A South Korean giant smartphone manufacturer Samsung always comes with something new as far as the new launching is concerned. It always tries to fulfill the customer’s expectations in every field.

It is one of the smartphone companies that regularly provide OS updates to its users. Same way, some time ago, the Galaxy S5 users were also getting an update to their OS. But, many of the S5 users claimed that the Samsung Galaxy S5 Update Failed without any reason. So, in this case, what should be the main reason? 

However, You do not need to think about it because here we will discuss the same thing in the discussion. Not only you but there are also many users along with you who have faced such issues. Some of them also have found that the download for the update can easily be done on S5.

But, when it comes to the installation, it ends with an error message. For that, various reasons cause such issues while you are trying to update the latest OS. So, to resolve it, here we will discuss the most probable reason for that and also its solution.

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How to Fix Samsung Galaxy S5 Update Failed Issue?

Here, we are to discuss How to Fix the Samsung Galaxy S5 Update Failed Issue. In which, we will mention the most likely reason for that and its solution also.

In the discussion, points 1, 2, and 3 represent the issues that you might face during the installation. To solve it, just read those points thoroughly and you will get the appropriate solution to solve it. Let’s have a look at the entire discussion to keep solving the Samsung Galaxy S5 Update Failed Issue.

S5 Update Installation is Interrupted

We know, that Samsung regularly provides OS updates to all their users. By using this, the users will easily get access to the new features of the latest OS. To take the joy of it, all the users have just to install the update on their device.

But, as we have mentioned, many users might face such issues while doing so. And mostly, they ended up with an error message as Installation was Interrupted. The same thing has also happened with Galaxy S5 users while updating the OS.

So, before going to the solution, let’s take a look at why the OS installation interrupts.

Mostly, all the users claimed that they could easily download the update as it came. But, at the time of installing it on the device, the device gets automatically turned off. After turning on the device, you mainly end with an error message Installation was Interrupted.

Once, this message comes, you may not be able to do anything. But, there is one thing, that you can apply. For that, look at the below solution.


Whenever you end up with an error message, then, first of all, you should check the storage space. Due to the lack of memory space, sometimes, the system may not allow updating the OS. One thing that you should remember is that at the time of updating the OS, there must be 4 to 7 GB of space available. If you have less than that in your internal storage, you may face such issues and get an error message.

Sometimes, the cache memory also causes such issues. So, it is beneficial to you if you delete the cache memories of all the apps.

To do so, go to Settings >> Application Manager >> Choose an app >> Clear Cache Memory.

S5 Update Can’t be Detected

Some Galaxy S5 users also have complained that their device does not detect any updates. Whenever they are checking for the updates, they end up with the message “Your system is currently up to date. This kind of question is mostly asked by the users who have bought second-hand Galaxy S5.

Now, to solve the same, the below solution will be helpful to you.


At the time of buying the second-hand device, you must check the device is not rooted. If you have bought a rooted mobile, then the chances of this issue will be high. So, as a user, it is your responsibility to check about that. To get regular updates to make sure that the S5 is running on the existing version that comes with the device.

At that time, you can also get help from the factory data to reset the process. All you just need to do is perform the factory data reset process. Before that, do not forget to take a backup of data including photos, and videos from your phone.

S5 Update Icon Logo Remains Constant

Sometimes, you should see the S5 Update Icon Logo on the notification bar, even after upgrading the OS. For most users, it is always irritating to continuously see something like a logo even after doing it.

So, they are asking how to get rid of the S5 Update Icon Logo. To keep away from it, take help from the below-listed solution.


Mainly this type of issue comes when your device is running with some problems in it. At that time, the best way that we can suggest is to Factory Reset. Just perform the process properly and the issue will be resolved.

For that, just boot your Samsung Galaxy S5 into Recovery Mode. Then, perform Wipe Cache Partition. Wait until the completion of the process. Let the device turn on again. Now, you may not see the S5 Update Icon Logo on your device.

But, before preparing for the process, one thing you should keep in mind is the data backup. If you forget to do so, then you may lose all the data that has been stored in the device.

In the end, we hope that you have enjoyed this full discussion. We also hope that you will get an adequate solution to solve the Samsung Galaxy S5 Update Failed Issue. If it can help you by solving the issue, do not forget to share it with other users of S5.

Also, so let us know your views regarding the discussion whether it is helpful or not. If yes, then how? And if not, then why? We will appreciate your valuable comments in the comments section below.

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