If you are looking for how to Fix an MTP Application Error in Samsung Galaxy S, here, you will find a quick solution it. First of all, let’s understand what the MTP application error on a Samsung Galaxy Phone is.

Most Samsung Galaxy users have reported that whenever they try to connect their device to a computer or laptop, they see an “initializing” message on the screen instead of connecting to their PC. Also, the device’s screen continues to flicker till the phone gets “locked.”

The flickering issue persists when you unlock your device, and the “initializing” message is still there. If you have faced this issue before, here is a quick guide on how to fix Samsung Galaxy Error Messages for MTP application errors.

How to Solve MTP Application Error:

  • When you see this error, close the Samsung Kies software from your computer.
  • Now disconnect your device from a computer. Go to Applications> Settings > About Phone > USB Settings > Select the Mass Storage option from earlier Samsung Kies.
  • Now come back to the home screen and connect the device to the desktop or Laptop. Your computer would show two removable drivers( one is for an SD card, and another would be for internal memory)
  • Now you would need File Searcher for Kies and extract the file to your desktop. Once you extract the file, you will see the application file. Now run that, so one dialogue box will be opened to search for files.

Fix MTP Application-Error in-Samsung Galaxy-S Easily

  • Select both your removable drives for the SD card and internal memory from there. It would show you the file’s long path causing Samsung Galaxy S Error Messages.
  • Delete all those files that show there by going to the location provided there. Now after deleting those files, disconnect your phone from the computer. Now again, go to Applications> Settings> About Phone and select Samsung Kies from USB Settings.
  • Now again, connect your Samsung Galaxy S device to a computer, and you will find it has successfully connected to a laptop or computer.

If you see the MTP error still is there, there is no other option, but it might be possible if you reset your device to restore the factory setting.

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