With the help of the smartphone, you can check emails, use social sites, and more. Some inside features of the smartphone are also useful. Like Auto Sync, Alarms, Sound settings, system updates, hardware-software Information, and more. But, the feature of auto sync quietly becomes a reason for the battery drain. So, it is advantageous for all users to disable autosync on Android. For new users, here we are coming up with a topic of how to disable auto sync on any Android.

What is Auto Sync

Auto Sync means your device’s apps will sync online and get the latest update of apps, notifications, or anything new on that app. Suppose Gmail syncs online to fetch your latest email, download the latest Gmail app update from Play Store, etc.

It does not mean that the auto-sync is not useful. The feature of auto-sync is useful for such Android apps as Gmail, and Android contact syncing. In Gmail, the auto-sync connects to Gmail servers to fetch your new emails from your Gmail account. But, due to the constant connection with the server during auto-syncing, it results in the battery draining. Also, it is continuously using mobile internet data. So, it is considered a wise decision if you disable the auto-sync feature.

How to Disable Autosync

How To Disable Autosync Android Phones

To turn off the auto-sync Android device, you will have to follow the below procedure.

  • First of all, unlock the device and launch the menu from the phone.
  • Then, go to the Accounts option through the Settings.

How to Disable Autosync Android

  • After that, go to the option of Google. That option contains all the Google accounts.
  • Then, find out the Auto Sync option. Now, deselect that option.

This process will allow auto-syncing to sync all your data with your Google account. However, if you want specific data to be synced with your Google account, you can check out the video below. Which we have taken an example of syncing phone contacts with a Google account, you can enable specific items like Gmail, Picasa web album, Google Keep, etc.

After following the above procedure, the auto-sync feature is going to be disabled. After disabling it, you don’t worry about the battery draining and mobile data. We hope that this discussion will be useful to you. If it is, then also share it with others, who complain about the fast battery drain. Do share this article if you think it has helped you.

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