If you are using Google Apps Store to download and install apps on your device, it automatically install it on your device. You don’t have to do anything. Just tap on install button on apps page and that app will gets automatically downloaded & installed. But what if you want to install external games and app to your device? Well you can Install External Apps on Android using PC commands. Or you can follow the tutorial explained below to learn How to Install Apps manually.

How to Install External Apps & Games On Android Smartphones

1.Fiirst of all, open your system setting from device and go to security menu.

2. You will see there device administrator option, below that you will find unknown source.

3. Check the box and now you will be able to install any external APK files to your device.

Install APK files using Dropbox:

Dropbox is the best cloud file storage service, we can store all type of files on it. All you have to do is download files to your computer or smartphone, move it to dropbox folder. After sys open that APK file from your Dropbox folder. It will automatically get install as regular installs.

Install using APK Installer android Apps:

You may use APK installer app, from Google Play Store. You can search for APK installer and you will find lots of APK file installer app from there. Few examples are APK Manager or Clean master etc or .

Install APK using commands:

if you are want to install APK files from your computer, you can use command prompt and android SDK tool.You need to enable USB debugging on the phone itself (by starting the Settings application and selecting Applications > Development > USB Debugging), install the Android USB device driver if you haven’t already (Windows only), and then plug the phone into your computer using the USB cable that came with the phone. Read more..

Install APK file from File Manager:

You can use Astro File Manager to install non-google play store app on your device. It has App manager, that will install that file on your device.

Here we have listed method to Install External Apps on Android, do let us know if you are facing any issue in installing apps on your smartphones.