Want to extract audio from video on Android phones or tablets? The Android Portal is back with a list of the best applications from the Play Store that can help you do so easily like a pro.

In today’s era, mobile applications play an essential role in everyone’s life. There are so many apps that do unique and different things and perform better. So, today in our article, we are going to discuss some best mobile apps through which you can extract audio from video on Android phones and tablets.

Of course, the scenario is possible with impressive mobile applications in just a few steps. So, if you are on the same boat and want to know everything about such apps, then read our article further to get all the information.

Sometimes while watching movies or videos, we are thinking of extracting audio from the video because we are fond of the background music and want to get this background music and use ringtone and other purposes. To serve these purposes, most users search for useful apps and the ways to extract audio from videos on Android platform.

Thanks to mobile applications available on Play Store, it’s easier than you think to extract audio from MP4 videos on Android phones and tablets.

With these impressive mobile applications, you can create funny memes by adding background music or with funny sounds. To know more about these applications, scroll down the list, and read about the best apps. So, let’s begin without wasting a minute.

Best Apps To Extract Audio from Video On Android

There are so many android apps available on the Google play store for separating audio from video. Here are few cool apps that allow you to get audio from video in few easy steps.

Video To MP3 Converter

Video To MP3 Cutter is the most impressive app on our list for every Android use with the mentioned purposes. The app is totally free; that’s why you can do whatever you want with its impressive and cool features. It efficiently extracts high-quality audio songs from the movies and videos.

Video To MP3 Converter.

The user interface is simple, and it supports a wide range of other features like fast video conversions, quick audio conversions, etc. The app also supports MP3 cutter and ringer and bitrate of up to 320 kb/s. Most of the MP3 converter lets you rip audio from video easily.

You can also make the ringtone from your favorite music by using its MP3 feature. Overall, it’s an excellent app for cutting video files. Overall, it’s one of the best apps to extract audio from video on Android phones or tablets.

Video to MP3 Converter
Video to MP3 Converter
Developer: accountlab
Price: Free

Video To MP3 Converter And Compressor

Video to MP3 Converter And Compressor is another one of the versatile and user-friendly apps on our list to serve the purpose of audio extraction from videos.

All features of the app are totally free, which includes a video converter, video compressor, and video trimmer. To maintain the quality and sound of the audio, this app is perfect. Through this app, you can easily convert the video in the MP4 to mp3 and enjoy the running background music.

Video To MP3 Converter And Compressor

Furthermore, the app supports all video and audio formats, including HD video, HTML5 video, MP4, MOV, MKV, and others.

Not only does it extract audio from video, but you can also enjoy its other features like trim, cut, reverse, slow motion, rotation, etc. With this application, you can also compress video clips in high quality and also adjust the audio frequency according to your liking level.

Video To MP3 Converter By Inshot

Video To MP3 Converter is one of the fastest video converter and video trimmer apps we have on our list. It not only converts video to MP3 or MP4 but also merges music to create the best ringtone.

With the Fast video feature, you can trim and extract high-quality videos and audios, respectively. It is the only powerful converter on our list that converts 15 audio at the same time.

Video To MP3 Converter By Inshot

Moreover, it supports almost all audio and video formats like MP4, MKV, acc, FLAC, etc. A video cutter is also a great option in this application, which helps trim or cut your favourite clips quickly. It also supports a bitrate of up to 320kb/s, and it is a simple and powerful application with all features in one.

Audio Extractor

Audio Extractor is the most popular and user-friendly application on our list. The application is unique because it not only extracts audio from the video but applies the extracted audio to another video as well.

The app is straightforward to use, which allows you to extract, cut, and trim audio from the video. The audio can be extracted in multiple formats like MP3, aac, or wav format, all up to you and your liking to choose from these.

Audio Extractor

Moreover, thanks to its audio trimmer, that allows you to use the trimmed audio from any video files. Its change audio feature is also amazing, which enables you to change the original sound of the video.

Overall, it’s an impressive application to extract audio from video on Android phones or tablets for those who want audio without any publishing mark.


Timbre is one of the useful apps for editing and cutting songs and videos. The app is designed beautifully and is completely free for all users. With this app, you can perform all the features like edit, trim, cut merge, etc. under one roof.

With the Timbre app, you can easily cut the favorite video song or clip or the solo audio. It not only supports MP3 or MP4 formats but also supports other formats of audio and video files.


Furthermore, you can easily merge the MP3 sounds or the videos together. There is no limit to combine the files at once; you can combine as many as you can. With the timbre application, you can also convert the video files into GIF formats.

Thanks to its audio/video splitter feature through which you can quickly split the files into two parts. You can also cut the middle part of the video or audio with its Audio/Video omitter feature. Overall, it’s another one of the best apps to extract audio from video on Android phones or tablets.

MP4, MP3 video Audio Cutter, Trimmer And Convertor

MP4, MP3 video Audio Cutter is the fastest audio editor app on our list. With this application, you can easily cut, trim, and convert both audio and video files. It supports all the formats for trim and cut audio and video files like MP#, MP$, MKV, AAC, AVI, AC3, etc. While on the other hand, it also supports all the conversion video to audio formats and vice-versa.

MP4, MP3 video Audio Cutter, Trimmer And Convertor

The app comes with three unique features: audio conversion, video cutter, and video compression. The audio conversion section features help in cutting and trimming of audio. The video cutter section performs cutting and trimming videos. The video to the audio section helps in converting and compressing the video to audio. Overall, it’s a free and excellent app for all professional and beginner Android users.

Audio Video Mixer Video Cutter Video to MP3 App

Audio Video Mixer is the last and the best free app in our list to extract audio from video on Android phones or tablets, which fulfils all the needs of extracting audio from video. The app is unique and impressive because it not only extracts audio from video but also changes the background music of the video. This video editor is somewhere like Timbre, through which you can easily add your favourite music to any audio or video.

Audio Video Mixer Video Cutter Video to MP3 App

The app uses a simple interface for fulfilling all the basic requirements of the users. With this video editor, you can trim the favorite part of the music and listen to it anywhere anytime. Apart from all, you can all make ringtones from the music and use it as a caller tune. So, download this app and fulfil all your requirements.

Final Words

So, those are the best apps to extract audio from video on Android phones or tablets. Well, there are plenty of other apps available on Google Play store, but we find these best for you.

Thanks for spending your time and reading this post. We hope you choose the best app for your purposes from the above list. For more latest articles, do follow us and stay tuned with us on the website, The Android Portal.