All mobile or smartphone users have some personal data or files saved on their devices. Sometimes when you have stored something important file on your device, you don’t want other people to look into your personal saved folders.  But, now you don’t worry about this article, which is related to your problem. Here, we will discuss How to hide pictures and videos on your Android smartphone device. Set a password on your device for your data, it is one of the popular and famous methods to don’t want to show the data.

How do you hide pictures and videos?

Here, we will suggest some methods for keeping your data safe from your family members and friends. But before that, the ES File Explorer must be downloaded and installed on your Android smartphone. You can also use any other File Manager like ASTRO File Manager to rename files on your Android smartphones.

How to Hide Files on Android

Method – 1  Renaming Folder as.Folder

With the help of this file-protected method, you can conceal a large number of files at once, and no apps can access these hidden files. Now, we will mention easy steps for hiding files on your smartphone.

  • First of all, create a hidden folder and put all the files in this hidden folder.
  • Then, you have to need of creating a new folder in the ES File Explorer.
  • At the time of naming the folder, as the first letter, you have to add a “.” (dot).
  • After doing it, your new folder will be named “.Folder”.
  • Then, click on done button to create it folder.

Now after following the above steps, you are done with a new hidden folder. With the help of this method, you can hide much of the data including the folder which is created recently.

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Method – 2 Renaming Folder as .nomedia

Rename Folder as Nomedia on Android

Now, we will describe the next method to hide pictures and videos on your Android tablets. This method is only applicable for only for media files, which means only media files can be hidden with the help of this method. By using this method, we will only hide the data which is now present in the folder. So, this method is as under.

  • First of all, open your file manager installed on your device.
  • Now, open that folder in which the media files have been saved and you surely want to hide it.
  • After that, make a new file instead of a folder. 
  • Now, give the name to that file as it is “.nomedia”.

After doing the above steps, the media contents or files will be hidden in the folder. If you are looking for an Android App That Hides Pictures, you can simply use this method to hide your important stored files on your smartphones.

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Method – 3 Use of Other Popular Android Apps to Hiding Files

In this method, we will mention some Android apps, which are very helpful in hiding pictures and videos. But, these Android apps will consume your internal memory space or SD card space. It may also make your smartphone performance slow.

One of the best Android apps for hiding files is Androidgnito. This app will come with some great features. Some other Android apps are listed below, which easily work with your device.

  1. Vaulty – You can put individual images and videos safely.
  2. Hide It Pro – You can Hide Apps,  Games, pictures, videos, messages, etc.( This is the Best App for Hiding Videos)
  3. Vault App – You can hide SMS, videos, images, and apps from Android. You can also hide Facebook messages using this app.
  4. KeepSafe Vault – In this app, you can hide all personal images and videos.
  5. AppLock – We have reviewed this app in detail in the below video. You can also get an idea of how you can hide files using this app.

All these apps are free on Google Play Store. You can check them out from the Google Play Store. We hope that this article on how to hide files in Android helped you to hide pictures and videos on your smartphone device. Do share it to help us to grow.

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