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How Much Data Does Amazon Prime Video Use

Are you a fan of Amazon Prime Videos? Have you recently subscribed to Amazon Prime? Well, you should know that how much data your Prime Video will consume when you are on a data plan.

If you have a limited data plan and you want to use prime video on your smartphone, you can limit it to prevent being charged by your network operator. But you can do this when you know how much data will Amazon Prime consume per hour.

You can refer below image to see how much data does Amazon video use on Android when you stream it on your Android device.

  • To see it, just go to Menu > Settings of your Prime Video App.
  • Now Open “Stream & Download” Options.
  • Now Select “Streaming Quality

How Much Data Does Amazon Prime Video Use on Android

Here you will see the following options.

Sr Video Quality Data Usage
1 Best 1 Hour uses about 0.46 GB of data
2 Better 1 Hour uses about 0.26 GB of data
3 Good 1 Hour uses about 0.18 GB of data
4 Data Saver 1 Hour uses about 0.12 GB of data

Use Highest Quality when on WiFi – You can enable this option to play the highest quality of video on the Amazon Prive video app when you are connected to your WiFi connection.

The above option clearly shows how much data will be consumed on your device when you are using the prime video app on your device. Streaming quality totally depends on the size of data used. So if you are on a mobile data pack, just refer above streaming quality to not exceed your daily data plan limit.

How to manage your Amazon Prime Video data usage:

If you want to save your Amazon Prive video data usage, you can also download video from Amazon prime video android app locally, when you are connected to WiFi. So that you can watch prime videos offline even when you are not connected to the Internet.

Here is how you can download videos from Amazon Prime Video Android App.

  • Open any Movie that you want to download on Amazon Prime
  • On the Video page, you will see Watch Now, Download, Add to Watchlist & Watch Trailer options.
  • Select the “Download” option from there

You will be asked for which quality video you want to download if you didn’t set default quality. Select the appropriate option and your video will start downloading on your android device.

Where to find Downloaded Videos from Amazon prime?

You may want to see where the movie or video file downloaded from Amazon Prime. Well, you can find the downloaded video files under the Menu > Downloads option. You will see a list of files that you have downloaded on your android.

We hope you got information on how much data prime video consumes per hour. If you are getting any other errors while using the Amazon Prime video, feel free to share your inputs in the comments section below.