We are living in a new generation. There are many people who use the Netflix app. The Netflix app requires more data to show your video. We also live in an age where we use capped data packages for home internet.

It is used by many people and makes a deal with them. If you are using a Netflix package, then you know about Netflix is how much internet data is used for android.

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How Much Data Does Netflix Use On Android

Netflix’s Estimates and Quality Settings

First, go to the Account preference page to login into the Netflix app. They provide a few options for the “Low,” “Medium,” and “High” video quality settings.

If you want to watch the video in low quality, it provides the 240p resolution for low-quality video. Suppose, You want to watch a video in medium quality, it will provide the 480p resolution for medium quality video, and You want to view the video in high quality then, especially since the “High” range starts from 720p up to 4K depending on your TV— that provides a big difference in resolution.

We check the bitrate very closely. Bitrate has converted the Kbps to a gigabyte per hour. Below, we show the resolution of the streaming bitrate and convert it into MB or Gb per hour.

The minimum and maximum bitrate are both available and data usage per hour. Netflix provides the two ranges of frames. Most videos you play on Netflix should be 23.976 frames per second and also provide offers for 59.940 frames per second. Now we first see about 23.976 frames per second speed.

The 480P Resolution is converted into the 1750 kbps bitrate, and it provides 792 MB per hour. The 720P Resolution is turned into the 3000 kbps bitrate, and it provides 1.3 GB per hour. When you see the video in high-quality 1080p resolution, it is converted into 4300-5800 kbps bitrate, providing speed up to 1.9 GB to 2.55 GB per hour.

When you see more high-quality 1440p resolution video, it is converted to 6350 kbps bitrate and provides 2.8 GB per hour. When you show video in 4K (3840×2160) resolution, it is converted into 8000-16000 kbps bitrate, giving conversation to 3.5 GB to ~7 GB per hour.

Now we show about 59.940 frames per second. If you want to see a video in 720p resolution, it is converted into a 3600 kbps bitrate, and it provides 1.6 GB per hour of conversation. If you want to see the video in 1080p resolution, then it is converted into a 6960 kbps bitrate and provides the 3.1 GB per hour conversation.

Lastly, if you want to see the High 4K resolution video, it is converted into the 16000 kbps bitrate and gives the 7 GB per hour speed.

Now we see where to find the requisite Settings.

If you have Apple TV, go into Setting > Video and audio > Resolution.
If you have an Android TV, go into Settings > Display and sound > Resolution.

We think this is the best way to see your resolution.

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