galaxy S8, S8+, S9, S9+. For the latest iPhone devices like iPhone XS, iPhone X,iPhone XS Max, iPhone XR, and many more cases you can find out from Speck.


Best cases by Speck

  • Best for iPhone XS & iPhone X: iPhone XS/X Presidio Pro Case at Amazon, “Best cases for your iPhone X & Xs that is made up with IMPACTIUM shock barrier to protect your device from the drop. E.g. 10-foot drop-protection that absorb & disperse shock.”
  • Best for Galaxy S9: Presidio Clear S9 Plus Case at Amazon, ” Pink color especially for Girls & more 2 color variation available for this slimmest dual-layer case”

There is a lot more case for other iPhone & Android mobile phones that you can find out from Speck page on Amazon. If you would like to give a try, check them out below.

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When it comes to covers & cases for a smartphone, it’s a well-known brand in the mobile phone case market. It offers practical cases, folio case, wallet cases with unique style & designs with protection to your device too.


They have started manufacturing dual layer protection first & Incipio DualPro was the most popular case manufactured by them. Your smartphone does not look like a brick & even it provides you with military-grade protection from accidental drops & bumps.

Best by Incipio

A good thing about Incipio is you can have a wide variety of cases & covers to choose from the most popular smartphone manufacturer brands. Price range is also reasonable that you can buy cases from $20 to $80 which is affordable for anyone though.

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Like most of the cases, you will be able to find out Samsung & Apple cases from Tech21. There are too many hard cases in the market, that will even make your phone’s side button like volume button or power button switch hard. But not in this case.


Best by Tech21

If you are looking for a lightweight & comfortable case to hold, you should check them out from below.

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Types of phone cases

There are different types of cell phone cases available in the market. Here are some of the most popular phone case types that are mostly available in the market.

Slim Cases

This kind of cases is usually made up of rubber or plastic that is usually demanded but not durable & crack if made with hard plastic. Slim cases are usually well known for their shock absorbent property that you can easily slide into your pockets.

Folio Cases

Folio type of cases looks more stylish created from a leather-like material that is original or fake leather. It helps to cover the front of your smartphone & some of such case also comes with a harder shell to protect your smartphone more effectively.

Rugged Cases

Rugged cases are most durable but bulky & heavy cases, so it ultimately makes a sure phone look like a brick. Sometimes, it’s hard to click on some buttons on your phone, but add a grip to hold it perfectly. If you frequently drop your device, you should be using this one.

Tough Cases

It’s really tough to break & such cases are usually made up from unbreakable materials. Sometimes you find it difficult to keep it in your pocket because of the hardness. Unlike a rugged case, it does not look like a brick but adds style & personality to your phone.

Flip Cases

This kind of cases is most commonly used with tablet devices. It looks like folio cases but a cover can bend the way that device stands upright. You can use your tablet as a desktop PC or laptop using flip cases.

Your Turn

Which top phone cases brands do you prefer most to buy cases from? Do you prefer to buy from the expensive cases from the top manufacturer or use cheap phone case from less known brands?

Do share your reviews in the comments section below.