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How To Connect Bluetooth Headphones to Android Phones

Last Updated On: April 13, 2017

Nowadays, there are lots of smartphone devices are launched by the respective manufacturers periodically. Along with that, the smartphone accessories also comes to the market with some unique features. Such smartphone accessories are also useful to the users while a device is in use or not. In which, the Bluetooth headphone is also one of the known accessories for all the users. But still, some smartphone users might be looking for how to connect Bluetooth headphones to Android smartphone or tablet. So to get an idea about it, here we will discuss how to connect Bluetooth earphones with the smartphones.

To use the smartphone, we have to hold it in one hand, and another hand will work on it. Likewise, while calling from the mobile, we have to hold it in one hand. But, sometimes it is not possible to hold it while talking. Like, while driving it is too dangerous for us to talking with others by a call. So, to rectify this issue of holding the device, a Bluetooth headset is the best solution.

The Bluetooth headphone is a device, which sticks to the ear. After sticking it, you do not more need to use the mobile while listening to music or calling. But, to use the Bluetooth headphone, you should have to connect it to the device’s Bluetooth. As per your requirement, you can buy and use any of the standard Bluetooth headphones. By making the proper connection between both the devices, it makes lots of your work half.

So, to make a proper connection, here check out the details of How to Connect Bluetooth Headphones with Smartphones. Now, have a look at the discussion and keep using the Bluetooth headphone unlimitedly.

How to Connect Bluetooth Headphones to the Android Smartphone?

Before applying this trick to the headphone, make sure that your smartphone is Bluetooth supported or not. After that, you should proceed with below steps.

  • Before making a connection, check the charging of both the devices. If both have enough charging power, then go ahead.
  • Now, first of all, activate the Bluetooth feature on your smartphone device. To do so, go to the Settings >> Wireless and Networks >> Bluetooth.
how to pair bluetooth headphones with android
Guide on how to pair Bluetooth headphones
  • Here, you should see a toggle, which is On/Off toggle. Tap on it to make a Bluetooth enable.
  • If you do not want to follow this lengthy process, then you can also do it with a shortcut. For that, just pull down the notification bar of the device.

how to connect bluetooth headphones to android

  • Here, you can see the Bluetooth sign, just tap on it. The process is still continuing, and for that, you have to go the Bluetooth settings.
  • Then, in the Bluetooth settings, make visible your mobile for other Bluetooth enabled devices.
  • Now, it’s time to come to the Bluetooth headphone that you have. Turn on the Bluetooth device, and it should blink for once.
  • To make a connection between mobile and headphone, press and hold the button of the headphone for a while. After doing so, the headphone will automatically start to searching for the nearby Bluetooth devices. At that time, the light of it will continue blinks. When the blinking is stopped and is converted into a single solid light, it means your device is paired successfully.
  • Now, come back to the smartphone. Go to the Bluetooth settings, for scanning the Bluetooth devices. After the completion of the scanning, it lists the devices.
  • From here, choose your Bluetooth Headphone and allow it to make a connection.
  • If the connection is successfully made, then a message appear as Pairing is completed.
  • Noe, you can use the headphone with the Android smartphone.

But, keep in minds that keep your mobile within the range of the headphone. If your mobile is not within range, it will break the Bluetooth connection with the headphone. So, it is very advisable to keep the device in range.

To disconnect it, just disable the Bluetooth from any of the devices, whether from mobile or headphone. After that, if you want to make a reconnection, then just enable the Bluetooth. Also, remember that at a time you will connect only one device.

So, keep enjoying the Headphone with the Smartphone using this important detail. We hope that this discussion of how to connect Bluetooth headphones will help you a lot. If it is, then also aware your friends regarding this discussion.

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