10 Ways to Improve HTC One M7 Battery Life

Are you looking for a guide to improving HTC One M7 Battery Life? In this article, we will show ways to extend HTC One M7 battery life. You can also increase battery performance using battery setting and stop background running app setting. The battery drain problem is a most common problem for any Android smartphone. So this guide will help you to use your M7 battery at optimum level with few things to consider while doing HTC One M7 Battery Calibration.

HTC One M7 Battery Drain

10 Ways to Prevent HTC One M7 Battery Drain

Brightness SettingHTC M7 Brightness Setting

When you set brightness level at low light, You can save up to 15 % battery power. Only you have to set low brightness on your HTC One M7 smartphone device and enjoy 15 % more battery power.

How to set Low Brightness on HTC One M7

  • Go to “Setting” option on your smartphone
  • Scroll down and find Display, gestures & buttons option and press it.
  • Now On the screen setting, You have chosen Brightness option to set display brightness
  • Open Brightness option, And set low display light
  • Here you can also set Automatic Brightness mode

Disable Always Scanning WiFi

The always scanning WiFi feature that consumes up to 12 % battery power of your smartphone. For saving up to 12 % battery power, you have to disable always scanning wi-fi mode. Check out below option that helps you to disable always scanning WiFi feature on HTC One M7 smartphone.

  • Open Setting menu of your HTC One M7
  • Now choose WiFi option from setting
  • In the WiFi option, you have to choose Three dot Menu button for further process
  • Here You have to select Advanced option then open it
  • In the Advanced WiFi option, here you have to disable Scanning always available option

Disable Bluetooth or NFC when no use

You can disable Bluetooth and NFC when not in use. If you disable Bluetooth or NFC on your smartphone, you can save up to 8 % battery power. Here is how you can disable Bluetooth and NFC on HTC One M7

  • Open “Setting” option in your smartphone
  • In the setting, You can see Bluetooth option with On / Off slider button to Off and On Bluetooth feature
  • After Switching off Bluetooth feature, you have to disable NFC feature from Notification bar

Disable GPS Location when no use

If you are not using any GPS or navigation app on your smartphone, it is recommended that you disable location feature on your phone. The Location service may consume up to 12 % battery power of your device. Here is how you can disable Location service on HTC One M7 device

  • Go to “Setting”  menu
  • Scroll down and find Location option
  • After finding Location, you have to tap on
  • Click on the On/Off button to switch Location service Off and On.

Disable Touch Vibration

Some people like touch feedback vibration when they tap on the screen or type anything in their Android keyboard, but few people don’t like it. If you want to increase battery life, it is always recommended that you disable this feature from HTC M7 device. Here is how you can disable touch vibration feedback on HTC M7 smartphone.

  • Click on the Setting menu of phone
  • Scroll down and find Sound option then open it
  • In the Sound setting, you can disable Touch vibration and Touch sound of your phone

Disable Auto Sync Setting

Auto Sync service may consume more battery power of your HTC One M7. If you don’t want to enable auto sync service on your smartphone so disable it. But how to disable auto sync service

  • Open Setting option and find Account & Sync
  • Tap on Account & Sync option to disable auto sync service from your phone
  • In the sync option, You can see Sync On/Off switch to Off, and On sync service then you have to disable this feature to increase battery life  

Kill Background Running Apps

You can kill all background running apps from your smartphone to extend battery life because background running applications may consume more battery power under lock screen. They consume data plan as well as drain your battery faster than usual. You can also use some apps like task killer that works pretty well with most of the Android-based smartphones. Here is how you can disable background task in HTC M7 smartphone without installing any apps.

  • For close all background running application from smartphone
  • You have to do double-click on Home Touch Capacitive button
  • After clicking on home button, You can see all running application, or you can also close all application from here  

Enable Power Saving Mode

To save more battery power, you can also enable power saving mode on your HTC One M7 smartphone device. This is also a great feature included in HTC One M7 Specifications.

Nowadays most of the newly launched smartphones are having this feature. You can enable power saving mode from battery setting menu.

  • Open “Setting” menu on your smartphone device
  • In the Setting menu, find “Power” option and open it
  • Here you can enable or disable power saver feature
  • Also, you set automatically on power saver feature with selected battery level

Disable BlinkFeed

Here is How to disable BlinkFeed on HTC One M7 Smartphone

  • Go to Setting menu
  • Scroll down and find “Application Manager” in the setting
  • In the Application Manager, Choose “All” then find HTC BlinkFeed application the application manager
  • In the HTC Blinkfeed, You can see Disable button to disable blink feed feature on HTC One M7

Disable data connection when no useEnable disable HTC m7 data connection

Most Android smartphones are nothing without the internet, whether you are using it over WiFi or using it through a data connection.  As per our research on an almost 7-8 device, we have found that battery drains faster while using the Internet over a data connection.

When you are using WiFi, it will consume fewer data as compared to the data plan. To save battery power, you will need to disable data connection when not in use. Here is how to disable data connection on HTC One M7.

  • Go to “Setting” and tap
  • In the setting, you can see Mobile data option with On/Off slider button
  • With the slider button, you can get on or off your smartphone’s Data connection

Looking for Replace Battery HTC M7? Check out HTC M7 Replacement Battery. Do let us know which of the option mentioned above, you think is the best to improve Battery for HTC One M7 smartphone? 

In next article, we are going to discuss How to Replace HTC One Battery, so stay tuned.

Last Updated On: May 20, 2017

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