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How to Disable Android Notification On Smartphones & Tablets

There are so many apps are available at the Google Play Store which is helpful for Android device. Some apps are showing notification of its own, say unwanted promotional ads. The notification like the updated version of that app is available or much more notifications come. But out of which, there is also some apps which continuously showing ads notifications. For some users, it is annoying to get continuous notification from any app. So, to get rid of unwanted notification on Android, here we will discuss the process of Android notification settings.

Problems with Unnecessary apps notification

You might have a similar experience. Say, you are working on an important project of your job. Suddenly your phone buzz with a ding or some similar sound notification. You may want to see the notification because you don’t want to miss something vital for you. When you unlock your phone, swipe down your smartphone’s notification bar, you will see annoying ad message. Which was from an app that you might have recently installed but not important. Such or similar notification are useless and wasting your productive time. Hence you may want to say goodbye permanently to such notification, but don’t know how.

A Recent study by Psycnet shows that such unwanted notifications are ruining people’s concentration. Such notification like Facebook or Google Plus, even small ring or beep may prompt task-irrelevant thoughts. Which has been shown to damage task performance and affect your productivity?

How to Disable Android Notification From Any App

You can get rid of the annoying notifications of any app, by doing proper settings of the app. It is a natural process to setting it, and you can perform it by using the device. To do so, you just follow the instructions or steps listed below. So, now look at that easy process and easily get rid of the annoying notifications.

Here we have taken an example of ANT radio service app. However, you can follow these steps for any apps that shows you unwanted ads notification. You can quickly kick that notification off from your device, so it will not disturb you again.These steps are only applicable for Android version up to 4.4.

  • Whenever you receive notification on the notification panel, just pull down the panel. Press and hold on that notification until a box of “App Info” comes. Now, tap on that box. (We also have an alternative option for that. This option you can perform without waiting for any notification. To do so, go to the Settings >> App manager. It shows you all the apps which are currently installed on your device. Now here, find and tap on that app from which you get the notifications.)
  • After going into the App Info, here, you can see a small box with the text of “Show notifications”. You should also see that the box is with the check mark.

Android Notification Settings

  • Now, tap on that box to uncheck it. Say OK to the prompts, if they asked.

Android Notification Settings for Android 5.0 Lollipop and Up

If you have Lollipop version or above, you might be able to block apps notification by following steps below.

Disable Android Notification
Turn off notifications for Android apps

You will never see app notification for that app again on your device. After following above process, you probably not get any notifications from the particular app. If you want to get the notification, you can also perform the reverse process of the above.

We have also created a video guide for you that will help you on how to easily turn off notifications for any app on your android device.

We hope that this discussion may useful to you to get rid of the notifications from the app. The process will work with your device. If it works, do not forget to share it with others.