How To Backup & Restore Whatsapp Messages on Android

We have already explained how you can take backup of your android text messages, call logs, contacts, etc. As technology grow peoples are using Whatsapp messenger, Wechat, skype, line message etc. instead of default android messaging clients. However mostly people are using WhatsApp messenger as messaging client.

How to Perform Whatsapp Backup

whatsapp backup of chat

Here we have explained in few easy steps on How to Backup Whatsapp Chats. Follow those steps to backup Whatsapp message from WhatsApp app.

  • First of all, open Whatsapp from your Android device.
  • Now tap on options button/key, you will see a Setting > Chats > Chat backup

how to backup whatsapp

  • You will see Backup button, tap on Backup, so that Whatsapp will automatically backup your messages on your device’s storage or sync it with your configured Google Drive account.

Where to find Whatsapp backup file from android?

Whatsapp will store your backup file on \WhatsApp\Backups folder. If you have moved WhatsApp on SD card, you will find it on your SD card\WhatsApp\Backups folder. If you have the android device that doesn’t have a function to move installed apps to SD card, you can get WhatsApp backup on device\WhatsApp\Backups folder.

You can also email your WhatsApp conversation to your mail address if you want to store it on your mail account, or share the same with your friends if you want.

For your information: WhatsApp automatically makes backups every day at 4 AM and stores them on the microSD memory card of your Android phone.

How to Recover Whatsapp Deleted Chat History

If you have deleted your WhatsApp messages by mistake, and you want to restore it back to your device, here is the easiest way to restore your WhatsApp messages on your device again.

restore whatsapp backup

  • Remove current version of Whatsapp from your device, by uninstalling it.
  • Download Whatsapp again and install it on your device
  • When you setup your WhatsApp account, it will ask you to restore.
  • It will automatically search backup file from your device and restore it on your newly installed Whatsapp.

If you have configured your Whatsapp to backup it on Google drive, and you are connected to the internet, It can also restore backup from your Google drive as well. Check out the video on How to restore whatsapp backup file from Google drive in just 3 steps.

If you face any problem in that or want to know any more information about that, feel free to comment below.

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Source: How do I restore my messages? From Whatsapp

Last Updated On: February 25, 2017

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  1. Nice tips. Or use a 3rd party program called Backuptrans Android WhatsApp Transfer to copy and merge whatsapp chats between different Android Phone. Best luck!

  2. i backup watsaap text masssege under sd card, and email id.
    but now i cant restore watsaap masssage..

  3. actually I deleted my watsapp app accidentally and I reinstalled watsapp after 15 days bt i didn’t get any back up message so plzzz tel me hw to get those messages.

  4. TThanks for your update that how to backup the watsup messages. So while I checked in the folder where the backup are stored the file is 0kb. Could you please explain on this? Also how can I confirm that my data’s are backup ?

    Thanks in advance

    • Dear Gautham,
      Thank you for your question. It might be possible, if you have recently factory reset your device and there is nothing in your Whatsapp. SO it would showing 0KB.

      Another thing might be you are not looking on device\WhatsApp\Backups folder for backup. Please check and confirm.

  5. Suhas V. Gunjal

    Recently i am changed my number, but it was not migrated to new number. However, my old number does not exist more on the whatsApp; but my new number neither replaced nor notified to anybody of contact list.
    Also, how can i restore my whatsapp e-mail conversation after re-installation of this app.?

  6. I downloaded whatsapp on my new phone and while installing it also shows that it has restored my backup messages, but when I open the whats app , the old messages are not shown, can you help

  7. I have a similar problem as yours, I did factory reset lately,I have saved my whole Whatsapp folder to my laptop. Unfortunate I unable to restore my old chat histories to my Android.

    By the way, I have also backup to “Email conversation” under Whatsapp chat setting. The histories now stored at my mailbox. Can I export the messages from Email to Android? Is anyone know about this?
    Million thanks for your advice.

  8. hi Bhavesh,
    Thanks for your reply, I really appreciate it. In fact I have tried the solution from this link before but it doesn’t help.

    I actually looking for a solution how to transfer my whatsapp from my laptop to Android. The backup folder still in my laptop :-(.
    I wrote to Whatsapp service center but they said this is beyond their scope of support, unable to help :-(. I have been searching for help for many days unfortunate I can’t find any answer.

  9. I accidentally uninstalled whatsapp then i reinstalled it but they didn’t ask me to restore messages,how can i get them back please help me.

  10. Hi accidently I have deleted my whats app application nw when im again downloading it im nt able to complete the process of initialization as in it shows initializing n den it stops by itself

  11. i installed what’s app on my new phone and backed up the conversations from my old phone and transferred them to my phone but they are not working only groups are showing up but no conversations . how could i solve this ?? can you help me ?

  12. I deleted my chats by mistake…and want to restore those recent backup is made at 4am but i deleted after that .. can i get that chat back..of after any means? Plzz urgent

  13. I am facing the same problem. It doesn’t ask for restoring messages. Please help.

  14. Hi, I am using the same number but changed the android phone. I have factory reset the older phone & have installed the whatspp application on my new phone. Now when i checked i lost all my older chats…can i get them back.

    Please help


  15. does whatsapp automatically back up by default
    on newly installed device

  16. Hi, I was using Whatsapp in HTC Desire X and yesterday, I bought Moto g2. I have had backup on sd card. Hence, I copied sdcard/WhatsApp folder to /storage/emulated/0 because in Moto G2, whatsapp can not be sent to sdcard. After installation of WhatsApp, I entered mobile no and then pop up came asking for message restore. So I clicked on Restore button. After 2-3 mins, pop up message appeared : “sorry we were unable to restore any of your message history backups”. Can you please help me with this issue. I have database backup files in crypt7 format.

  17. Hi, i accidentally reset my phone and it became brand new wit no app that i had to download whatsapp again afresh, previously i had set backup to be refreshed everyday at exactly 4.00pm bt the time the phone reset i did nt do the backup cz i knew it automatically backs itself up,,,how do i retrieve my messages cz there was some really important things sent to me through whatsapp that i wud want to get back….plz help am confused

  18. I had a backup of my chat history.After re-installing whatsapp I got the option to restore but after few minutes it says could not restore any messages..what to do..??

  19. Hi,i accidently have reset my android tab2 and it became brand new with no apps than i installed whatsapp again .i also have made the backup conservation earlier but still there is no back up and i also tried back up my conversation with the help of backup text for whatsapp but it is showing no messages how can i get back my whatsapp conversations please help me ……


  21. backup conservation earlier but still there is no back up and i also tried back up my conversation with the help of backup text for whatsapp but it is showing no messages how can i get back my whatsapp

  22. Hi.. wats app ask me to restor massages.. accidently it was touched to skip or cancel to restore.. after intilizzing a while i was shoked.. my inbox was completly empty.. there is no massage history.. please help me.. how do i get back my all massages..??

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