With the wipe cache partition option, your smartphone will automatically delete all temporary file and fragmented data. This is an interesting function for the Android smartphone because sometimes you might facing issue with apps crash like Facebook crashing on a device, some Google Play store errors due to residual files on your device. By clearing cache partition on your device, your device will remove those temp and residual files and make your device function well. You can only delete these file by using this wipe cache data function. 

Wipe cache partition on Any Android Smartphones

By clearing cache partition on your device, your device will remove those temp and residual files and make your device function well. You can only delete these file by using this wipe cache data function. So if you are looking for How to Wipe Cache Partition on Android? Here we are going to explain to you How to Clear Cache Partition on any Android smartphone.

Wipe cache partition on Galaxy S5 & other Samsung Smartphones

wipe cache partition on galaxy s5
How to Clear Cache Partition Galaxy S5

Step 1:  First of all, turn off your Samsung Galaxy S5 smartphone
Step 2:  Now press & hold following keys: Power button + Home button +Volume up button
Step 3: Once your phone vibrates, release the “Power” button but keep holding  “Home” and “Volume Up” button
Step 4: Now, select “wipe cache partition” option by using volume up and down button
Step 5: To select “wipe cache partition” option, just press the power button (This process takes only a few minutes ) after completing this process you can see the same menu again on screen
Step 6: Now, you have to select “reboot system now” option by using the power button, and your phone will automatically restart, and now you have wiped your cache partition data on your Galaxy S5 device.

This works on most of the Samsung smartphones, if this is not working for your Samsung device, check out other option or leave your comment in comment section.

Clear Cache Partition on Moto G smartphone

Step 1: Turn off your Moto G

Clear Cache Partition Moto G smartphone

Step 2: Now you have to press and hold volume down button & power on/off button,(after few seconds release the both button)
Step 3: In the boot option you have to select “Wipe cache/Factory reset menu” by using power button
Step 4: Your Moto G smartphone will automatically restart after few seconds.

Select“reboot system now” to start your phone. Now you have done, you can use this method on other Moto smartphones too.

Clear Cache Partition on Nexus 5

Step 1: Turn off your Nexus smartphone by using power button

Clear Cache Partition Nexus 5

Step 2: Now press and hold power button + volume down button
Step 2: Choose the “recovery mode” by using volume up and down button
Step 3: Press power button to select it
Step 4: When you see “Google” logo on the screen, press the Power button + Volume up buttons together
Step 5: Here you can see the few menu on the screen, now choose the “wipe cache partition” menu and press it by using the power button.

Check out below video on How to Wipe Cache Partition on Google Nexus 5.

How to clear cache data on Sony Xperia Z series(Z1, Z2, Z3)

Step 1: To clear cache data press and hold Power button and Volume up button few seconds

Wipe cache data partition
Clear Partition Cache Android

Step 2: Release both buttons when you feel slight vibration on your device
Step 3: Wait for few seconds then press the power to start your smartphone

Check out below video on How to Wipe Cache Partition on any Xperia Z series smartphones.

How to remove cache data on any Android 5.1 Lollipop OS

You can use clean master app that is perfect for wiping cache data efficiently from any smartphones. However, all device has a default setting to clear app cache, check out below option to clear cache on your smartphone.

Step 1: Go to “Setting” menu

clear cache data on any android
Clear Partition Cache Android

Step 2: Scroll down to storage menu button & tap on it
Step 3: In the Storage option, find “Cached data” button and press it
Step 4: After pressing it you can see new confirmation message on the screen
Step 5: Now select“Ok” button & you have done.

Here we have listed cleaning cache partition method for almost all companies smartphone. Tried all those methods & steps? Still, you are not able to wipe cache partition? Feel free to comment below with your device model number. We will find out the same for you and create a tutorial on this.


  1. I followed the instructions for the Galaxy S5 and other Samsung androids. It says the cache has cleared successfully but when I press the power button to reboot it shows an error message. The cache data hasn’t cleared and the original problem is still there.

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