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Here we will review the best android apps for android smartphones and tablet that make your daily routine task easier.

Hairstyling Apps For Android Smartphone

Easy Hairstyles Step by Step Android App

The Smartphone is a device by which we can easily satisfy our most of the need by a single touch. For that, there are so many Android apps are available for the users of the smartphone devices. Like Android Games app, App Lock Apps, Screen Dimmer Apps, Keyboard app and more. These kinds of apps make the use of the smart device very easy. For that here, we will also discuss that type of apps, which will help you more. …

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ZArchiver Helps you to Extract 7Zip Files Using Android

How to open zip file in android

Basically, all the android smart devices have its own features.  But nowadays, there is also an amazing feature has been added to the smart devices. This Feature is known as “zip File”. The concept of zip File has already been used in computer world from many years. Here in this article, we will be discussing using Zarchiver to extract or create compressed file using android. In simple words, the zip file is a compressed file in which one or more files …

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Go SMS PRO Android App


After calling, one of the most useful functions of the mobile is to send or receive SMS or Messages. The SMS is also one of the great features come with even Android mobile or non-android mobile. Every mobile comes with the pre-installed Messaging or SMS app. More than that, there are also some sources who also offers SMS app for the Android users. For all Android users, we are also discussing here one of the best Messaging Android apps. The …

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Bass Booster for Android Smartphone


To listen to the music is one of the essential functions that can be done by the smartphone device. Previously peoples used to listen to music via MP3 players, but nowadays smartphones do have this feature also. So they listen to MP3 music audios using their smartphones directly. There are so many smartphones in the market with better sound quality. More than that, some devices also has their built-in audio equalizer. By using which, the user can set up the …

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WiFi File Transfer Lets you Share Files over WiFi

WiFi File Transfer

In the previous Era, the sharing process of large files between Android devices was very tedious and time-consuming process. Bluetooth has been used to transfer images, Music and other files between Android devices. But Bluetooth is very slow technology to share data with another device. Transferring small sized files with Bluetooth does not take much. But when files are with GB size, it may take a few hours to transfer files via Bluetooth. But, the same thing is now possible with …

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Google Messenger Lagging on Android ? Check this out

Clear Cache of Google Messenger

The smartphone is a device, which mostly makes the human effort lesser. It also makes the human life easier, than the previous era life, in which there is no smartphone were available. So, we can say that the smartphone is one of the great inventions in last decade. It also makes our conversation too easy with each other. Nowadays, the smartphone devices also come with the pre-installed messaging app which gives a different shape to your conversation. There are many of …

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Cortana App for Android

Cortana App for Android

Who does not need a Personal assistance in the life? From daily life to technological life, and everywhere demand of personal assistances increases as the day passes away. And currently, Microsoft decides to change the world. They choose to provide a Personal Assistance to every smartphone users. But this assistance is not a human and not a robot, but it is an intelligent personal assistance, named Cortana. It can listen to the voice and interpret it in output as a …

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Telegram Android App -Whatsapp Alternative for Smartphone Users

Telegram Android App 1

Nowadays, for most of the people, social networking sites are one of the daily needs. There are also some individuals who are buying best budget smartphone only for to use the social sites. We all know that how many of the social sites are currently in actions. In which the most favourites are Facebook, Whatsapp, Hike, Snapchat, Instagram, and more. Also of that, there are also some other sites are in the way to get introduced. So, as we are …

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360 Security App for Android – is it Best Android Security App?

360 Security App 1

Security is one of the most necessary features to protect our smartphone device from unauthorised person. The security will not allow them to use your Android mobile. Also for that, nowadays all the devices are coming with one or more built-in security features. More than that, there are also some sources that offer you Android apps to protect the phone securely. For the stable security of your device, here we will also discuss an app, 360 Security. This app also …

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Best TV Remote App for Android

TV Remote for Android

The IR Blaster is a unique feature in the android smartphone that allows you to control your television via your smartphone. Android TV Remote Control App gives you fully remote control access and other many features similar to that you get with your original TV remote. Only you need to download any TV remote app and enhance your television experience with new remote control app on your Android smartphone. You don’t need your tv’s remote to change channels on your TV because you can …

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