Do you know a magnetic charging cable exists that can charge your device? It is the best alternative to Wireless charging. Does your smartphone support Wireless charging? Well, Don’t worry if your smartphone has not had built-in Wireless charging; magnetic cables are here for the rescue.

Best Magnetic Charging Cable

Best Magnetic Micro USB Cables

You should check some recommendations below if you are looking for the best charging cable for your Android smartphone with a micro USB charging port.

Wsken Mini 2 Micro USB

If you are looking for some of the best phone charging cables for your smartphone, Wsken Mini 2 Micro USB will be your go-to choice. It is compatible with most smartphones with a Micro USB charging port.

Some of the popular brands this cable supports are Samsung, LG, Google, HTC, Huawei, Motorola, Nokia, Sony, Xiaomi, etc. Best Magnetic Charging Cables - Wsken Mini 2 Micro USB Cables

If you are using Apple devices or Android mobile phones, this cable can transport 2, 3A & 4A currents. This charging cable is 3.28ft long and available in Black as well as Silver colors.


  • USB 2.0 Connection for data transfer
  • Durability
  • Best USB cable for fast charging


  • Tend to lose fast charging ability after a while

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SOJITEK Magnetic Charging Charger Cables

This cable is supported only for charging your device, you can not use it for data transfer with standard charging speed.

SOJITEK Magnetic Charging Charger Cables

This cable is 3.3 FT long that can supply a 2A power current to your smartphone. This magnetic cable has an Apple Lighting tip and good thing is that it supports Type C mobile phones which many other magnetic cables don’t.

This smartphone uses a unique kind of shape so it will not be a good fit for some smartphone cases.


  • Standard charging speed
  • 3.3 FT long cable
  • Type C compatibility
  • Unique Design


  • No data transfer is possible
  • No Fast Charge
  • Not suitable for fast charging

This cable is available for both Android and Apple smartphones, you can check them out below.

NetDot Fast Charging Magnetic Micro USB Cable

If you are a fan of colors, you can have a color selection in this NetDot magnetic micro USB cable. As this cable is available in Gold, Rose Gold, Gray & Silver color variants.

NetDot Fast Charging Magnetic Micro USB Cable

These colorful magnetic cables are being sold on Amazon by NetDot that supports USB 2.0 fast charging & sync for android smartphones.


  • USB 2.0 Connection for data transfer
  • Sync for Android
  • So many colors to choose from


  • Not suitable for other phone cases


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Best Magnetic Type C Cables

Nowadays most upcoming smartphones come with Type C cable and most of the manufacturers are adopting this.

If you are looking for some of the best android charging cables for a smartphone that has a Type C charging port, you can check some recommendations below.

Chnaivy Magnetic USB Type C/L/Micro USB Charger Cable

If you are looking for the best magnetic USB C cable that is also compatible with Android phones too, this magnetic phone charger cable should be your go-to choice.

Chnaivy Magnetic USB Cables

This magnetic cable is 3 in 1 cable that is compatible with almost most of the smartphones like Android, Phone, Nexus, Samsung Galaxy S Note, HUAWEI, Pixel, HTC, Sony.


  • Fast charging USB cables
  • USB3.0 connection
  • LED Indicator


  • Nothing


This charging cable is available in Black and Red color variants and in limited stocks. You can check its latest price and reviews from the Amazon link below.

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3 in 1 Magnetic Type C Light Charging Cable with LED

This cable is being sold on Amazon by Chnaivy and is available in 1-meter as well as 2-meter lengths. It is easy to connect even with one hand while you are driving a car.

3 in 1 Magnetic Type C Light Charging Cable with LED

This charging cable is not available for Samsung Galaxy S9, but supports other popular smartphone manufacturers like Samsung, LG, and Sony.


  • USB 2.0 Connection
  • LED Indicator
  • Fast charging 5V/2.4A(Max)


  • Can not use for data transfer


This charging cable is available in Black and Red color variants and in limited stocks. You can check its latest price and reviews from the Amazon link below.

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Know the USB types

Do you know there are 3 types of USB Cablers, which are USB-A, USB-B, USB-C, Micro USB, and the Mini USB? has published a great resource for USB connectors and types here.

Types of USB Connectors
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Check out the most common types of USB Connectors.

Type-A: Most USB cable has this type of connector. You will find this type of connection with TV, USB devices, game consoles, and many more. This type of cable can be inserted in one way only.

Type-B: This type of connector is almost square and mostly used in printers and other devices to connect to the computer. They are not used with most of the devices as they moved onto a smaller connection.

Type-C: Most of the new smartphones and upcoming smartphones are moving to Type-C Cable.

Mini-USB: A smaller connection for most of the devices a few years ago. It is not used with many devices, but you still see this kind of connector with Play station 3 controllers, MP3 players, and some outdated cameras.

Micro-USB: This is the most common connection, you can see it in almost all smartphones, tablets, USB battery packs, game controllers, and many more.

Lightning: It is not a true USB standard, but you can see this type of connector with most of the AirPods, iPad as well as iPhones as it’s Apple’s proprietary connector for the iPhone.

Magnetic Charging vs Wireless Charging

In Wireless charging, a power cable is connected using a wire to the charging pad. The charging pad and your smartphones are connected wirelessly, so you can not use your smartphone when you charge your smartphone using Wireless Charging.

Magnetic charging is similar to traditional charging methods like plugging a port into your smartphone’s charging cable using a wire. You have to either take your smartphone from charging in the Wireless charging port if you wish to use it. But in magnetic charging, you can use your smartphone even when your smartphone is getting charged.

Why Magnetic Charging Cables?

The main advantage of magnetic USB cables is that it offers hassle-free plugging to the mobile’s charging port. Usually, we keep the charging adapter plugged in the charging port and when we want to charge, we plug the cable into the smartphone’s charging port.

Using a Magnetic charging cable, you don’t have to struggle more. Just bring your end of the smartphone close to the cable and charging it will automatically start charging your device. A magnet of the charging port and cable will attract each other.

If you are looking for a universal magnetic charger cable that supports almost any of your popular manufacturers including Samsung, Xiaomi, ASUS, Apple, HTC, and Gionee-like companies, you should check some of the recommendations below.

We hope this article on the best micro USB cables for charging your smartphone has helped you.

Do share your views in the comments below, which one is your favorite magnetic cable for Android or iPhone?

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