A charger Adapter and Cable is one of the primary accessories that every manufacturer includes with the smartphone. Mostly, the cable is a Micro USB Cable for Fast Charging. The included cable will provide fast charging compared to other non-branded cables. But what if you somehow find the included cable is damaged or faulty?

Then, you will have to look up another USB cable to have the same charging speed. If you are looking for the same, then you’re in the right place. Here, we have listed the Best Micro USB Cable for Fast Charging.

So, just go through the full guide and choose the best relevant Micro USB Cable.

Best Micro USB Cable for Fast Charging

Here, you can find the list of the Best Micro USB Cable for Fast Charging. The below-listed USB Cables help you to be fast-charged in a quick time. All these USB Cables are readily available at one of the largest E-Selling platforms, Amazon.com so, if you are willing to replace your current cable with the below-listed one.

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As a reminder, all the below-listed cables are USB 2.0 cables. So, let us take a look at the described details and features of it.

AmazonBasics USB Cable

The AmazonBasics USB Cable comes with a useful length of 6 feet. It is a USB 2.0 cable. It offers a standard Type-A USB connector at one end and a Micro Type B connector at the other end. The cable is designed with high flexibility to use it with each Android device. 

This USB Cable can be your ultimate solution for charging your Android OS devices, including smartphones and tablets. Also, it can be used to connect devices with the PC. It will be able to charge the device quickly up to 2100 mA. This cable offers a data transfer speed of up to 480 Mbps. It is compatible with the cases. 

AmazonBasics USB Cable

The connectors at both ends are Gold-plated. This gold-plated coating will inhibit the corrosion from providing you the 100% as always. Also, it offers a high amount of durability while used. With the purchase of this Micro USB Cable, you will get a 1-year limited warranty. 

This AmazonBasics product will be compatible with all major manufacturers’ devices like Samsung, HTC, Amazon Kindle, and more. Also, you can use it with the Game Consoles.

AmazonBasics USB Features

  • 6 Feet Length
  • USB 2.0 cable with Type A USB connector and a Micro Type B connector
  • High Flexibility and High Durability
  • Best use as a Charging Cable including Android smartphones and tablet
  • Use it to establish a connection with the PC
  • Ability to charge the device up to 2100 mA
  • High Data Transfer speed up to 480 Mbps
  • Gold-plated connectors to ensure the non-corrosivity
  • Compatible with all major manufacturer’s devices and Game Consoles

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UGREEN Micro USB Cable

The UGREEN USB Cable is the best cable for you if you find the successor of the package-included cable.

The UGREEN Micro USB cable offers universal compatibility, including smartphones, tablets, PS4 Controllers, Power BanksBluetooth Speakers, and more. With this cable, you can transfer the data at a speed of 480 Mb/s.

UGREEN Micro USB Cable

This USB cable will support Quick Charge technology with a maximum output of up to 18W. For the devices which are Non-QC enabled, it offers the maximum output of 5V/2A. It offers a faster-charging quality than the other cables. You can efficiently use it at the office, desk, home, and more. It has a length of 1.5 feet. 

In terms of the design, the cable is constructed with the Nylon Braided outside. It ensures strong and flexible construction. Also, the Gold-plated connectors offer a perfect fit in the slot.

There is no chance of damage to this cable till the 10000 inserts and extracted. The UGREEN Micro USB Cable might not be compatible with the non-standard power adapter and car charger.

UGREEN Micro USB Cable Features

  • Can succeed the package-included cable
  • Universal compatibility with Smartphones, Tablets, PS4 Controllers, Power Banks, Bluetooth Speakers, and more
  • High Data Transfer speed up to 480 Mb/s
  • Supports Quick Charge technology with a maximum output up to 18W
  • Maximum Output of 5V/2A for Non-QC enabled devices
  • Use at the office, desk, home, and more
  • Designed with the Nylon Braided outside with Gold-plated connectors
  • Safe till and more than 10000 inserts and extract

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BrexLink Micro USB Cable

You can use the BrexLink Micro USB Cable for a 2-in-1 purpose. That means this cable allows Charging and Data Transfer at a time.

It offers faster charging with a 5V/3A output. On the other hand, it can transfer data at a speed of 480 Mbps. If your device has Type C USB, this USB Cable will not be compatible with it. You can check out some of the Magnetic USB C cables if you wish to go a little advanced.

Best Micro USB Cable for Fast Charging 1

This cable comes with a remarkable length of 6.6 feet with 2 packs. With this much of length, you can use the mobile even by sitting in the car’s back seat. Come to the design, it is made with the highly durable Nylon Braided outer. The BrexLink provides quite an impressive bend lifespan of 6000+. It offers high durability and flexibility. 

The BrexLink Micro USB Cable provides comprehensive compatibility with all Android smartphone devices. Except for this, you can also use it with tablets, GPS devices, Battery Packs, Bluetooth Speakers, Game Consoles, Printers, and more. It offers a limited warranty for 2 Years.

BrexLink Micro USB Cable Features

  • Allows Charging and Data Transfer at a time
  • Faster charging with a 5V/3A output
  • Data Transfer speed at 480 Mbps
  • 6.6 feet length
  • Made with the Highly-durable Nylon Braided outer
  • Impressive bend lifespan of 6000+
  • Comprehensive Compatibility with the Android smartphone devices
  • Limited warranty for 2 Years

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Rankie Micro USB Cable

Rankie Micro USB Cable is the best and supreme cable that lets you make a connection of secondary PC parts.

Also, it provides a remarkable data transfer speed of 480 Mbps. A 6 Feet length will provide the flexibility of use. This device will not be compatible with any of your devices with USB Type C ports.

Rankie Micro USB Cable

The Nylon Braided coating covers the outer side of the cable with an aluminum casing. It offers a bend lifespan of more than 5000. It always provides high performance no matter where you use it, whether at the office, home, car, or desk. This Rankie product is designed with high durability.

This Rankie USB Cable will have stainless steel connectors on each side. Both connectors fit in the slot and work well even with the cases. It will also resist the heat easily.

The cable will be compatible with the devices manufactured by Samsung, HTC, Huawei, Moto, and more. It also works with tablets, Amazon Kindle, and Sony PS4.

Rankie Micro USB Cable Features

  • Supreme Cable to make a connection of secondary PC parts
  • Data Transfer Speed of 480 Mbps
  • 6 Feet length for flexibility of use
  • Nylon Braided Coating with Aluminum Casing
  • Bend Lifespan of more than 5000
  • Highly effective performance whether you are using it at the office, home, car, or desk
  • Stainless steel connectors get easily fit in the slot
  • Compatible with the devices manufactured by Samsung, HTC, Huawei, Moto, etc.
  • Works with tablets, Amazon Kindle, and Sony PS4

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Eakase Micro USB Cable

The Eakase Micro USB Cable is designed with the Premium Nylon Braided to ensure its Anti-Break feature. It comes with 10 times more durability than any normal cable. Regarding safety and reliability, you will have to give full marks to this Eakase cable. It will have a built-in 56KΩ resistor which protects your device superbly against damage.

This cable is the best suitable for high-speed charging with a maximum output of 5V/2.4A. Like all the above cables, this Eakase product also lets you transfer the data with 480 Mbps speed. It can perform both these functions at a time, you just need to make a proper connection. It offers a bend lifespan of 10000+. 

Eakase Micro USB Cable

Eakase Micro USB Cable has a length of 6.6 feet which makes it a user-friendly product. With its great length, you can use it everywhere, even in the car’s back seat. It also includes a solid wire core and aluminum housing for premium safety. The pack of this device offers 2 pieces. Also, you are eligible to get a Worry-free 18-Month Warranty. 

It is mainly compatible with smartphones and tablets with a Micro USB Port. It can also be used with Printers, PS4, Xbox, Bluetooth speakers, MP3 players, Power banks, and Hard drives.

Eakase Micro USB Cable Features

  • Premium Nylon Braided design to ensure its Anti-Break feature
  • Built-in 56KΩ Resistor to protect the device against damage
  • High-speed charging with the maximum output of 5V/2.4A
  • High Data Transfer speed with 480 Mbps
  • Bend Lifespan of 10000+
  • 6.6 feet Length
  • Compatible with all smartphones and tablets which has Micro USB Port
  • Solid Wire Core and Aluminum Housing

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