Google Translate is an excellent translator to translate any of the languages on Android smartphone. It has done the translation of mostly all the languages with too much of correction. The Google Translate is a service of the Google, which is available for both, smartphone, and PC. It will also do its job goodly even with the computer. But, have you ever thought that how to clear history on Google Android of Google Translate? Most of the users say no because they think that it is not necessary to do so. But to keeping the device to up-to-date, sometimes it requires.

How To Clear Google Translate History

How To Clear Google Translate History on Android

So, here we will guide you to do so. For that, you just have to follow the steps of how to clear history on Google Android of Google Translate. Now, have a look at the brief discussion and keep enjoying the Google Translate on the device.

  • First of all, unlock your smartphone device and launch the Menu.
  • Go to the Google Translate app. In the smartphone, the Google Translate app will be as Translate.
  • Then, on the next display, at the top right corner, you should see three dot points. It is the Menu for this Translate app. Tap on that three dot points.

  • It opens a pop-up for you with some options. In this options, there is also an option of Clear History.
  • Now, to make clear the history of the Google Translate, tap on it.
  • Then, it will also ask you for the confirmation of it. Here, tap on Yes to allow them to proceed.

Now, the history of the Google Translate app on your smartphone will be cleared. So, by using the above trick, you can quickly clear the history of the Translate on the smart mobile. We hope that this discussion will make your job of clearing history too easy.

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