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Here we will review the best android apps for android smartphones and tablet that make your daily routine task easier.

Best App Hider for Android

Hide It Pro App or AUDIO MANAGER 2

Every Android user has stored some important and secret files or media on their devices. They have stored such kind of files for one or more purposes. Sometimes it is necessary to hiding some important files from others. And that’s why nowadays all the devices coming with some features by which you can hide such files using lock screen apps. Those features allow you to hide files or media from the person who is sometimes using your phone. More than …

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URL Shortener Android App – Shorten Links using Android

URL Shortener Android App 1

We know that every website and web page have their link or URL related to itself. In which, some web page has long URL and some have short URL. With the short link or URL, there is no problem to keep remembering it. But, there is the only issue with the Long link of the particular contents. So, there is any option to remember the long URL quickly? Yes, if you convert that long link into the short link, then …

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Pattern Lock Screen Android App

pattern lock screen app

For the security, all the smartphones are coming with their own security features. For that, the Android smartphone devices have swipe display lock. Also of that, it also has options of PIN lock, Password lock, and Pattern lock. This lock makes your smart device more secure in place of swipe lock. But, suppose you use the pattern lock on your device. And while using the pattern lock screen provided by the manufacturers, there is no any background behind the lock. …

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Keyboard Themes For Android


Most of the users are using the smartphone device to use the internet. They are using mostly the social networking sites. The users are also using their smartphone device to chat with others via social sites or text messages. As we know that to chat with each other, we have to type. To type, the keyboard is a must. All the smartphone comes with a keyboard. The pre-installed keyboard comes with the device, is a simple kind of keyboard. But, some …

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Photo Lock Screen Android App

Photo Lock Screen Android App 3

Every smartphone devices come with the built-in security features. To keep your device secure from others, you can use the lock screen options of the device. You are free to use any lock option like Pattern Lock, Swipe lock, PIN, or Password lock. But, the default lock option comes with the simple design, and you can not customise that locks. To get rid of the simple lock screen, there is many lock screen apps are available for the Android users. The …

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Download Free HD Wallpapers For Android With Hot Wallpapers

santabanta download free HD wallpapers for android phone

HD wallpapers for Android for Mobile give hand-picked HD backgrounds for your Android device. It includes one finger zoom, mode Set as wallpaper on your phone, and Offline app for fast load times. How to Get wallpapers for android If you are a big fan of HD wallpapers, you will surely love this amazing android app.With SantaBanta Wallpapers, Android You will have thousands of stunning HD Android Wallpapers foAndroiddevice. SantaBanta has been one of the most popular and trusted source of high quality …

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younity Let’s You Stream Movies Across Devices

younity for Android

If you want your friend to access your files which use younity, you can also share any of your selected files securely. You will be able to share your Apple iTunes playlist with other younity users; other younity users will be able to stream that music files instantly on their device. Your uploaded file is safe, as there are no real data involved in an entire process. All you are doing is stream the content from your one device to …

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Google Drive for Android – Ultimate Guide

Google Drive

As the largest search engine, mostly all the people have used the Google at least once. And that’s why the Google became one of the most trusted search engines among all. Also of that, Google has launched lots of their amazing features. Such as Youtube, Gmail, Google Drive, Google Keep, Google Sheets, Google+, Google Translate, Google Photos, Google Play Store and more. All these amazing features work very well with all the Android devices. Among all the Google features, here we …

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ePub Reader for Android – eBook Reader App for Android

how to read epub files on android

As we know, so many actions can be easily done by using the Android smartphone device. Like the utilisation of the internet, chatting, listening to music, reading books, snapping of the pictures and so more. In which, there are only a few of the Android users who uses their device to read the book online. For those few users who love to read the book online, here we are coming with one interesting topic. In this subject, we are going …

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How to Record System Audio on Android

HiFiCorder Record Android App 1

Nowadays, most of the smartphone devices are coming with the feature of call recording feature. By using which, you can record any calls from your phone. Some devices also allow you to record system audio using this feature. More than that, the Google Play Store also offers some audio recording apps to all the Android devices. We will also discuss here two best of the record system audio apps. Now, have a look at the discussion of the sound recording …

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