Nowadays, people mostly used to Android phones. With the use of people play games, listening music, watch movies or video, record a voice or music, Facebook, WhatsApp, Instagram and do other activities on android phone.

Many people use the music recording app, with use of this app they can record their voice and music than they share on social media. Nowadays Android unit is really powerful for people.
Best Music Recording app for Android

Let’s we see, some best music recording app for android

Best Music Recording app for Android

Voice Recorder

Voice Recorder Android application is free for download. This app is simple to use. A user can easily record their lectures, notes, meetings, songs, interview, etc. This application is mostly used for record voice and music.This application has no limit for a record. This application is the best choice for user’s voice, music or other recorded.
Voice RecorderVoice recorder is recording any items of high quality. This application supports the new features. This app recorded files save in mp3 and Ogg format. It gives the play, pause, stop button options. A user can easily save and delete their voice recorded. You can easily share your voice or music record on other app or social media.

This app does not support to call record. User can also do live audio spectrum analyzer from this app. Finally this voice recorder is very useful for us.

Smart recorder- High quality voice recorder

A smart recorder is high quality and uses for long time sound recording. A user can record their voice and songs in a smart recorder. A user can use this app in lectures, meeting, viva, songs for a record. A user can easily record their voice or sound and easily save or delete to the voice recorder. With the use of this application, user can not share the voice record via SMS, MMS, text.

This app does not support call recorder. A user can automatic and manual control use for Skip silence mode. A user can also do live audio spectrum analyzer from this app. When your display is at that time also record your music or voice in the background.
Smart recorder- High quality voice recorder
This application is allowed to microphone gain calibration tool. When you voice record and listening to that time user can user save, pause, resume, cancel recording process control. Your record saves in Mp3 format and by default saved in SD card.

This application is given record voice up to 2 GB per file. This application is needed permission for internet access, audio record, changing in setting, write to external storage, etc.This app is perfect for Recording your voice or music.

Smart Voice Recorder
Smart Voice Recorder
Developer: SmartMob
Price: Free

Record your music, sing

This app is a new music social platform. On this platform, a user can record and post your music very simply. This app is free for download. With use, this app user can list or record the music on online. A user can Sing and play with any instrument and then create unique sounds with audio effects functions.

When user sings a song and records a song that time, they create different types of voice effects. In this app record your music with easy and simple recording option. With the use of the user can find the instruments from the songbook. You can share on twitter, facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp or other social media.
Record your music, singA user can record a song with others and make new music by overdubbing to layer track. You can search your and find the discover other peoples’ original covers.

This app’s bad things is that runs on online. That means many users can use and some people have no internet connection than they can’t use this app.

Voice recorder smart tool

This application is best for android. A user can easily and free download app from Google Play store. A user can use this app for recording sound, speech, song, lecture, etc. A user can easy to use this voice recorder smart tool. This voice recorder has no time limit for recording.

This app is also known as song recorder, music recorder. A user can record music and all songs. This app is friendly interfacing and understands to use. Your record saved in Mp3 format and Ogg format and by default saved in SD card. With the use of this app, user can do live audio spectrum analyzer.
voice recorder smart toolWhen users phone’s display is off that time also recording is running in the background. This application is provided microphone gain calibration tool. A user can easily use Save, pause, resume, cancel recording process option.

A user can easily share a recording via email, SMS, MMS, Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp, etc. This application is not supported to call recording. This application is best for recorder compares to others.

voice recorder
voice recorder
Price: Free

Easy Voice recorder

Easy Voice Recorder is a free download application for Android. With the use of this app, a user can record their voice, music, meeting, lecture, speech and important movements. This voice recorder has no time limit for recording. The students can record lectures, classes in this app.

This record is used for a student on exam time. For a businessman, they can record interviews, meetings from their phones and they share via email, WhatsApp, facebook messenger. This is the main use of this app. A musician can record their voice, a song in this voice recorder app and they can share on social media like facebook, WhatsApp, Instagram, twitter, etc.
Easy Voice recorderHere, a user can record high-quality PCM and mp4. When users phone’s display is off that time also recording is running in the background. This application is quickly started with new recording with widgets and shortcuts. You can share your record and set as a ringtone on your phone.

It also supports to recording from your smartwatch. You can upload your existing recorder and new recorder on Google Drive or Dropbox. You can control the record from anywhere using notification bar, etc. this app is perfect for voice and music record. It is better app compare to others.

Easy Voice Recorder
Easy Voice Recorder
Developer: Digipom
Price: Free


From your review which app is best for music recording? Share your thoughts in the comments section below.

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