Clipboard Manager helps a user to improve their copy-paste functionality on their Android device. Copying and pasting on a smartphone is pretty easy. You just need to select the text, hold it, and tap on it to show the copy option. But before we paste it somewhere else and copy another text, the first copied text will be lost.

Sometimes, we need our smartphone to remember multiple copied lines to its clipboard. So they can use it whenever needed. For Windows-based systems, there is a clipboard application to make use of copy-pasting. But, for Android users, you will need to use the clipboard manager app.

So, Where’s My Clipboard on the Phone?

First of all, we will discuss what this feature is used for. The Clipboard is a storage location that stores all the cut and copied text contents. It will store all the contents that you have copied on the Android device. The best thing about the clipboard is that you can take all the contents once again whenever you want to use it.

But, the important thing is that you can not find the clipboard location on your Android device as you can not find a clipboard anywhere on your phone. But there is a solution to it; you can easily access Clipboard by using third-party apps.

Sometimes while using Facebook, you might have observed that when you tap and hold on to any post, it will be copied and says your text has been copied to a clipboard. But you will check where the clipboard is on the Facebook app on Android. You can download and install the app suggested below to see where your clipboard is and copy text from Facebook or any other app on your device.

Here, we recommend the best clipboard app, Clipper – Clipboard Manager. So, now we will discuss the features of this Clipper app.

Best Clipboard Manager Apps

Clipper – Clipboard Manager App

If you are an Android user and have a query about where the clipboard is on an Android phone, then this app is the answer. The Clipper app is an app by which you can easily access the clipboard manager on an Android device. This app is easily available on the Google Play Store and is only for Android users. It is a very useful app with 4.3 user ratings out of 5.0.

The Clipper app will automatically save all the contents that you have copied on your Android device. It also allows you to access it easily. You can also copy that content again by visiting the history of the app. The app will also provide the option to edit, move, pin, view, share, and delete.

By using the Edit option, you can easily edit the existing content. You can also move that content to phone storage or memory storage.

If you are looking for how to copy and paste on Android, this is a very good app to copy and paste data better way.

Want to Use clipboard on android phone - Use Clipper app

It also allows you to share that copied content to social networking sites by using the option of share. It has a very easy user interface and a notification facility.

It also provides an easy way to access the app by using the device’s status bar. The user reviews about this Clipper app are also very good.

Clipboard Features:

  • Retrieve previously copied data from the clipboard history
  • Copy, paste, and edit previously copied data
  • Smooth clipping organization and editing

No need to find where my clipboard is on Android; just open the app, and you will find your data there. Download this useful clipboard history saver app for your Android smartphone from below.

Clipper - Clipboard Manager
Clipper - Clipboard Manager
Developer: rojekti
Price: Free

Copy Bubble

Copy Bubble is the first application on our list, and it comes with lots of interesting features that help you to improve your copy & paste functionality on your Android phone.

The intuitive floating bubble allows you to access it easily. The powerful built-in Copy menu allows you to copy the image and text by just tapping on it.

Copy Bubble

This application is lightweight and easy to access on all Android phones because of its size is only 1MB. So don’t worry about your Android Phone Storage. You can close this app as you close another app on your Android phone.

Copy Bubble
Copy Bubble
Developer: Diigo
Price: Free

AnyCopy-Copy & Paste Clipboard

AnyCopy is the second app on our list and comes with many copy-and-paste features that allow you to Copy, Paste, and Cut multiple texts simultaneously and save them for the future.

This Android app does not require any Internet or network permission because it works in offline mode. You can secure your AnyCopy app using the Four Digit Password feature.

AnyCopy-Copy & Paste Clipboard

It also provides an advanced data encryption algorithm for all your copied data. The backup and restore feature allows you to back up all data in Google Drive and restore it on another device.

It also provides a separate locker for your Notes and Folder. It supports the Keyword Search feature, which helps you instantly find your copied data.

AnyCopy-Copy & Paste Clipboard
AnyCopy-Copy & Paste Clipboard

Clipboard Manager

If you want an easy-to-operate and simple user interface clipboard manager on your Android device, then the Clipboard Manager app is the best for you. With this app, you can keep all your clipping history, providing fast access to your clipping collection.

Clipboard Manager

The clipboard manager automatically saves your note from your stock clipboard. This app allows you to create unlimited categories to keep unlimited notes on your Android device.

You can also back up all your collection to cloud storage. It has extra features like share, edit, auto trash from the default categories, and merge notes. You can also import and export your collection to the file.

Clipboard Manager
Clipboard Manager
Developer: devdnua
Price: Free

Clipboard Actions

Copy and paste everything you want from your phone, like chats, messages, emails, etc. You can see your copied text in the notification and manage it directly from the app. Speak Outclip feature allows you to listen to your copied notes for better pronunciation.

You can share your copied text and notes directly using the QR code feature, and you can also share your copied items directly using the share button on the notification.

Clipboard Actions

Copy any address and find it directly on Google Maps using the map button. It is also equipped with the Google Translate feature to translate any language to your preferred language.

Filter Email or phone number from your copied item; the app will show you the filtered email or phone number on the notification bar for quick access. You can also download and share images and videos with simple one touch.

Clipboard Manager
Clipboard Manager
Developer: devdnua
Price: Free

How to Use the Clipboard on Android Phones

The Android phone allows you to copy and paste text like a computer. So, copying and pasting will save you time and will also reduce your action of typing.

How To Copy And Paste On Android

Where Is the Clipboard on an Android Phone?

As we told ago, here, we will discuss how to copy and paste particular contents on an Android device. We will also mention this method for both the text and the URL. Both the copy and paste method is so simple that you can do it easily on your mobile.

First of all, we are going to discuss the process of How to Copy and Paste Text on an Android smartphone. So, look at the method and keep a copy and paste to stop the repeated typing.

Copy and Paste the Text

To copy and paste the text contents on the Android mobile, follow the easy process below.

  • First, find the text you want to copy and paste on your mobile.
  • This text content can be copied and pasted from anywhere. It can be from the website, text message, web page, and more.
  • After finding the appropriate text, tap and hold on to that text you want to copy.
  • By doing so, you can see the highlight handles. Now, drag that handle to highlight the text that you want to copy and text.

How To Disable Autosync Android

  • You will find a copy option; we have to select that.
  • Now, open the page or space where you want to paste that copied text.
  • Tap & hold there. This time you will see an option to paste. Tap on that option to paste the text.

Now, we will discuss the method of copying and pasting the Link or URL on an Android phone. This method is quite the same as the above process.

Copy and Paste Links or URLs

Likewise, copying and paste of text from the copying URL on Android is also possible. It will help you when you want to share an important URL with someone. You can copy the link from the address bar of any browser on your Android smartphone. To do so, just take a look at the procedure below.

  • First, find the link you want to copy and paste to share with someone.
  • After the URL, tap and hold on to that URL.
  • Then, you can see the Copy option. Tap on that option to copy that URL or link.


  • Now, open the space where you want to paste that link. If you want to share it directly with someone, then open the chat or message box.
  • Here, tap and hold the space. Then, the option of paste appears on the screen.
  • Tap on the Paste option. It will paste the URL or link that you have copied from the browser.

From here, you can directly share the URL with someone. Using this guide, you can easily copy and paste text as well as URLs on your Android smart device. Both methods apply to smartphones as well as tablets. So, users of both devices can easily copy and paste the relevant text and URL.

Alternatively, you can use clipboard manager apps on your device that will store copied items. So you can retrieve your copied text from the past or save multiple copied text together under clipboard manager apps.

There is no place like a clipboard on Android. So after copying data, you might find where my clipboard is or where my copied data is on your Android. But apps like clipboard manager will help you to store multiple copied text together.

Here we have listed the most used Clipboard Manager Apps for Android phones and tablet devices. Which of those listed apps have you found to be most useful for your needs?

Did we miss any other clipboard apps for Android? Post your comments below with your suggestions.

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