An Android is an operating system, which preferred by most of the manufacturer of smartphones. Most of the companies have often use the Android system as OS of their device, along with the latest version or you can later update your Android phone quickly. Some Android users do not have an idea about when the Android updates will be available for their device. So here, we will discuss that how to check for Android updates on your Android device.

OTA update will run in the background of the device, which is ready to accept all other updates. All the Android users are not available to receive updates at the same time. So, users have to wait until the updates become available for their device by their manufacturer.

You will receive OTA update notification on your smartphone whenever update available The Android OS also provide the facility of notification for install the updates. It does, whenever the updates are available for the device. It will prompt you for confirmation of the installation of the updates. If you are interested in the install, accept the prompts. Once you accepted that, now you can check that which version of Android OS is running on your device.

So, How Do You Update Your Android Phone?

How Do You Update Your Android Phone

Here, we will also discuss the methods by which you can check the updates are available or not. So, now take a look at the discussions and stay updated.

By Using Your Smartphone Device

  • First of all, unlock the device and open the menu.
  • Now, go to the “Settings” of the device.
  • Here, go to the option of “About phone” or “About device.” You can find this option at the bottom of the list. While, in some device this option is available under the section of “More.” It will show you the version number and build number on which your device is currently running.

How Do You Update Your Android Phone

  • Then, there is an option of “Software updates.” Now, to see the latest Android updates is available or not, tap on it. If there is an update is available for the device, the device will automatically download and install it, if you permit.

After the proper installation of the updates, you can also check it via ‘About phone’ option. If the update has not installed, it will show the older version.

Now, we are discussing the method of checking for updates by using an app. For which, you must have that particular app.

By Using An App

For all the Android users, this is an easy method to checking the updates availability. But for that, you have the app which we recommend is AnyCut. All the users can easily find this app on Google Play Store. The compatibility of this AnyCut app is too good with all the Android smartphone device. It will make the shortcuts for any apps on the home screen or desktops screen of the device. So, by using this app, create a shortcut of “Device Info” option. Now, check this second method and try it.

  • As we discussed ago, download and install the app called as AnyCut from Google Play Store.
  • Now, open that app and as an “Activity” choose the “Device Info.”
  • Then, scroll the display till the end of the list and tap on the option of “Check for updates.”
  • After the process gets completed, now come on the home screen. Here, you will be asked for prompts to install the updates on your device.
  • Now, say OK or YES to all the prompts.

The Android-based device will automatically find the available updates whenever it becomes. Check out this below app for getting software updates for Android phones quickly.


Now, the discussion regarding how to check for Android updates on your Android phone helped you. In which, we have listed easiest method to check the Android updates. We also hope that you may like this discussion about finding software updates for Android phones helped you. Do share your views on how do you update your android phone in the comment section below.

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