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Here we will review the best android apps for android smartphones and tablet that make your daily routine task easier.

How to Use Android As PS4 Controller App

PS4 Controller App

The smartphone devices have been used for so many purposes. The purposes like to use the internet, to play games, to watching videos, to sending messages etc. One of the known purposes of the smartphone device is for playing games. For the hardcore lovers of games, the Sony has already launched an app, which is called as ps4 app. But, the limitation of this app is that it was applicable only for the Sony Xperia users. So, it directly means that …

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    Where is My Clipboard on Android Phone

    Want to Use clipboard on android phone - Use Clipper app

    Day by day, there are so many new smartphones & tablet devices are launched. Nowadays, all the smartphone devices come with so many amazing features and specs. The features like more RAM, more internal memory, more battery power, updated processor, updated OS system etc. Here, we are also discussing one of the best features. The feature is known as Clipboard. But, all the android users should have one question that Where is the Clipboard on android phone. You might notice that when …

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      FREE Voice To Text App For Android Smartphones

      talk to text app

      Mostly the users of the smartphone devices use the social networking sites. As we know that the social networking sites also provide facility to chat with others. To talk with them, by using the default android keyboard, users can type the conversation manually. Usually, it is too time-consuming when we want to write or talk too much with someone on Whatsapp messenger or similar messengers. We have found some of the best talk to text app for android smartphone that can …

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        Printer Apps for Android – Printing From Smartphones

        Printer Apps for Android

        Mostly smartphone or tablet manufacturing companies have launched their devices with the specialized features and specs. Nowadays, we know that smartphone is a device which makes all requirement fulfilled easily. Such requirements like Video calling, sending emails, data storage, camera, videography and much more. Moreover, you can even print useful documents with some Printer Apps for Android. You can easily print out any documents directly from emails, images, contacts, web pages etc. To taken out prints directly from the smartphone, you …

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          Best Offline Dictionary Apps For Android

          Dictionary Apps For Android

          When you are taking a decision to go to the other country, then you will have to learn the language of that country. Sometimes to know the meaning of some unknown word, we have to use a dictionary. For that, it is very hard to take dictionary wherever you go. Instead, you can make use of your smartphone to know a meaning of any words using a dictionary. There is also some dictionary apps available for android based smartphones and …

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            Best Web Browsers for Android Smartphones & Tablets

            Browsers for Android

            Every user of smartphone devices loves to use the internet via their devices. Most of the smartphone users have used the internet at least once. To use the internet via a smartphone, there must have an android browser installed on your smartphone. All the smartphones come with at least one pre-installed browser, which is provided by the manufacturer of the device. Most of the users have used browser provided by the manufacturer. Best Browsers for Android Smartphones & Tablets In addition of that, there is …

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              Slow Motion Video Apps for Android & iPhone

              VideoPix App

              There are so many mobile applications are launched each week. Mostly, all of them are easily compatible with all the smartphone devices. While it doesn’t matter that device is powered by an Android OS or iOS. So as an application point of view, here we are going to talk about few Slow Motion Video Apps for android. By which, you can record slow motion video or convert your videos on slow motion movie. Best Slow Motion Video Apps : These apps can …

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                Best Spy Apps for Android Smartphones & Tablets

                Ear Spy App

                There is so many smartphone or tablet users want to use spying apps,that help them to spy on others using simple app.There are also so many apps available to download from Google Play Store and also from other sources. To make your device stunning, there are also some apps like Meme Generator app, Weather app, Alarm app, Photography apps etc. For that, here we are also coming with some best spying apps. The apps are called as Spy Apps for …

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                  Best WiFi Finder Apps – WiFi Finder For Android

                  The Cloud WiFi Finder App

                  As we know that all the latest smartphone devices are coming with many of amazing feature and specs. The features like GPS system, WiFi, Hotspot, Bluetooth connectivity, USB support, Sensors and more. All features have their specified work to do. But, here we will go to discuss the feature of WiFi and some best point about it. WiFi is a feature by which the smartphone users can use the internet without any cost. But for that, the devices must be …

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                    What is my GPS location ? – Get Your GPS location on Android

                    What is my GPS location

                    Nowadays, there is many smartphone devices are launched every week in the mobile market. All the devices have different features and specs, provided by their manufacturer. Latest smartphone devices are coming with the 4G LTE connectivity. GPS is one of the interesting feature, provided by the smartphone manufacturer. But, there is also some users who do not have any idea about the GPS. So for that kind of people, the full form of GPS is Global Positioning System. If some people …

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