Every Android user has stored some important and secret files or media on their devices. They have stored such kinds of files for one or more purposes. Sometimes it is necessary to hide some important files from others. And that’s why nowadays all the devices come with some features by which you can hide such files using lock screen apps.

Those features allow you to hide files or media from the person who is sometimes using your phone. More than that, some sources also offer you some hide apps for Android devices. Here, we are also discussing the best App Hider for Android Apps.

These apps allow you to hide everything including the app, images, videos, contacts, documents, and more. So, now take a look at the discussion and keep hiding your files from untrustworthy persons.

Best App Hider for Android

We have listed the best apps to hide files and apps on your Android smartphone in this article. You don’t need any launchers to hide apps on your device. Check out the below listicle to find out the best application hider for Android smartphones and tablet devices.

Hide It Pro App

The Hide It Pro app is also known as the Audio Manager app. This app hiding application is readily available at the Google Play Store to download and install on your phone. After installing this app on your phone, it will ask you to set up the protection while opening this app.

Here, you are free to set up the security either with the PIN or the Password. After setting up the protection, now you can get this app on the device.

Now, to hide any files or data, just open the file on the Android mobile. Then, go to the Share options, which show you all the available sharing options. Select the option of Audio Manager. Then, on the next display, the app prompts you to where you want to hide this file.

Choose the appropriate location to cover up the file in the Audio Manager app. Once the data comes into this app, then it will automatically be hidden from the app drawer. This Hide It Pro or Audio Manager app has received a 4.4-star rating out of 5 stars.

With the help of this app, you are free to hide all the sensitive files on your device. Like images, videos, messages, call logs, documents, music, and more.

It also allows you to hide the apps from others, but for that, Root access is a must. If you do not have an idea that what is root access,  then do not try to hide apps using this app. Because, due to that, there may be some problems occur in the device.

Features of the Hide It Pro or Audio Manager App:

  • Secure Protection to get access to the Hidden content
  • Hide images, videos, messages, call logs, documents, music, and more
  • Root access needed to hide the apps in this app
  • Content is automatically removed from its previous location after hiding in this app
Hide Photos, Video and App Loc
Hide Photos, Video and App Loc

App Hider

The App Hider is one of the best apps to hide sensitive apps on your smartphone or tablet device. The interesting thing about this app is that it is a launcher that will help you to hide the apps. After hiding any of the apps, the app icon also disappears from the launcher. You can hide all the apps that you don’t want to show to others.

From the Play Store, you can readily download this application. It is available there with user ratings of around 3.0 out of 5.0. To download this app, you don’t need to pay, because it is a free app.

After installing the app, it shows you all the installed apps in the list. In front of all the apps, there is one box is given to you. Now, you can tap on that box to hide the separate apps using this App Hider. You can use this app on your mobile without having any root access.

To run this app on the phone, the Android OS must be running on more than 4.1 and more. As we also discussed ago that this app works as a Launcher. The default PIN in this app will be 0000. However, you can change it later whenever needed after configuring this.

Features of the App Hider Application:

  • Works as one type of Launcher which also hides the apps
  • To hide app using this app, just tick the box
  • Does not need the Root access
App Hider
App Hider
Developer: Geogreenapps
Price: Free

Hide App Application

The Hide App application allows you to hide the app icon on your smartphone. Any Android users can download this app from the Google Play Store. It is freely available here to download. It comes with such high compatibility with all the latest Android phones.

The Hide app has a good user rating which is around 3.9 out of 5.0. But, to use this app on your smartphone, your device must have root access. This app will not work on non-rooted smartphones.

After downloading this app, it prompts you to check whether the device has root access or not. The prompts come with a message as Check ROOT Available. If you know about the rooting of the device, then allow it to do whatever they want to do. If you don’t, then not. The icon of the app will disappear from the launcher, after hiding it using this app. The app comes with a simple user interface and is easy to use.

To protect the hiding content safely, it also offers you PIN Lock. This app also supports Auto Backup and Restore. By mistake, if this app is uninstalled by you, at that time this feature will help you.

It will automatically backup and restore all the hiding apps with the reinstallation of the app on the phone. By using this app, you will be able to hide more than one app at a time.

Features of the Hide App Application:

  • It will help you to hide the app icon from the Launcher
  • Comes with the high compatibility
  • Root access must be needed
  • Protect the hiding content from the untrustworthy using the PIN lock
  • Supports Auto Backup and Restore feature
  • Hide more than one app at a time on the mobile

DU Privacy Vault App

The DU Privacy Vault is another hiding app for Android devices. This app comes with lots of features by which you can protect even a small document. By using this app, you can lock or hide your separate apps from others.

By going into the App Lock feature option, you can do it. Also of that, it also permits you to hide the image files, video files, and more. For more security, you can also lock all the files with the password. The app can easily encrypt and hide all the videos on social networking sites.

The DU Privacy app also allows you to change the Password. It has two options to set the password, one is Pattern Lock, and another is Passcode Lock. If you want to hide the calls, then this app will also help you a lot.

To do so, just add the number that you want to hide, and you are done. It also gives you three options to do so. You can add the number from the call log, from the Contacts, and manually.

This app also has a Break-in Alert feature. This feature will help you when the lock attempts failed by an unknown person. It will automatically capture the photo of that person.

You can check it after, by going into Break-in alert option. This app will provide the perfect protection security to all of your apps and files as well. To download this app, just visit the Play Store.

Features of the DU Privacy Vault App:

  • App Lock feature allows you to lock and hide the app
  • Hide Image Files, Video Files, Phone Calls, and more
  • Has Break-in Alert feature to protect the device from the strangers
  • Set password either in the form of Pattern or Passcode

App Icon Hider Application

As the name suggests, the App Icon Hider will hide the apps from the menu of the smartphone. This app is readily available at the Play Store. It is easily compatible with all the latest android tablets and smartphones.

You will be able to download and install this app free of cost. By using this app, you can hide some basic apps from strangers and bad friends. Like Gallery, Facebook, Messages, Whatsapp, File Manager, Gmail, Hike, MX Player, and more.

To use this app, your smartphone must be running on Android OS 4.0 or more than it. This app-protecting application will not take up more space on your device because it comes with lesser size.

To hide the app, just tick the icon of the app. After that, it is going to hide. To unhide the hidden apps, once again just tick the icon, and it is done. There is no need for root access to use this app on your smartphone.

This app has a simple and attractive user interface. By using this app, you can uninstall the apps by just long-press on the icon. All the hidden apps are protected by a password. It also permits you to change the old password by entering the new one.

Features of the App Icon Hider Application:

  • High compatibility with all the Android smart devices
  • Hide necessary apps from the strangers like Gallery, Facebook, Messages, Whatsapp, File Manager, Gmail
  • Hide and Unhide the apps by just ticking on it
  • Comes with a simple User Interface
  • Allows you to change the Pattern password to make the password more secure
App Icon Hider
App Icon Hider
Developer: Rythmic Apps LLP
Price: Free

Hide App

The Hide App is an application that can not hide any apps on the launcher of the mobile. Even after this, the Hide App will be one of the best useful apps for you. This app will help you to hide the apps from the list of recently opened apps.

To use this app on your Android device, you do not need root access. It will work superbly on your mobile without any permissions.

We know that, after opening any apps from the phone, it shows you in the recently opened apps list. But, if you do not want to see that to others, then use this Hide app.

It will help you a lot to do so. However, some Google apps will not work properly using this hide application. Like Google, Gmail, Google Maps, YouTube, and more.

By using this app, you can also change the text color, text background color, and icon background color. Also of that, you can also share this app using various sources of Social Media.

Features of the Hide App:

  • No need for Root Access
  • No need of Permissions to work
  • Hide the apps from the list of the recently opened apps securely and safely
  • Allows you to change the color of the text as well as the background
  • Easy sharing option to share the app with someone using Social Networking Sites and other sources

We hope you liked this recommendation by The Android Portal Team; please let us know if you are already using any of the apps or if we have missed any apps on this list. Share your views in the comment section below.

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