Did you buy the new phone with fast charging support? This is when you should get familiar with fast charging and how it works. So, in this post, The Android Portal will explain every possible aspect of fast charging.

In today’s technological world, every user chooses smartphones by examining key features like screen size, processor, camera, etc. But the new hardware feature that every brand has started offering in the market is fast charging.

Everyone wants to have a smartphone that charges in minutes rather than hours. To fulfil the buyer’s needs, almost every brand has launched the latest phones in the market with all-new fast-charging hardware feature integration.

But the question is, what is fast charging? The answer is pretty simple. To know the answer to this question, just read our article until the end. Let’s cut the jargon and start with this post’s primary motive to explore everything now.

What Is Fast Charging?

What is Fast Charging And How Does It Work.

Fast charging is the new rapid charging standard and technology that offers a superior charging experience to the charging standards found on old-generation smartphones. To take the charging experience further to the next level, the manufacturers have now started mentioning numbers like 80% charging in 30 minutes and more.

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It means you need to charge your phone once a day and enjoy everything all day long. No one has time to wait for long hours to charge their phones up to 100. One more thing here is fast charging works without affecting the battery’s performance. In other words, your phone will get charged in 30 minutes, but this will last considering the battery rating of your phone, which is the same as in old gen phones.

Also, to get all the benefits, you need fast-charging chargers available in the market to serve this purpose. The standard USB port sends 2.5W power to your device, while a fast charger serves 5W power to your device. But there are 10W, 20W, 50W, 100W, and other fast charger variants available as well. So, it’s time to change the USB port into a compatible fast charger for your smartphone.

Before we jump on how fast charging works? First, we will discuss some Fast Charging Standards so that the matter becomes more apparent.

Some Fast Charging Standards

USB Power Delivery

As you know, the standard USB cable supports 2.5W power to your device, which is not enough to charge a device in minutes. USB-PD options come into the market to serve this purpose, which offers a maximum output of 100W. Not all smartphones need to support fast charging; it depends on the charger and the USB cable.

Samsung Adaptive Fast Charging

Samsung Adaptive Fast Charging is an in-built feature in all Galaxy series. This feature offers a maximum output of 18W, and its charging speed switches according to the battery’s longevity.

One Plus Wrap Charging

Wrap charging is a fantastic feature in all One Plus devices. It delivers a maximum output of 30W, which is much higher than the other standard units.

Oppo Super VOOC Charging

Oppo VOOC charging is a fantastic feature in Oppo devices, which delivers maximum output standards of 50W.

Many companies do not have their fast charging feature. These companies use USB-PD or Qualcomm Quick Charge for fast charging.

Now, that we have covered the basics, it’s time for us to start exploring the more in-depth concept by knowing how fast charging works in this new tech era.

How does Fast Charging work?

Fast charging is a combination of both physics and chemistry solutions. Fast charging can also be depicted as Amperage * Voltage =Watts.

Confused? Don’t worry; we will explain more about it.

Every smartphone contains a battery, and every battery delivers power to your device in a more or less way. So, according to the above equation, the most crucial charging component is Amperage. Amperage is the current that flows from one device to another, from the battery to your phone or any other device. While Voltage is the speed of the current, and watts are the unit of current.

Combining all the equations, the fast chargers and compatible smartphones available in the market work together to offer you a speedy charging experience without waiting for hours to get your phone charged.

To simplify, simply know that fast-charging-enabled phones can handle high-power charging supplies. And, when you plug in a high-wattage rating charging adapter to it, your device receives as much charging supply as it can handle.

As a result, your battery gets charged within minutes instead of hours. You get a better-than-ever charging experience on your smartphone.

Final Words

Charging technology and standards are getting more and more advanced day by day. Manufacturers Are working continuously on raising the charging speed and experience for users.

So, in the next few years, fast charging speed will also be one of the standard hardware features in all smartphones. And USB-PD is used as the standard of charging.

Here the guide ends with everything about fast charging. Thanks for your precious time. We hope this article clears your vision related to fast charging. For more updates, follow us on The Android Portal and stay tuned.

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