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Here we will review the best android apps for android smartphones and tablet that make your daily routine task easier.

Duplicate Contacts Remover Apps For Android


Messed up with your contacts on android? is your android synced contact data from two or more Google account? Check this useful guide that will help you to remove duplicate contact on your smartphone. You just need duplicate contacts remover app on your phone and you did it!! All the people have saved many of the contacts on their Android smartphone. As we know, to make a call to someone, we can directly do it from the contacts of the …

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What is APK File? How To Install APK on Android

Download APK From Play Store

There are lots of sources are available which offers you to download APK files for the different apps. But, all the sites or sources are not yet reliable. So, you must have to be aware before downloading and installing any apps outside of the Play Store. Because the apps downloaded from the Play Store are safe and secure for the Android. While the security of the APK files is not too trustworthy. Sometimes, it also becomes the reason behind some …

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Google Keep – Everything You Need to Know About It

Google Keep

Google Keep the best app for creating notes, making a shopping list and much more. Google Keep is not preinstalled on all Android devices. It is easy to use and comes with simple UI that help you to operate efficiently. Google Keep is the stylish & basic note taking an app that auto connect with other Google services like Google drive, Google Docs, and other word processing tools.  In this article, we will list all features & trick about Google Keep. …

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Smart Voice Recorder App for Android


The latest smartphone comes with the various features and specs. Such as high internal storage, RAM, Camera, battery and more. Some smartphone also comes with the facility of voice recording or call recording. While, some device does not have this feature. So, What is about it? If your Android device does not have voice recording feature, then do not worry. Because, on the Google Play Store, various voice recording apps are available. Here, we will also discuss one voice recording …

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How To Lock Apps in Android Using Hexlock

Download Hexlock

Using PIN or pattern lock on android sometimes time-consuming or annoying. E.g. We unlock distinguishes to send a message to the recipient after it gets locked. When we receive a message from them, again we unlock WhatsApp to read and send a message to them. Sometimes, you just want to have a quick access without typing a code or pattern lock. But we need information on our phone made private. So how about if we can lock individual apps like WhatsApp or …

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Pet Rescue Saga Android Game Review


There are so many android games are available to play it on your Android smartphone. Some source is also available which offers you to play their game on the Android device. But, for all the Android users, the Google Play Store is the best option to download crazy android games. Here, we also suggest you one best android game, Pet Rescue Saga. So, here we will discuss this game, which solves the query regarding this Pet Rescue Saga Android game. …

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What Is The Best VPN App for Android? We Are Testing Rocket VPN

Setting up Rocket VPN on Android

VPN apps are mostly used when user are concerned about their online privacy. You can make your mobile activities private without worrying about your privacy and allows you to fake being browsing from another country. Hopefully, for Android users, there are some excellent Android VPN apps available that help us to fake our browsing location. The app called as Rocket VPN, let’s try and take a closer look at Rocket VPN app. Setting up Rocket VPN on Android First of all, you …

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Farm Heroes Saga Android Game Review


The Android smartphone is one of the biggest revolutions in previous 10 to 15 years. More than that, the updated version of an Android OS is also one of the matters of focus. Nowadays, the smart device becomes one of the primary need of the people. It is mostly used to use the internet, to play games, and for other purposes. Most of the people love to play games on their Android phone. For that, there are so many Android …

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Photo Grid : Photo Collage Maker


Many Android apps are available to edit the pics right now. For Android users, it is too easy to find such image editing apps on Google Play Store. By doing some editing in your captured photos, you can make your pics attractive. So, for the same purpose, here we will discuss a pics editing app, Photo Grid. Now, take a look at the app discussion and keep your images editing. Photo Grid – Photo Collage Maker Android App: The Photo …

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HipHopEarly Android App


The Google Play Store is like a treasure for all the Android smartphones as well as tablet devices. The Play Store is only one place where Android users can find all the required apps. All types of Android apps are only available at the Google Store. As an example Games, Image Editing App, Weather App, Alarm app, Battery saver app, and much more. But, here we will discuss an android app which is related to the Music. So, for all …

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