The Galaxy S5 is one of the best smartphones, which was launched by the Samsung. The Samsung Galaxy S5 device comes with a big 5.1 inch Super AMOLED multi-capacitive touch screen display with Full HD resolution of 1920 x 1080 pixels. It runs on an Android OS with the version 4.4.2 KitKat. It is powered by a powerful 2.5 GHz quad core processor. It also has 16 MP resolution main camera and 2 MP resolution front camera. 2 GB of RAM memory is also equipped with this Samsung Galaxy device.

It also has 16 MP resolution main camera and 2 MP resolution front camera. 2 GB of RAM memory is also equipped with this Samsung Galaxy device. Regarding internal storage, this Galaxy S5 smartphone device comes with 16 GB as well as 32 GB variants of built-in memory space. It can also be expanded further via micro SD card up to 128 GB of more storage space.

So as per the features, we can say that the Galaxy S5 is the best smartphone to use. But, after sometimes of using any smartphone device, there may be some problems occurs. The same thing also happens with this Samsung Galaxy S5. So, to get rid of some common problems which come in Galaxy S5 device, here we are going to share this discussion with all the users of S5. This article is based on how to solve Samsung Galaxy S5 problems.

Samsung Galaxy S5 Problems

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How to Solve Samsung Galaxy S5 Problems

So, now we are going to be discussed some common problems and their solution which come into Galaxy S5.

Fixing Battery Life Issue with Samsung Galaxy S5

The most common problem which occurs in all the smartphone devices is of battery life problems. Like all devices, the same problem also takes place in S5. There is no any guaranteed solution to fix this battery life problem, although we discussed some safe solution. By using the solution, some improvement may come into battery life.

Sometimes this battery life problem occurs due to the third party apps. So as a solution, boot your device into safe mode. The booting of the device into safe mode will automatically disable the third party apps. If you do not know how to Boot Galaxy S5 into safe mode, then just follow the instructions written below.

  • First of all, turn off the device.
  • Now, press and hold the power button and volume down key of the device.
  • Once the device boots correctly, then you can leave the Power button but not the Volume down key.
  • If you entered into safe mode, the text as the safe mode you can see at the bottom left corner of the screen.

By using this solution, some improvement may come into the battery life.To get improvement in battery life, keep all apps updated to the latest version. By disabling the live wallpapers, some amount of improvement quickly comes into the battery life.

Fixing Update related issues on Samsung Galaxy S5

As we know that, all time Samsung has released updates for their smartphone devices. Like all Samsung devices, there are some updates also released for Galaxy S5. The Galaxy S5 users run into installation issues.

If you are updating the S5 device over a fast and secure Wi-Fi connection, the device will display install interrupted error. To get rid of this problem, just check your connection and try again later. If there is not any wrong thing happened with the connection, then restart your S5 device and try again. Even after restarting the device, the same problem occurs, then now do the factory reset your Galaxy S5 device.

Fixing Bluetooth Problems with Samsung Galaxy S5

If you observed that a feature of Bluetooth connectivity is not working properly, then here some fixes to try on Galaxy S5. Very first, try the Bluetooth connectivity to turn on and off by simultaneously. For that, go to the Bluetooth by going into the Settings of the device and turn off the Bluetooth. After some time, turn on the option of Bluetooth. After doing this, if the problem is not fixed

After doing this, if the Bluetooth problem is not solved, then boot your S5 device into safe mode. To do so, just refer the instructions about how to boot device into safe mode, which is already written above.

Fixing Sound Related Problems of Samsung Galaxy S5

Some users are facing problems with notifications and sound. As we all know, when the new message arrives at the device, it gives alert to users with the vibrations and sounds. The Zedge ringtone app is installed on your S5 device; then it may be causing the sound problems. If you are not getting the alerts for messages and texts while having Zedge in your S5, then try the fix described below.

  • First of all, disabled the Zedge as the default app, if you have set it as a default.
  • To do so, go to the Default apps by going into the Settings. Then click the Clear button.
  • Now, go back to the Sound settings.
  • Here, when you are going to set a new sound for notification, it will prompt you to choose Zedge or Media storage.
  • At that time, select the Media storage and set up the sound that you want.

Fixing Wi-Fi Problems of Samsung Galaxy S5

The is also one of the most common problems comes in the Samsung Galaxy S5 device. There is not any perfect solution for this problem, but there are some things to try. If you are facing the Wi-Fi problems, the first thing you have have to do is that reboot your device. If the same problem occurs after the reboot, then check your Wi-Fi connections.

You can also restart the router device as well as the modem. You can also use Wi-Fi by reconnecting with the particular connection. Also of that, you can also check up the Power Saving Mode by going into the Settings of your device.This is an easy and known fix for the Wi-Fi problems.

Micro SD Problems of Samsung Galaxy S5

If you are facing the problems with the Micro SD card on your Galaxy S5 smartphone device, then do not worry about it. Because we have some fixes for the Micro SD problems. First of all, check the slot of Micro SD card. To do so, first of all, turn off your S5 device. Now, make sure that the slot is blocked or not by removing the micro SD card outside. Also, check the slot for dust. Now, clean the slot if it needed and then install the Micro SD card into the slot.

Even after applying the above solution, you are continuing with the Micro SD issues, then try booting of your S5 device. But, keep in mind that boot the device into Safe Mode. Because Safe Mode will automatically disable third party apps. We have already listed the process of booting the device in Safe mode above. Still, you face the issues of Micro SD card, then there may be some problem in your Micro SD card.

Still, you face the issues of Micro SD card, then there may be some problem in your Micro SD card.If your SD card is corrupted or crashed, then it will not work with your device. If you know that your Micro SD is not damaged and although it is not functioning properly, then you can fix this problem by formatting your SD card. If the SD card does not work even after the formatting, then the easy solution is that buy a new Micro SD card and enjoy it once again.

Performance Issues of Samsung Galaxy S5

After the frequently used of smartphone device, the performance issues may come into the device. Due to the issues, the smartphone will go down. So, here we have some fixes to get rid of the problem of performance issues. For the first fix, just follow the steps written below.

  • Turn off the Samsung Galaxy S5 device.
  • Press and hold the Home key, Power key and Volume Down key simultaneously. When the device vibrates, and a logo of the company appears on the screen, leave the keys at that time.
  • To wipe cache partition, tap the volume down again and again. Choose Yes by using the Power button.
  • Wait until the process is not being done, because it takes some time. After completing the process, reboot the Galaxy S5 device.

If the live wallpaper is running in the background of your Galaxy S5 device, it also affects the performance. A feature of NFC is not used by you, then also turn off that. This kind of small things is also improved the overall performance of the device. You can also get improvement in performance, by turning off the animations. To do so, go to the “Transition effect” and select None, by going into the “Home Screen settings.”

You can also get improvement in performance, by turning off the animations. To do so, go to the “Transition effect” and select None, by going into the “Home Screen settings.” You can also try the disabling of the unwanted apps from “Application Manager” by going into the “Device settings.”

Camera Related Problems of Samsung Galaxy S5

If the Camera of Galaxy S5 is not working well, then we have some fixes for the camera problem. To get rid of from this problem, open the camera and click on the small gear located on the camera screen. Now, turn off the stabilization option. After that check the camera. You can also reset the camera settings if you are facing the camera issues.

If the camera problem is continued even after this two fixes done, then try this new fix. In which, you have to restart the Galaxy S5 device. By clearing the cache and the data of camera app, the camera may work correctly. To do so, just follow the following steps.

  • Find the camera app through “Application Manager” by going into “Settings.”
  • After the app opening, select Force Stop, Clear Data, and Clear cache option.

9.) Fixing Charging Related Problems of Samsung Galaxy S5:

The Charging Problems is also one of the common problems, which come with mostly all device. If your device has the same problem of charging, then, first of all, check the charger which comes with the S5 device. If there is some problem in the charger, then try a new charger with the same voltage. If the problem continues after trying the fix, then there is also a possibility of damage of charging socket. As a solution, you have to check up the charging plug of Galaxy S5 device.

The other solution for the same problem is a USB cable. By connecting your Galaxy S5 device to the computer through USB cable, you can get rid of the problem of Charging. But, the charging of the device by using this way may take some time to charge up.

Fixing App Problems of Samsung Galaxy S5

If your Galaxy S5 is loaded with the number of bloatware apps, it may cause some problems into the device. There is also some app issue will come into the device. If you observed that there are some app problems in your S5 device and want to get rid of from issues, then we have some fixes. The first fix is that try updated app.

To get updated app for your S5 device, you can easily download and install by visiting Google Play Store. You could reinstall the app if you observed any app issues.

As we discussed ago, in this article, we are talking some common problems of Samsung Galaxy S5 smartphone device. Now, we are going to be completed this discussion. In which, we have listed ten most common problems which come in Galaxy S5. We have also discussed the solution of their particular problem.

As a user, you are facing such Samsung Galaxy S5 Problems; then we hope that this discussion may be very useful to you. We also hope that you can easily get rid of such problems by using this discussion.

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