CCleaner has been a trusted name in the world of PC and Mac cleaning software for years. Now, they’ve brought their expertise to the Android platform. This app is not just another cleaner; it’s a complete system utility tool that helps you maintain your device in top-notch condition.

CCleaner – Phone Cleaner: Speed Up and Optimize Your Phone in One Tap

The Power of Comprehensive Cleaning

The app uses location data for certain automatic profiles and will ask for permission before accessing this data. It also uses Accessibility permission to assist disabled users and others in stopping all background apps with just one tap.

CCleaner for Android goes beyond just deleting cache files. It cleans up your download folders, browser history, clipboard content, and even residual data left behind by uninstalled apps.

Types of Files Cleaned by CCleaner

File TypeImportance
Cache FilesHigh
Download FoldersMedium
Browser HistoryLow

Reclaim Your Storage Space

Running out of storage is a common issue for Android users, especially those who love to download apps and media files.

CCleaner helps you analyze your storage space and makes it easy to uninstall multiple unwanted applications at once.

How to Reclaim Storage

  1. Analyze Storage: The app provides a detailed breakdown of storage usage.
  2. Uninstall Apps: Easily remove apps that you no longer need.
  3. Clear Junk: Get rid of obsolete and residual files to free up more space.

Steps to Reclaim Storage Space

Analyze StorageHigh
Uninstall AppsMedium
Clear JunkLow

Analyze the Impact of Your Apps

Not all apps are created equal. Some can be real resource hogs, draining your battery and consuming your data. CCleaner for Android lets you analyze each app’s impact on your device’s performance.

Key Features for App Analysis

App Analysis Features

Data ConsumptionHigh
Battery DrainMedium
App ManagerLow

Keep Your Photo Library Sparkling Clean

We all have those photos that are either duplicates, too dark, or just plain blurry. CCleaner helps you sort through your photo library and remove the ones you don’t need.

Photo Cleaning Features

  • Find and Remove Duplicates: The app identifies similar and duplicate photos.
  • Quality Check: Remove poor-quality photos that are too bright, dark, or unfocused.
  • File Compression: Reduce file sizes without compromising on quality.

Photo Cleaning Features

Remove DuplicatesHigh
Quality CheckMedium
File CompressionLow

Monitor Your System Like a Pro

CCleaner for Android isn’t just about cleaning; it’s also about system monitoring. Keep an eye on your CPU usage, RAM, internal storage space, and even your battery levels and temperature.

System Monitoring Features

  • CPU Usage: Keep track of your CPU’s performance.
  • RAM and Storage: Monitor your available RAM and storage space.
  • Battery Levels: Check your battery’s health and temperature.

System Monitoring Features

CPU UsageHigh
RAM and StorageMedium
Battery LevelsLow


You can directly download this app from the Google Play store link provided below.

CCleaner – Phone Cleaner
CCleaner – Phone Cleaner
Developer: Piriform
Price: Free
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