Smartphone has made everyone’s life very easy and compact. There is nothing that the smartphone can not do. It can be used for calling, internet, games, videos, music, and more. Also of that, with some apps, it can also play a role of compass for the navigation. Regarding the Navigation, the Google Maps undoubtedly comes on the top. But, have you ever measured that How Much Data does Google Maps Use? If not, then this is the time to do so.

Google Maps is the direction app constructed by a Google itself. And, in every Android smartphone, you can find this app as it comes as a pre-installed app. Whenever we are at an unknown place, the Google Maps is the one who always happy to help you. Just think our life if the Google Maps is not with us. It’s quite difficult for us to get the direction of an unknown place. But, thanks to Google for giving such great service.

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How Much Data does Google Maps use?

We have found this question on Reddit that, “How much data does Google Maps use for a 4-hour trip?” and we thought to create an article about this. Here, we will mention the amount of data that Google Maps use per specified time.

  • 6 MB data will be used/10 minutes of Google Maps use
  • 18 MB data will be used/30 minutes of Google Maps use
  • 36 MB data will be used/60 minutes of Google Maps use

Above listed data is the data usage of the Google Maps per time.

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Now, why you need to know about it?

So, there are many users who are still using the old smartphone having 3, 2, and lower OS. Some users also use lower data plan like 100 MB, 200 MB, or 500 MB per month. So, for those users, it is essential to know which apps are using more data.

This measurement does not affect the users who are using the 1 GB or more data per day. Use of Google Maps does not make a higher impact. So, keep using it.

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