Imagine this scenario: You’ve plugged in your Android phone, expecting it to charge up, but it’s just not happening. The battery’s running low, and frustration sets in as you grapple with why your trusted device refuses to power up. We’ve all been there, and it can be a baffling experience.

It may happen because third-party apps might interfere with the charging process or take too much battery. The other common issue is an Android software update. Yes, it is a big issue as older software slows down the charging process.

How To Fix An Android Phone Not Charging When It’s Plugged In

In this comprehensive guide, we’re here to shed light on the common problems that can lead to an Android phone not charging when it’s plugged in. Whether you’re a tech-savvy enthusiast or just a casual user, these issues can affect anyone.

So, let’s delve into the various culprits that might be causing your charging woes and explore the solutions to get your Android device back to full power.

Start By Cleaning The Charging Slot

The charging port on your Android device is a critical point of connection. Over time, it can accumulate dust, lint, and debris, leading to poor connections. We recommend starting with a gentle cleaning of the charging port. Sometimes, this simple act can resolve your charging woes.

Swirl the needle or toothpick gently inside the charging slot and pull it out slowly. Insert the battery plug the charger and check whether the problem is fixed or not. If not, then switch to the next solution mentioned below.

Try A Different Power Source

Maybe your phone charging slot is all good, and the problem is with your power source. Yes, this can be a possibility that your socket or wall plug adapter does not work properly. You need to charge your phone with a different power source to avoid this problem. Sometimes phone battery does not hold a charge just because of this.

Charging cable issue

If you were using a wall plug adapter, then try another wall adapter. You can also try to charge your phone with a laptop or computer. Also, try to use the power bank to check if the phone charges faster. This will ensure whether the problem is with your phone or the power source.

Reboot The Phone

Rebooting the phone may fix many of the problems related to Android phones. It is one of the best solutions to fix all problems, whether it is related to battery, software, or anything else.

To reboot your phone, you need to hold the volume down and the power button for about 2-3 seconds and tap on the reboot option. Well, this method rarely works in that case, but you should try it once to see if it works on your phone.

Keep an eye on the charging rate before you reboot the phone and after you charge the phone. This method works for you if you find the difference between the charging rates. If not, try the other solutions mentioned below.

Use A New Charging Cable

As I said earlier, the problem is not always with your battery or charging slot; maybe your USB cable is broken and not working properly. Try to use a different cable, and things may start working. However, before buying a new cable, borrow one from your friends or family and then check.

Can a cheap charger damage phone?

The Answer is Yes. Always use Branded charging cable to keep your phone safe from charging issues.

USB cables have a shorter life which is one or two years. It depends on the user who uses it.

But keep one thing in mind always buy an original USB cable.

Because it has the most extended life and also protects your charging slot from any damage, whereas fake USB cables may damage your charging slot and have a life of not more than six months.

Battery Problems

If you try all the other solutions and still do not have success, then it is clear that the battery may be the culprit.

Phone battery

Your phone’s battery, like any other component, has a limited lifespan. After a couple of years, you might notice a drop in its efficiency. An old or damaged battery might not charge properly or could drain rapidly.

Most phone batteries have an average lifespan of two years. If you ever noticed the health of the battery, you will find that the efficiency decreased by 10 to 20 per cent after two years.

An old battery might not get charged properly or drain quickly. You can continue with the battery, but if you see a leak or swollen battery, then you can replace it immediately as it could be dangerous for you.

This option will only work if you have a smartphone with a removable battery. You can check replaceable batteries from here if your device supports the battery removal option. If your smartphone has a non-removable battery, you should try another option.

Calibrate The Phone Battery To Fix Android Phone Not Charging

If you plugged in your phone for charging and still your phone is not charging even after several hours, the problem is undoubted with your phone. Or if your phone cannot read the battery level or shows the wrong one, you will need to do battery calibration on your phone to correct it.

To do this, you must completely drain the phone’s battery until it switches off. Now plug the charger in and let the phone turn on automatically. Don’t touch the phone until it reaches 100 per cent. Now, unplug and start using your phone.

Software Glitches

Android software updates are fantastic for bringing new features and improvements, but occasionally, they can slow down the charging process.

If you’re running an older software version, it might be the root cause of your troubles. We’ll explore how to address software-related issues and potentially speed up your charging process.


So, these are the solutions to fix the phone not charging properly when it’s plugged in. If the above solutions do not work, you need to rush to the service centre near your location to fix this problem.

However, if you find any issues proceeding with the above solutions, please comment below, and we will help you out.

I hope you enjoyed reading this article and trying our solutions surely. Do follow The Android Portal. For more updates related to Android, keep in touch with us.

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