This question is asked by one of our readers that he has tried to factory reset his device, but when he is trying to long press home key to go to task manager to close extra opened apps on a device, he was getting the error Process has stopped. He has tried everything including formatting device and hard reset three times also, but this problem is still happening; He has asked a mixed solution for this. Here in this article, we are going to discuss how you can fix Process has stopped.

UI Stopped and Android
Unfortunately the Process Android SystemUI has stopped

What is

This is a little bit serious problem, if this occurs occasionally, it can disable and your mobile, and it would not start again. File?, the same error is shown as “Unfortunately, the GUI system halted” Let’s see What Does System UI has stopped Mean and how to fix this. In this error entire User Interface of a device stops responding, sometimes it stay as it is and you can not do anything on your device.

Why Android SystemUI Has stopped happens?

Most of the Android smartphone users know that OS updates fix the bugs or problem that happens with the device. OS updates also help in improving the overall performance of the smartphone. Sometimes update may be infected because it does not get downloaded properly or installed correctly on your device.
So you can say, corrupted OS update may cause this Android, unfortunately, the process has stopped error.

Reason for System UI Stopped Error on Android

After installing any external apps

This might happen when you install apps from external source. This might affect your root or system necessary files, so if you are seeing UI System has stopped like error after installing any apps, you should uninstall it.
You can also re-install it to see that app was causing an issue. Mostly we have seen after installing any home screen launchers for Android. It is advised that the solution you should avoid using home screen launcher if your phone has little memory or RAM.

Custom ROM

This is the most common issue if you are rooting your device and changing it’s ROM to entirely different one. If you have not wiped cache data and forget that, this might be a possible cause of this error. Sometimes, ROM downloaded from the unreliable source, which has missed any system files. This would also be a likely cause of this error.
It is advised that you should reinstall or change your ROM to avoid this error continuously.  You should switch to a ROM or problems you did not restore the version of STOCK (original phone).

Are you Playing with System Files?

This is the biggest disadvantage of rooting any smartphone. You might have deleted some system files to save space on your device, but that was valuable data. Or you might have uninstalled system files on your device that you must not have to do.
The solution is that you should backup any system file that you are removing or system apps that you are planning to remove. This way, if such error occurs, you will be able to restore it later.
Fix The process has stopped
  • Update your phone with the latest firmware
  • Wipe Cache partition
  • Uninstall Google App on your device

Update your phone with the latest firmware

Usually updating the phone with the latest update will help you to fix other issues with the device. You can check for update from your phone and update your smartphone using steps.

  1. Go to setting of your device
  2. Scroll down to the bottom and find About phone
  3. Under Android version, you will find your version number
  4. You will see a check for update option from there, tap on it.

If there is an update available for your smartphone, you will see an update notification. Tap on it, so that update for your phone will be downloaded on your device.

Wipe Cache partition

Wiping cache partition on your device will slightly refresh your phone. This will not only fix your android system ui error but also fix other play store related errors on your smartphone. Follow the steps below to wipe cache partition on your smartphone.

  1. Turn off your smartphone
  2. Press volume up + Home + Power buttons together and hold
  3. You will see wipe cache partition option on your phone

Most of the smartphone have this setting to wipe cache partition. However those above option does not work for you, check out wipe cache partition option for any Android phone from here.

Uninstall Google App from device

We have researched in few forums like Samsung, Android Central where users have reported about this. Usually, Google app was causing the issue on their device, and this error has disappeared when they have uninstalled Google app from their phone.

If you are not sure, check this app, if installed on your device, uninstall it. And reboot your phone. Your issue will be fixed. This was all about How to Fix System UI has stopped, do let us know in the comment below or ask in forum section your question if this has not resolved your problem.

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  1. After rooting , I have uninstalled some important system app . My phone isn’t starting and even if it is starting once in a while I am not able to access anything. The notification- has stopped- appears multiple times in a second . Due to that i am not able to do anything. I don’t have any backup too. How can i solve this problem ? I have tried methods such as hard reset , factory rest , flashing , installing custom ROM ,rebooting etc but to no Avail .My device is Gionee Pioneer P4 . But none of them have worked . Please suggest me some valid and useful solution.

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