Smartphone devices are also associated with some problems like Rapid Battery consumption, slow charging, system hanging, and more. Such kind of problems are also reasons for the poor performance of the Android mobile. Currently, the demand for Android devices is increasing with a new generation of people. 

The issue with the Android mobile is that the phone’s charging is depleted quickly. This issue is common nowadays. So, for Galaxy S5 users, we will discuss some methods by which they can fix this problem. Now, have a look at the discussion of the Galaxy S5, not Charging.

Sometimes charging or battery depletion problem happens with Samsung devices. If you have encountered any such problem as the charger is not detected or phone does not get charged, or you are looking for a solution to Samsung Galaxy S5 charging problems. You should check this out.

Samsung Galaxy S5 not Charging? Find How to Fix

How to Fix Samsung Galaxy S5 not Charging

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Samsung Galaxy S5 is the latest Android device. You might not want to change the battery daily to eliminate the charging issue. Can you buy any external battery source for your Samsung Galaxy S5? Mostly, the user says No. Because it is quite difficult.

The Major issue with the Samsung Galaxy S5 is the Battery issue after prolonged usage. E.g. 1 or 2 years, you can read out this battery calibration guide that will undoubtedly help you. In most cases, the main problems are related to Charging issues. While, in very lesser cases, some of the problems are caused by the application. And sometimes, the carelessness of the users also invites such matters to the device. Also of that, some problem occurs because of hardware-related problems.

So, now we will discuss some of the common problems and solutions that occur with Charging. It will help you to fix the Samsung Galaxy S5 not Charging problem. This discussion will also mention the problem that mainly occurs while charging. So, in the article, the heading is the problem you may have faced. And the answer is mentioned right below it.

Samsung Galaxy S5 not Charging with Original Charger

Sometimes, it also happens that the device will not charge with its original charger. And the same problem may also occur with the Samsung Galaxy S5. It occurs when a phone software mistakes because it also causes that issue. At that time, try to restart your mobile & try connecting the charger again. 

You should also check the mobile’s charging port. If there is any dirt mark, consider cleaning it because it will cause interference in the charging. You may clean it using compressed air or cotton clothes dipped in alcohol. Do the same process for the USB plug-in Port that you are using. Make sure that the connection between the USB Plug and wall charger is secured and tight before charging your phone again. It may help you.

The below steps may also help you to solve the issue Samsung Galaxy S5 not charging with the original charger.

  • First of all, switch off your Samsung Galaxy S5 Android mobile.
  • Then, press and hold the Volume Up button + Home button + Power button at once.
  • Leave the Power button when the device vibrates. But, continue to press the Volume Up button and the Home button.
  • When you see the System Recovery screens visible, release the All button.
  • Now, Press the Volume Down button to highlight Wipe Cache Partition.
  • Push the Power button to select it.
  • When the partition is completed, the Reboot system highlights.
  • Press the power button to restart your mobile phone.

The above process will surely help you a lot to solve your Samsung Galaxy s5 charging issues.

Samsung Galaxy S5 is Slow Charging & Heats Up

The Major problem you might face is the Galaxy S5’s slow charging & sometimes, the device gets heated up badly to the point, and users fear it might explode. Many factors may cause slow charging and the heat up of your mobile. One of the main reasons for a heating problem is a corrupt or damaged micro SD card.

When your micro SD card becomes damaged, the mobile will not be able to detect its information. So, the device system will try to detect micro SD cards repeatedly. And by which too much depletes of your phone’s battery takes place.

So, to solve the quick battery-consuming issue, you will have to remove the micro SD card from the phone. To get the data backup from the SD card, use the card reader to plug it into the PC. Let it read. If the computer prompts you to format it, then nothing you can do without formatting it. If the computer can read the micro SD card, then back up everything in it. You may replace your microSD with another microSD to fix this issue.

Samsung Galaxy S5 does not run After being Submerged in Water

Make sure that the Galaxy S5 phone is water resistant, not waterproof. Keep this thing in mind clear cut. It means that water can enter the device through the rubber seal. And that entered water will mix up with the equipment and the circuit. That must be the reason for your fast charging depletion. The water can easily damage the charging IC.

There is nothing you can do about this problem. And the most important thing, water damage is not covered by a warranty. So, you cannot request a replacement unit and have to pay for the service. You should visit the Samsung service center to fix this issue.

Galaxy S5 not charging with any other charger

The latest Samsung Phones can detect the amount of power that comes in from a charger. It helps protect the phone from damage. Sometimes most of your other chargers do not work with the device. It means that it could be that their required power output is not within the comfortable range.

Here, we will also list some easy tricks by which you can take care of the device efficiently.

  • Stop the use of some unnecessary apps.
  • Replace your old battery with a new one.
  • Switch off auto-brightness.
  • Shorten your screen timeout.
  • Watch out for widgets and background apps.

We hope that this discussion of Galaxy S5 not Charging will help you to solve the charging issue. If it is, then share it with the users of the Samsung Galaxy S5 device. By which they can get rid of such battery issues.

Do let us know if you have encountered any such issues in the past and how did you fix this problem.

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