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Here we will review the best android apps for android smartphones and tablet that make your daily routine task easier.

App Lock – Hide Sensetive Apps on Android


Nowadays, all the mobile devices are coming with security & privacy features. The security feature is a most needed thing in the latest smartphone devices, which will keep safe your device. Also of that, the latest devices also have features of security to unlock the phone. To unlock a smartphone, all the manufacturers are providing security like Password, Pattern, and PIN. But, this feature of the device is only applicable whenever you want to lock screen. But what should you …

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Best Battery Saver Apps for Android

Battery Saver Android App

The Smartphone is a very useful device to complete so many tasks including call, messages, the internet, and much more. It has done all the tasks excellent and provides satisfaction to the users. Nowadays, most of the Android smart devices are used to use Social Networking sites. But, there is too much battery power is consumed by the device to complete all the tasks correctly. We also know that some Android app consumes more battery power. Due to that, the …

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Hay Day Android Farming Game


As we know that, there are so many sources are available who offered so many android games to play. Also of that, the Google Play Store also offered many Android games. All the Android users are visited the Play Store to download the popular Android games. Here, we will also discuss an Android game, Hay Day. The Hay Day is one of the exciting game for all the Android users. So, now visit the discussion regarding it and keep playing …

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Monster Legends Android Game


With the help of android smartphone device, everyone loves to play games including children too. The smartphone is one of the compact, affordable and simple devices to play the games. With increasing in the technology day by day, some games are also available to play on the android device. The Play Store is one of the greatest places to download the attractive and unique android games. Here, we are also coming to discuss one android game, Monster Legends. Now, take a look …

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Musical.ly Musically Android App – Are you using it already?


The Google Play Store contains all types of different Android apps for their android users. As an example, music apps, image editing apps, alarm apps, brightness apps, and much more. All the android users are also like to use the app from the Google Play Store. At the Play Store, there are so many musically apps, the musical.ly is one of them. Here, we will discuss some details regarding this musically app. Musical.ly Musically Android App : The Musical.ly app is …

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Panda Pop – Save Baby Panda with your Plan


To playing games is one of the unique functions that we can do by the android smartphone device. There are so many types of games are available for the android users. All the users of android have played games on their smart device.Till now, there are so many android games launched on play store like Subway Surfers, Candy Crush, Hill Climbing Racing and more. All the games became very popular when they were launched the first time. Now, here we will also …

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Best Screen Dimmer Apps for Android

Best Screen Dimmer Apps For Android

Nowadays, all the people are using the smartphone with their purpose like gaming, project work, etc. Out of which, there are also some individuals who wake up till late night watching movies or playing games on Android. Sometimes, we surf Facebook or browse websites till late night. While using smartphones or tablet, you should always keep your eye on the screen. The constantly staring at the screen is one of the primary reasons behind the eye pain or eye problem. …

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Boot Animation Android App


As we know, the smartphone is one of the important needs of our routine life. Some users are also using some external accessories to make their android smartphone more customizable. For an example, the people are using cases, back covers, stickers, and much more. Some of them are also using costly things to make the device more and more personalized. But, if you know that you can also customize your device from the inside of the smartphone. Yes, you can set …

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My Mixtapez Music Android App


The Smartphone device is becoming one of the important needs of the people nowadays. There are so many functions can be easily completed by using the smart android device. The music listening is one of the functions that you can do because of the smart device. You can also store many of the music tracks as my mixtapes in the smartphone device, to listen to it. In addition of that, some music android apps are also available at the Play …

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Best VPN App For Android

Best VPN App For Android

What Is VPN ? The first question will come in your mind if you are reading about VPN for the first time. Well, it’s “Virtual Private Network” that help you to secure your online privacy during internet surfing, watching online videos, net banking etc. Also, most of the people are concerning about their online privacy & security on priority while using the internet on your smartphone, tablets or laptops. With the VPN you can do everything securely on the internet without any risk. …

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