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Here we will review the best android apps for android smartphones and tablet that make your daily routine task easier.

May, 2016

  • 23 May

    Best App That Recognizes Songs on Android

    Apps for Identifying Songs

    Have you ever heard about song detector? When you are listening to any music, you have liked it and want to know which song is this? several years ago, it was very hard to identify a song that you are hearing on the radio or somewhere else. Best and most easy way to detect recognize music is that you ask to google what song is this and it will show you. Today, thanks to few best android App That Recognizes Songs on Android …

    • 14 May

      WhatsApp Video Call is now Available – Download Latest Whatsapp To Avail this Feature

      WhatsApp Video Call Feature by theandroidportal

      Whatsapp has recently launched WhatsApp Video Call feature to their app. It’s most awaited feature for Whatsapp users, currently this is in beta version. However this feature is expected to be rolled out for iOS users too with their latest version 20.16.80 of whatsapp. This version has not yet rolled out for public, hence not all features are available but as a beta tester, we were able to check UI of whatsapp video call. To make video calls using whatsapp, you …

      • 13 May

        Plentyoffish Login on Mobile – POF For Android

        POF login

        POF is a free Online dating app for android with many features. Today, Online dating is a better way to connect and meet with your loving persons on the internet. A good thing about it is that you can also use Plentyoffish Login from your smartphone to date with beautiful singles online. Online dating services have totally changed romantic endeavors now more than ever. With the dating app, you can do everything like another chatting or messaging app. The Dating app …

        • 11 May

          Free Weather App For Android Smartphones & Tablet

          Free Weather App For Android Smartphones

          There are so many users, which have use so many application for entertainment, games and for other use. There are also so many apps, by which you can get proper information about some particular topics. Here, we are also coming with same topic, which may needed you much. Yes exactly, here we will discuss about the Best Weather Apps for android, which are easily compatible with smartphone and tablet device. By using these apps, you can stay connected with the latest …

          • 10 May

            Teamwork Projects – Project Management Tool for Smartphone

            Project management Tool for android

            Have you ever thought proper Project Management will really improve your productivity? Yes, you have read correctly. You can keep watch on your ongoing project task, collaborate with your employees for any task. You have your dashboard there on Teamwork Projects android app, that allow you to manage activity of your current ongoing project. Once you have downloaded and installed this app, you will be able to see page as shown in above screenshot. Projects – You will see list …

            • 4 May

              Download Ringtones & Hot Wallpapers Free With Android App

              Cool Wallpapers for android

              Who don’t like to Download Ringtones and hot wallpapers for free? Everyone does like to have latest games, free android themes or home launchers for smartphones for their smartphone. You can download free android apps from Google Play Store by configuring your android smartphone with your Google account. Theandroidportal is recommending the best android app, that contains all in one for free. You can download latest ringtones, hot wallpapers, free themes, free android games, notification ringtones etc from one android app. Zedge allows you to …

              April, 2016

              • 25 April

                Wrike: A Project Management Software You Can Take Anywhere


                We have discussed Taskos to-do list that help you manage your tasks, however, this app is no longer available in the Google Play store. It is recommended that everyone who plans on maximizing productivity tries out an online collaboration tool to help manage and execute their projects effectively. Wrike is a powerful project management tool to help you to improve performance of your project planning and team collaboration. They have a free mobile app available on Android so you can …

                • 24 April

                  How To Prevent Automatic Apps Downloads on Android

                  Prevent Auto Downloading android apps

                  When you are installing apps from non- play store source, there is more chance to get your smartphone affected by viruses and malware, sometimes it will auto download unwanted apps from unknown source. That is because of Google Play Store is not verifying the app for automatic downloading apps or unwanted installation of apps from any apps published on Google Play Store.But you can Prevent Automatic Downloads on your smartphone. Here is quick tip on How to Stop Apps from …

                  • 24 April

                    Cool Phone Backgrounds & Wallpaper Apps for Android

                    Best Wallpaper Apps for Android

                    Want Cool Phone Backgrounds for your smartphone? There are bunch of android apps available in the market that helps you to download Cool Phone Backgrounds and wallpaper free for your smartphones. Check out few recommended apps to download hot wallpapers for android. Every user of smartphone device want to make the look of their device stunning. For that, they have used many smartphones accessories, back cover , flip cover etc. But, there is also one efficient and easy way, which makes your …

                    • 16 April

                      Best Alarm Clock Apps for Android

                      Alarm Clock Apps for Android

                      Looking for Best Alarm Clock App for your android smartphone? Are you heavy sleeper and don’t able to get up on time even if you set an alarm there? You should check out this post for Best Alarm Clock Apps for your smartphone that surely wake you up at the morning. Nowadays, the smartphone device is a device which makes all your wishes fulfill. It does not matter that your wishes would be of entertainment related, storage space, communication, television, …