Nowadays, youngsters are fond of DSLR photography. This hobby allows them to post their high-quality pictures on social media platforms. But, not everyone has a DSLR to take classic pictures. For those, the smartphone with high camera resolution works like a DSLR. For that, LG G5 is the device that offers some impressive features along with a 16 MP resolution Rear Camera. But, what if the camera of this LG device does not give you a clear vision? To overcome this vision issue, let’s have a look at the How to Fix LG G5 Camera Blurry guide.

There are many reasons behind the blurry vision of the LG G5 camera. Now, to capture some outstanding images, you have to figure out this issue. So, to do the same, this guide will help you to come out of this unwanted issue for photography lovers.

How to Fix LG G5 Camera Blurry?

Behind the blurry vision of the LG G5 camera, many reasons play a significant role. There is no need to do anything else except solve those reasons in one or another way. Here, we are coming up to give you an idea of how to fix the LG G5 Camera.

How to Fix LG G5’s Blurry Camera -


Restarting the mobile is one of the simplest tricks to solve any of the mobile-related issues. You can find this trick as a similar point in every troubleshooting guide. Which, you just have to restart your device once, and you may end the issue.

To do so, just press and hold the Power button of the mobile for a while. Then, you will have some options like Switch Off, Restart, and more. Here, choose the Restart to go ahead.

If your device does not have a Restart option, then simply switch off the mobile. Then wait for a while, and make it turn on again.

Clear Cached Data of Camera

The removal of cached data for the respective app will also be the troubleshooter. Sometimes, the cached data also forces the app to misbehave. If the app starts to misbehave, just move ahead with the clearing of that app’s cached data.

  • Go to the Application Manager by going into the Settings of the LG G5.
  • Here, in All Tab, by scrolling down the display, find and select the Camera app.
  • The next display shows you options like Force Stop, Clear Data, and Clear Cache.
  • Tap on all the options one by one to stop the misbehavior of the Camera.

After doing so, now open the camera app. It might be working well. If it is not,  then match your eyes to the next one.

Clean up the Camera Lens

It is not necessary to always blame the internal parts of the mobile when some issues take place. Sometimes, it happens even due to some external fault. The same approach will also be applied here when we are talking about solving the LG G5 Camera Blurry.

The camera vision also gets blurry if the camera lens is not neat and clean. As we use the mobile in an open atmosphere, the dust and moisture may stick to the camera lens. So, you will also have to take care of it.

For this, just clean the camera lens with a soft cloth and a soft hand. Now, trying to capture the click with the same camera, you may find some differences. If you don’t, then go ahead with the next trick.

LG G5 camera not focusing

Sometimes the lower camera resolution also creates such issues. At that time, you will have to try increasing the capturing resolution of the camera.

You can do that with the Camera app that comes with the LG G5 device. Go to the Settings of the Camera. Here, select a resolution and try to capture the image by increasing it.

Factory Data Reset

The factory data reset is also one of the most reliable ways to overcome the camera issue. At 2nd point, we have seen the clearing of cached data of the camera. But, what if the issue is still stagnant even after doing so? Sometimes, the cached data of another app also creates such issues. So, in that situation, try to figure out the issue with the factory data reset.

But, before you proceed with the process, do not forget to take a backup of the data. Because it will erase all the data that you have stored on the mobile.

  • Go to the Settings of your LG G5 smartphone.
  • Then, go to the Backup and Reset option by scrolling the display.
  • Here, tap on the option of Factory Data Reset.
  • On the next display, in the end, you should see the Reset Phone option. Tap on it to proceed.
  • As you tap on it, the next screen will last time prompt you to take your confirmation to do so. Here, again allow the system by saying YES.
  • As you tap on it, the Factory Data Reset process will start its work.

You have to wait until the process gets completed. As soon as the process is completed, now try to use the camera app. It should work well. If the same issue is still there, then there is nothing to do except move forward with the next one. 

Visit the LG Service center near your location

After trying tricks, if you are at the same stage where you were, then this is the ultimate process. This could be the best solution to solve the LG G5 Camera blur rather than trying all the others. Which, you have to take this LG G5 device to the LG Authorised Service Center. From there, you will get the right conclusion. If your device is under warranty, then you may get a replacement based on the issue.

In the end, we hope that you will get the proper troubleshooting LG G5 Camera Blurry issue. If you find this guide useful on TheAndroidPortal, then also share it with your friends and groups.

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