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Retrica Photo Editor Android App Review

Retrica Photo Editor 1

The Camera is one of the necessary features in all the smartphone devices. Nowadays, all the latest smartphones come with some high-resolution front as well as the back camera. Along with high resolution, the manufacturers are also providing excellent camera features. Everyone would like to capture amazing images and videos with this quality features. In addition of that, there are also some Camera Apps are also available for android mobiles. The Retrica Photo Editor is also one of them. The Retrica app comes …

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What is SBI Rewardz & How To Use SBI Rewarz App

What is sbi rewardz, How to use it on android

SBI Rewardz is an SBI Group’s Loyalty Program for its valued customers. The Rewardz program gives your the opportunities to earn Reward Points, and you can also make many times faster by shopping at “Max get More” partner outlets. The user can redeem these Reward Points to buy product and services at online stores and as well as from “Max Get More” outlets stores. The State Bank consumers will get the Reward Points for various transactions across many banking services like fund …

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Screen Video Recorder for Android

Mobizen Screen Recorder App 1

There are lots of features are coming with each and every latest smartphone. We know that every Android device will allow the users to record the videos through the camera. More than that, some the latest smartphone also offers the Full Hd video quality. But, what to do when the user want to record the every action of the device? At that time, you will have to go towards some screen video recorder for Android mobiles. Because at that point, …

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KY3 Weather Android App

KY3 Weather Android App 1

Android smartphone can be used for completing so many of works. All the functions have satisfactorily done by the smart devices. Nowadays, the smartphone devices come with stunning features and specs. Also of that, some apps are there which allows you to use some extra features, like Weather apps. The Weather apps provide you info about the current weather and weather prediction. Sometimes, these apps also work as a Meteorologist. The KY3 Weather is also one of the best weather …

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RealCalc Scientific Calculator App for Android

RealCalc Scientific Calculator app for Android 1

Have you ever used the Calculator on your smartphone? Obviously, Yes. All the smart mobiles are coming with the pre-installed Calculator app. To calculate some values, we all have used the calculator the mobile. But, have you ever used the scientific calculator on your smartphone? This time, most of the user says No. No, because there is no any scientific calculator comes pre-installed with the smartphone. But, if still, you want to use it, then the RealCalc Scientific Calculator app for …

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How To Use Perfect Applock (App Protector) App

Perfect App Lock (App Protector) App

All the smartphone device comes with the lock facility to keep the device secure from others. All the users are also using various types of lock like PIN lock, Pattern lock, or more. Also of that, the latest smartphone comes with the Sensor look like a fingerprint sensor. However, there are also some apps are available, which are also useful to keep your device secure. The Perfect AppLock (App Protector) App is also one of them. But, some users have a …

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Cymath – Math Problem Solver

Cymath Android App 1

Previously peoples were used simple calculators to calculate their math’s problem. Then scientific calculator was invented, and nowadays there is an app in Google play store that lets you calculate your math problem quickly. The scientific calculators are taking much less time to solve the harder Math problem. However still, both the calculators have used by the peoples. But, have you ever heard that an app could address the problem of Math using your Android smartphones? We came in contact …

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Hairstyling Apps For Android Smartphone

Easy Hairstyles Step by Step Android App

The Smartphone is a device by which we can easily satisfy our most of the need by a single touch. For that, there are so many Android apps are available for the users of the smartphone devices. Like Android Games app, App Lock Apps, Screen Dimmer Apps, Keyboard app and more. These kinds of apps make the use of the smart device very easy. For that here, we will also discuss that type of apps, which will help you more. …

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ZArchiver Helps you to Extract 7Zip Files Using Android

How to open zip file in android

Basically, all the android smart devices have its own features.  But nowadays, there is also an amazing feature has been added to the smart devices. This Feature is known as “zip File”. The concept of zip File has already been used in computer world from many years. Here in this article, we will be discussing using Zarchiver to extract or create compressed file using android. In simple words, the zip file is a compressed file in which one or more files …

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