If you are a regular smartphone or PC user, then you may be heard about android apk files. Here we will discuss this topic of APK File. In which, we are going to discuss What is APK file, How to download and install it on your device. So, now take a look at the whole discussion and keep using the APK files on the smartphone device.

What is APK File?

When the computers were running on a Windows system, then it uses a .exe file for the installation of software. Likewise, to install apps or games on Android devices, it uses APK file. To understand the use of APK files; first, you will have to use it on your Android based device.

Why should I need to install an APK File?

It allows you to enjoy the broad variety of the same apps which is offered by the Google Play Store. It also provides the facility to you to customize your device by using those apps. By using it, you can even also get access those apps which are currently unavailable for your relevant regions.

You can also get the Google updates that may take a long time if it comes from the manufacturer. Sometimes, your device will be unable to get access to use the apps from the Google Play Store. Sometimes, when app owner restrict specific country users to download their app. But you can download apk files of the same app to your phone and make use of it. In short, external APK files is one of the best alternatives while the Play Store does not work well.

But, there is also some apps are available with APK files which are pirated or a stolen apps. If you know that the use of those pirated or stolen apps is illegal. So, before downloading and using such apps, first of all, please research completely about the app you are planning to download. Although, if you want to use those apps on your device, then download it at your risk and responsibility.

So, now we will go ahead with some interesting info about APK files. In which we are going to mention that how to download and install apps by using the APK files.

How to Install APK on Android

There are mainly two methods of secure installation of the downloaded APK files. In the first method, we will tell you that how you can use your PC to install APK file on your phone. Then, by using the second method, you can install APK files using your Android smart device. So, now have a look at the detailed discussion of the installation of the APK files on the Android smartphone.

Use Computer to Install APK on Android

There are lots of sources are available which offers you to download APK files for the different apps. But, all the sites or sources are not yet reliable. So, you must have to be aware before downloading and installing any apps outside of the Play Store.

Download APK From Play Store

Because the apps downloaded from the Play Store are safe and secure for Android. While the security of the APK files is not too trustworthy. Sometimes, it also becomes the reason behind some serious issues with your smart cell phone. So, we recommend you to read the reviews of the APK files before downloading and installing it.

Now, we are going to write about how to install the APK files using the PC. But, as you know, to install the third-party apps, you will have to enable apps installation from Unknown source. So, before installing the files on your smartphone, please make sure you have enabled Unknown Sources option. To do so, check below easy steps, that you have to follow within your mobile.

Steps to Enable Unknown Source Apps Installation on Android

  • Go to the Settings > Security option & tap on it.
  • Find Unknown Sources option from there.
  • To make this option enable, tap on the checkbox that is given in front of the option.
  • Now, by using the computer, search any apps to get the APK files. After finding that, now download it on your PC.
  • Then, connect your Mobile phone to the PC by using the standard USB cable.
  • Transfer that downloaded APK file to your connected mobile device.
  • Now, you can easily find that transferred file on your smartphone. Then, tap on that file to install it on the device. Tap on OK if prompted.

So, by this way, you can use the PC in the installation of the APK files. If you have an active data plan on your phone, you can also download an app from mobile and install it. Without using PC.

Now, we will mention how your smartphone will be useful to install the APK directly on it. Now, take a look at this process.

How to Install APK on Android

This is also an entirely easy process to do. To do so, just follow the below steps.

  • First of all, open any browser on your device.
  • Now, search for the APK that you want to download on your smartphone. Then, select it to start the downloading of it. Wait till the download is complete.
  • After downloading it, now find that file on your device by going into the Downloads. Then, tap on it to confirm the installation of that file.

So, by doing so, you can directly install the APK on the smartphone. We hope that this discussion regarding the APK files will be very useful to you. If it is helpful to you, then also share it with those who do not have any idea about it.

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