The smartphone and tablet devices are one of the most necessary things for the people right now. By using which, people can fulfill their most of the requirements. Mostly the people choose those smart devices, which runs on Android OS. But, after some time of using the Android mobiles, there are some problems occurs. The problems like a touch response problem, low response, battery drain problem, Hanging problem, etc. There are so many reasons behind all the problems. So, here we will discuss some individual ideas and solution of android system battery drain problem.

For all the Android users, the Android system battery drain is the most known problem. There is also some reasons behind this familiar problem of the Android system. So, for your kind information, here we will discuss some certain and possible reasons of battery draining.

Best Solution For Android System Battery Drain -

If there are so many apps are running in the background of the device at a time, it causes this problem. Sometimes it happens that you are busy with any other app and you do not have an idea that many apps are running. Those unnecessary background apps cause the problem of battery overheating, which are active in the background of Android device.

Due to the over streaming of videos and any other contents, the battery drain happens. When you are watching movies and videos continuously on your phone, device have to take more work from the processor. It will consume more battery power and makes your device gets warmer. In the case of HD videos or movies playing on the device, the possibility of an overheating device is high.

The Play Store is a place at which users can easily find all the suitable games for their devices. But, if you are fond of playing heavy games then be careful. Because some HD games require more power & graphics to run on the device. So, the playing games constantly can be another of the reasons for battery drain. The internet connection is also needed for some of the games, using data connections or Wi-Fi connectivity. This types of games also consume extreme battery power and make your device warmer. 

Due to the bad battery or unsuitable battery, this problem can also occur. If your device battery is dropped into water, then is also be a reason for this problem. The battery drain problem also comes to the device when the Android device is continuously in use. If there are some problems with the charger of the device, it also makes device heated. Some defects of hardware and software also give an invitation to battery drain problem.

But, here we are coming with the most suitable solutions to fix the android system battery drain problem.

The best option for Android System Battery Drain

We will discuss some easy solutions to get rid of battery draining problem for all devices in general. By using which, you can easily solve the problem of battery overheating and draining.

By using an App

This is the best solution to fix the problem of android system battery drain. In this solution, we recommend an app. The app which is called as Greenify, by using which you can resolve the problem. The Greenify app is readily available at the Google Play Store with free of cost.

The app also has good user ratings of 4.4 out of 5.0. The most important thing is that the Greenify app is easily compatible with all the Android devices.

Greenify app

By using the Greenify app, your Android smartphone device will run smoothly. It also shows you that which apps are running in the background. It will also give info about the which app is consuming more battery power. It also helps you to know that which app make your device slower.

So, it is a perfect app, which never lets your device down due to the battery drain problem. But, the required Android OS system for this app is 4.1 or more.

Developer: Oasis Feng
Price: Free

You can also use some task killer apps for your device, which helps you to close unwanted background task from your smartphone.

By Changing Android OS Settings

To improve the battery life of your Android device, first of all, set the brightness at the lower setting. This is an efficient fix for battery draining. The next step should be taken by you is that turn off the location and GPS of your device whenever it is in not use.

It will save battery power. If the GPS is turned on unnecessarily, then it is a bigger reason for battery draining. We also recommend that put out the data connection of device after the using internet.

To get rid of this problem, you can also activate the battery saver on Android. To do so, just follow the below easy steps on your Android device.

How to enable Battery Saver on Android

  • First of all, go to the option of “Battery” by going into the “Settings” of your Android device.
  • Here, you can see the three dots at the top right corner of the screen. Now tap on that.
  • It will show you the options. Among them, select an option of “Battery saver.”

Battery saver on

  • Then, just touch on the slider given in the display, which is opened after tapping on the battery saver option.

Similar graph observed for Google play services. You might see Google play services battery drain graph like shown above.

Most of the device has built-in battery saver option. However, if your device does not have any such feature, try some other battery saver apps on your device.

By Checking the Device

As we discussed ago that the hardware and software problems also invite the battery draining. It is also necessary that test the hardware and software of your Android device. After the proper checking, may the battery problem resolve.

Check for updates from setting option, if your device gets any OTA update. If there is any, try updating your smartphone with latest firmware version so that it will have fewer issues.

By Avoiding Playing Games & Videos

If you do not play heavy games, then automatically the device will consume less battery power. When you are continuously watching HD videos, it consumes maximum battery power.

So, it is good to look at the videos with lower brightness as well as lower resolution. By disabling the unneeded apps, functions, and features, you can also save maximum battery power.

By Replacing the Battery

Even after applying all the fixes, still, your device battery draining is continuing, then try this solution. Just replace your old battery by a new one. It will quickly resolve all the battery related problems. You can also buy the new suitable battery device for your Android smartphone.

In this discussion, we have mentioned the possible reasons as well as their fixes to stop battery draining. If you are facing any of the reason of battery draining, then we hope that this discussion will be useful to you.