Phones are continuously at risk of getting full of dust, dirt, and different debris. It is easy to understand why this problem happens. Today we suggest some solutions to clean the phone charging port. It can arise anytime you place your phone inner a bag or pocket with the port facing down, which takes a lot. While touch particles might not affect your phone immediately, over time, it can end up so dirty that your phone stops working.

Finding out when you have dirt trouble is easy to shine a bright flashlight into the port the cable connects and take a look. You must smooth the port if you can see the visible steel charging contacts or lint and dirt. Here are some tips we recommend for cleaning your phone charging port.

First, you should shut down your phone before cleaning your charging port to secure your phone from damage or injury. You can use the below guideline for cleaning the phone charging cables.

Best Ways To Clean Phone Charging Port

You can usually clean your charging port with the stuff you already have in your home. Anything you don’t have can be easily found at department stores and online retailers. Here’s what you’ll need.

Way To Clean Phone Charging Port

  • The compressed air compartment. These cans have a thin straw attached to their nozzle, making spray-controlled blasting easier in smaller spaces.
  • The sharp edges of a thin wooden toothpick or plastic dental pick.
  • Check your phone’s charging cable if both methods are not worked out.
  • If you are sure your charging cable is not damaged, check your charger adapter.

How To Clean Phone Charging Port With Compressed Can?

The easiest way to clean the cell phone charging port is to blow dry air into the port with a Compressed can. It’s easy and fast. It doesn’t take a long time to clean your phone’s charging port.

This will need you to buy an affordable compressed can online, or if you are ready with the tools you need, follow These steps to learn how to clean the phone charging port with a compressed can.

How To Clean Smartphone Charging Port With Compressed Can

  • Please turn off your phone and wait a few minutes to turn it off completely.
  • Take the compressed can and point its nozzle at the charging port.
  • Finally, please give it some good shots to drop the dust and other particles.

A compressed can is the best and easiest way to fix your phone charging port it cleans all dirt and other debris.

How To Clean The Charging Port With a Toothpick?

Another option is to gently apply a toothpick to scratch the inside of the port. Clean the toothpick inside the port to avoid dust, then shake the phone to make it out.

How To Clean The Charging Port With a Toothpick

Take some time and be as polite as possible you don’t want to damage the port. It would be best if you did not use anything other than a toothpick for this purpose.

Warning: Pins, paperclips, needles, etc., can fit in a hole, but because its metal, you take the risk of creating an electric short circuit that could destroy the phone.

Wooden toothpicks don’t have this problem; they’re also soft, and the phone is less likely to be physically damaged.

Reason Why Smartphones not Charging

Check Your Charging Cable

Charging cables are often the most common reason your phone doesn’t charge when plugged in. Charging cables go through many problems and damages, mainly when transported regularly as some of us can’t do charging without taking our chargers with us.

Check Your Charging Cable

This can damage the charging cable. Replace your charging cable with another and see if your cell phone gets charged. If it does, your charging cable was defective.

Always try to use genuine charging cables with your smartphone to avoid battery issues, as you may find duplicate charging cables at the cheapest cost but in the long run, you will lose your smartphone’s battery capacity.

Check Your Charging Adapter

You may have replaced the charging cable, and the phone is still not charging. Then you need to check the charger adapter to ensure the charging cable is not defective.

Remove the charging cable and check the connecting port between them. Does it burn out? Does the connecting port look rusty? Shaking when the charging cable is attached to it or not connecting properly? It will help if you replace the charger adapter.

Check Your Charging Adapter

Also, avoid using any charger adapter or a charging cable to charge your phone, each phone requires a specific voltage to charge effectively, and your charger should meet these requirements.


We suggest the best way to clean your charging phone, but all these ideas or methods are not working.

Then your charging port may be damaged, and you should repair it. If all these above methods do not work out, don’t try to fix the phone charging port yourself.

Go to the nearest mobile repair shop or service centre & get your smartphone’s charging port repaired.

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