Nowadays, the latest smartphones are coming with tons of latest features. All of them are also useful for one or another way. But, in the list of features, there are also some features which are always underrated by the users. However, some of the users are also ignored those kinds of features intentionally. But, beyond your knowledge, those are also helpful. One of that feature is Wi-Fi Direct. Most of the users do not know about it that how to use it and all. Some of among them are frequently asking that What is Wi-Fi Direct. So, this discussion will help you to get to know about it. So, to get to know everything about the Wi-Fi Direct, just have a look at the below discussion.

What is Wi-Fi Direct?

The word Wi-Fi is very known to every user of the smartphone. After hearing this word, the first thing comes to mind is about the surfing of internet.

However, Wi-Fi Direct also looks same as Wi-Fi, but in actual, they differ from each other. And, that’s why here we will have to discuss Wi-Fi Direct. So, let’s have a look briefly at the discussion.

What is Wi-Fi Direct-

What is Wi-Fi Direct

As the technology is developing day-by-day, new features are getting invented in the mobiles. The Wi-Fi Direct is also one of them. This Wi-Fi Direct is one type of data sharing feature, just like a Bluetooth. This word contains Wi-Fi and we know that what Wi-Fi can do for all the smartphone users.

Wi-Fi let us allow to use the internet through mobile without having the data connection. But, for that, you just need a router to use the internet through the Wi-Fi connection. By connecting the mobile with that connection, you can surf the internet.

In the case of Wi-FI Direct, you will also have to connect your device, but, this time not with the router. You have to establish a connection between two Wi-Fi Direct enabled devices. The Wi-Fi Direct let you share or exchange the data between two devices.

Why should you use Wi-Fi Direct

A decade ago, to share the files and data, the Bluetooth was the preferable feature. But, the Bluetooth can share the files at a slow rate. To overcome this issue, the Wi-Fi Direct is the best option. However, some apps are also available to which files can be shared. But, not all of them can establish a reliable connection while the transfer is running. So, at that time, the Wi-Fi Direct can fill all of your requirements.

Wi-Fi Direct can transfer the data by establishing a reliable connection between two devices. Also of that, there is no need for any wires for sharing the content. In short, by using this fantastic feature, you can transfer the files hassle-free. But, to do so, a primary condition is that both the device are Wi-Fi Direct enabled.

This feature has its advantage and disadvantage over the Bluetooth feature of file sharing. Regarding the advantages, then this Wi-Fi Direct can share the files with a high speed compared to Bluetooth. It also takes a few time to complete the transfer.

Also of that, this feature can work for a high range, unlike Bluetooth. But, the limitation of this feature is that to use it, you must have an Android device. That Android device is must be running on 4.0 or higher OS version. While in the case of Bluetooth, then you can use the Bluetooth even on non-android devices.

How to use Wi-Fi Direct on Android

Nowadays, all the latest Android smartphones are coming with this helpful feature. The use of this feature is also easy. But, for that, you have to make some set up. Here is that what you need to do to use the Wi-Fi Direct. Have a look at that, set it up, and enjoy the fast data and file sharing.

  • Go to the Settings >> Wi-Fi. Tap on the slider to activate Wi-Fi. You can also enable it by using the notification panel by pulling down it.
  • Remember, to use the Wi-Fi Direct, you must have enabled Wi-Fi first.
  • Then, go back to the Settings.
  • Here, go to the Other Wireless Connections.
  • You can find here an option for Wi-Fi Direct. Tap on it.
  • It will show you all the nearby connections. From which, connect to that network to which you want to share the files and data.

So, by this way, you can make the connection between two devices. And then, you can easily complete the task of sharing files.

We hope that you will understand all the info we have noted here regarding the Wi-Fi direct. If it helps, then do not forget to share it with who do not know about it.

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