Is Instagram Save to Collection not working on your phone?

Here we are going to help you out. In this how-to guide, we have explained all the ways you can fix Instagram save to collection not working on your phone.

Instagram is one of the most used platforms in the world. Instagram is most popular among users because of its impressive features like save posts and many others.

The save posts feature comes in handy and is one of the most used features because, with this feature, you can easily reference your post shortly. It means that it does not take time to find your trip memories. The save collection feature offers full access to organize your images and save them for the near future.

You should already be aware of the fact that aware that saving a post on Instagram is a straightforward and quick process. You just need to tap on the Bookmark icon from the bottom right corner of the post, and your post will automatically save in a private section or your album.

But what happens if Instagram Save to Collection is not working or you face some Instagram app glitches? We know it is a hassle for Instagram account holders who love their photos in an organized manner. So, today in our article, we are going to discuss How To Fix Instagram’s Save To Collection Not Working.

We have provided below the various fixes to solve this issue. So, if you want to know the solutions just read our article carefully and follow the steps as recommended.

Solutions For To Fix Instagram Save To Collection Not Working

Re-launch the Instagram App

Re-launching Instagram App is one of the effective solutions for most Android users. To re-launch the app, you just need to do is: simply close the Instagram app and clear all the minimized apps again, re-open the Instagram app and check whether you can save posts or not.

Restart Phone

Restart Phone

Restarting your device is a kind of mother solution for all the issues related to Android or iOS phones. Sometimes, your phone does not run correctly and fails to give the specific performance that you want.

That’s why restart is necessary for your device because it helps to refresh all the apps, and your device works as usual after a few minutes of rest.

Clear Cache Of The Instagram App

Clear Cache Of The Instagram App

Clearing the cache helps improve the performance of the app and offers you more storage space. Clearing the cache of the Instagram app is essential because sometimes your phone saves a lot of cache and junk files in its memory.

Over time, it is the root cause of the problem. So, clearing the cache helps you delete all the discarded files and increases your app performance.

To clear the cache of the Instagram app just follow the quick steps below:

  • Open “Settings Menu” from the home screen apps and navigate to the “Apps” section.
  • In the apps Section search for “Instagram App” and tap on it
  • Then tap on the “Storage and Cache” option.
  • And finally, click on “Clear Cache.”
  • Restart” your device and check whether the save post function is working or not.

Uninstall and Reinstall The Instagram App

Uninstall and Reinstall The Instagram App

If the above solutions fail and do not work for you, then it’s time to uninstall the Instagram app. Maybe the bug arises because you have a corrupted version of the Instagram app.

So, uninstall that version install the Instagram app newly from the Play Store and check whether the save post-collection button works or not.

Update The App

Most of the time, we ignore the updates of the apps; that’s why the older APK becomes buggy and starts misbehaving. So, updating the Instagram app to its latest version is essential. To download the latest version of Instagram, follow the simple steps below:

  • Open the “Google Play Store” on your device.
  • Then click on “Three Horizontal Lines” at the top right corner of the menu.
  • From the menu, click on “My Apps and Games.”
  • From the list of updated apps, Search for the “Instagram app.”
  • If the Instagram app is listed for the new update, then tap on “Update” and wait until your app is updated for the latest version.
  • Once completed, open the app and check whether the save posts feature starts working or not.

You can alternatively use the below option to check if you have the latest Instagram installed on your device or download it from below.

Developer: Instagram
Price: Free


So, those are the best solutions to Fix Instagram’s Save To Collection not working features. We hope you found the best solution to this issue above.

Thanks for your quality time. Your suggestions and queries are always welcome. For more latest updates, do follow us on our website, The Android Portal.

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