Do you want to charge your smartphone battery faster? Here is a quick guide on charging your smartphone faster, following some easy and excellent tips.

Constant smartphone use can drain your battery more quickly, and you have to charge your mobile twice or thrice a day. Also, charging a smartphone takes a lot of time. The average charging time of smartphones varies from device to device.

However, it is supposed to be between 1-2 hrs. The best part is this charging time can be reduced by following some easy methods.

Charging your smartphone multiple times a day can damage your battery life and consume a lot of time. So, let’s look at some of the tips and tricks for fast charging.

Charge Your Smartphone Faster Following These Tips

Tips To Charge Your Smartphone Faster

How do I get my phone to charge faster if you are looking for a solution? Check out the steps below for possible solutions.

Turn on Airplane mode To Charge Your Smartphone Faster

Does aeroplane mode charge your phone faster?

The biggest culprit behind battery drainage is the network signal and mobile data. Your phone will charge faster if you turn off aeroplane mode. When you put your mobile in aeroplane mode, it will disable all the network connections.

So, battery usage by network signal or mobile data is reduced. Turning on aeroplane mode can charge your smartphone faster by 40 per cent.

Turn Your Phone OFF

Do you know what happens when you charge your phone, keeping it on? Well, it is pretty obvious that when you charge your phone while keeping it on, all the apps use your battery, and your device consumes the battery too.

The main factor of slow charging is your Android phone’s display and background apps. Furthermore, your smartphone display consumes 20-30 per cent of the battery. Battery consumption is different from app to app.

So, when you turn off your phone, all the battery that is consumed by various software and hardware apps stop resulting in fast charging.

Switch To Right Plug And Charger

Android chargers are not the same. They differ from device to device, although Android chargers have a universal fitting. This all depends on the plug and the charger. If you have the right plug that can deliver more watt power than is enough for your mobile, then definitely the charging speed will increase.

Charging from your laptop is a bad idea. Your laptop has a USB 2.0 and USB 3.0, which can only deliver 2.5 and 4.5 watts of power which is not enough for your mobile. You can also switch to any high-watt wireless charger to charge your smartphone faster.

Turn On Battery Saver Mode To Charge Your Smartphone Faster

If you do not want to turn your phone off and still want to charge your device faster, then turn on the battery saver mode. Battery saver mode can increase you’re charging fast by disabling the background app usage and limiting your mobile hardware functions.

Turn Off Unnecessary Features

Turn off all the additional features on your device. Features like Bluetooth, GPS, Wi-Fi, or NFC can consume a battery while charging your device.

You can manually close the apps and stop your mobile from doing automatic backups and app updates. Disabling unnecessary features will surely help you in boosting the overall charging speed of your smartphone.


So, those are a few tips and guides on how to charge your smartphone faster. We hope these tips and guides will help you successfully boost your device’s charging speed. So, that’s all for now.

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