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How To Fix Skype Video Not Working on Android


Recently, most of the social networking sites are coming with the video calling facility. This is the reason that’s why the use of social networking sites more comfortable. There are most of the social sites like Facebook Messenger, Whatsapp, Viber, Skype and more comes with this service. All of them are really working well with the smartphone and tablet devices. But sometimes, due to some reasons, this service of video calling will not work properly with the device. So here, …

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Best Android Email Apps to Check Your Mails

Best Android Email Apps

The message is an essential requirement of every mobile user, whether it is a text message or chat message. Nowadays, the E-mail is also a very popular way of messaging. However, the E-mail is used to exchange the message in the form of digital messages. To send the E-mail, a must thing is electronic devices like smartphone, PC, and tablet. Also of that, there are also some of the Mail apps to store the E-mails in it. Here, we will …

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How To Connect Bluetooth Headphones to Android Phones

how to connect bluetooth headphones

Nowadays, there are lots of smartphone devices are launched by the respective manufacturers periodically. Along with that, the smartphone accessories also comes to the market with some unique features. Such smartphone accessories are also useful to the users while a device is in use or not. In which, the Bluetooth headphone is also one of the known accessories for all the users. But still, some smartphone users might be looking for how to connect Bluetooth headphones to Android smartphone or tablet. So …

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Go SMS PRO Android App


After calling, one of the most useful functions of the mobile is to send or receive SMS or Messages. The SMS is also one of the great features come with even Android mobile or non-android mobile. Every mobile comes with the pre-installed Messaging or SMS app. More than that, there are also some sources who also offers SMS app for the Android users. For all Android users, we are also discussing here one of the best Messaging Android apps. The …

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Google Messenger Lagging on Android ? Check this out

Clear Cache of Google Messenger

The smartphone is a device, which mostly makes the human effort lesser. It also makes the human life easier, than the previous era life, in which there is no smartphone were available. So, we can say that the smartphone is one of the great inventions in last decade. It also makes our conversation too easy with each other. Nowadays, the smartphone devices also come with the pre-installed messaging app which gives a different shape to your conversation. There are many of …

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Telegram Android App -Whatsapp Alternative for Smartphone Users

Telegram Android App 1

Nowadays, for most of the people, social networking sites are one of the daily needs. There are also some individuals who are buying best budget smartphone only for to use the social sites. We all know that how many of the social sites are currently in actions. In which the most favourites are Facebook, Whatsapp, Hike, Snapchat, Instagram, and more. Also of that, there are also some other sites are in the way to get introduced. So, as we are …

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Best TV Remote App for Android

TV Remote for Android

The IR Blaster is a unique feature in the android smartphone that allows you to control your television via your smartphone. Android TV Remote Control App gives you fully remote control access and other many features similar to that you get with your original TV remote. Only you need to download any TV remote app and enhance your television experience with new remote control app on your Android smartphone. You don’t need your tv’s remote to change channels on your TV because you can …

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How To Logout of Messenger on Android FB App

How to log out of Facebook Messenger on Android

You might have seen that once you logged in to your Facebook messenger android app, there is no option to log out from it. Facebook messenger is the best chatting, and messenger app for Android that helps you to do chat with your friends directly from your smartphone and Whatsapp for Android is another app similar to FB messenger. But the only problem with Facebook Messenger is that it doesn’t have logout button so you can stay logged in to your …

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What Does Invalid SIM Mean on HTC Android Phone

Nowadays, so many smartphone manufacturers are in the market. They all are launched their smartphone with some unique specs. Some smartphones come with Dual SIM feature, while some are having Single SIM. But, when you insert SIM card in the device, it shows an error like “Invalid SIM Card”. This error message comes even when there is no problem in the SIM card. Because of that, some users of smartphone gets irritating. They also do not know that What Does Invalid …

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How to Disable Android Notification On Smartphones & Tablets

Android Notification Settings

There are so many apps are available at the Google Play Store which is helpful for Android device. Some apps are showing notification of its own, say unwanted promotional ads. The notification like the updated version of that app is available or much more notifications come. But out of which, there is also some apps which continuously showing ads notifications. For some users, it is annoying to get continuous notification from any app. So, to get rid of unwanted notification …

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