Android phones with quick charge technology can be charged faster after Qualcomm made a quick turn in technology. A decade ago, you had to place your mobile phone in charging for 1-2 hours so that it can be charged full to 100% but after quick charging technology, the scenario was completely changed.

All the latest mobile phone models are now built-in quick charge technology and support fast charging or quick charging for the best user experience. Users can quickly charge their phone within less possible time. You can not use any generic charger with your smartphone to quick charge, but you must have the best fast chargers for android phones to enable quick charging options. Also if you are fond of traveling in a car, you must use a fast car charger to have your phone quickly charged.

Hence we have listed a few of the best fast chargers for android mobiles which you can use to charge your mobile smartphones faster if you have lost your original charger.

Best Fast Charger For Android Phones

We will categorize fast chargers into three main categories based on the USB port that mobile phones support.

Fast charger Adapters

Most mobile phones nowadays also come with USB type C charging support and if you have a device with a Type-C port, you may probably require fast android chargers that support type C cable. Also, you may have seen a micro USB charging port with a few Samsung mobile phones. You can use any of the below android fast charger adapters for the same.

USB Type C Fast charger Adapter

This portable Type C fast charging adapter may be useful for apple devices and below are a few recommendations on USB-C Power Adapters that support fast charging.

Fast Car chargers

If you are fond of traveling in your car & you have an android phone that supports quick or fast charging, you can buy the fastest android phone charger for your car to get your device quickly charged to 100%.

Fast Wireless Chargers

If your mobile smartphone supports wireless charging and you are looking for a speed charger for android for wireless charging, you may consider the below options as well.

Related Questions about Fast Charger

Most smartphone users may have questions about the fast chargers for cell phones and we will try to cover them below.

Is fast-charging bad for Android battery life?

Absolutely not, if your device supports fast charging you only have to worry about your phone when it gets overheated. An overheated device will damage your phone’s battery & you might consider replacing your battery or getting your phone to the nearest service center to prevent your device from overheating.

How do I fix slow charging?

If you see your phone is slowly charging, no need to worry. But in case your device has fast charging or quick charging supported and still, you see your device is slowly charging, you may consider buying a new fast-charging android charger adapter.

Do fast charging apps really work?

Actually, no & they will not affect the charging speed of your mobile phones but they save battery quite a bit so that your device gets charged a little faster than usual. Most of those apps close background running apps that consume a battery lot resulting in battery drain. So closing background apps will help battery charging faster.

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We hope this article on the best fast charger for android phones has helped you, if you have any questions about them, you may feel free to leave your comment below in the comments section.

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