YouTube is one of the most used apps for in order to have video entertainment. Every user also loves to use YouTube for the entertainment purpose. But, have you ever got “Please check your network connection and try again” error message? The answer would have been Yes for most of the users. Some of them are frequently having the same error while using the YouTube. So, to overcome it, what should be the fix? In this guide, you will easily find some tricks to overcome that error message.

To get to know it, you just have to simply visit whole the guide without being interrupted.

Fix Please Check Your Network Connection and Try Again Error

We know that YouTube is one of the apps which impact is expanded all over the world. Being a huge service provides, there are some bugs or issues can’t be controlled even by their team. This is why you may get some error message while you are about to use YouTube. This error message is not a bigger issue, it can be solved by taking some corrective actions. This is what you will get here.

Fixing Please Check Your Network Connection and Try Again Error -

So, let us go through the detailed troubleshooting guide to fix “Please check your network connection and try again error.”

Turn off the Flight Mode

When we are about to do great things, we have to take care of all the little things. This is what we can apply here also. To have a great entertainment through videos using YouTube, you must keep in mind little things. So, it is essential to make sure whether the flight mode is on or off. If it is on, then even after trying your hardest, you can not fix it. This mostly happens when you are using the app through a data connection.

So, before using the YouTube, make sure that flight mode must be off.

Turn on the Data Connection

Turn on the data connection is a thing you have to keep in mind while browsing the web world. If you try to use the internet without doing so, how can you access it? Some people may consider that how can anyone forget to turn on the data when he wants to use it. But, sometimes due to the high level of curiosity, the user may fail to do so.

So, just check the data connection and make sure the activation while you got such error message.

Proper Connection Establishment with Wi-Fi network

If you are not using the data connection, then you need to connect to a strong Wi-Fi network. The Wi-Fi network is the only weapon that allows you to use the internet without having SIM on mobile.

While using the YouTube by connecting the device to Wi-Fi network, make sure the connection is established adequately. If you still get the error message frequently, then try to reconnect the same network after forgetting the connection. Also, make sure you are entering the right info which requires while making the connection.

After doing so, try to use the app to have an entertainment.

Refresh the Page

Sometimes, due to the crowd on the same page, the page you are visiting may stick. So, at that time, just refresh the page, and see if you continue to joy. Sometimes this simple trick works efficiently.

Restart the App

This would also be a simple trick to follow to overcome such error message. What you have to do is close the app completely. Even remove it from the recent tabs. Wait a while, and then try to use the app. If the app works well, then go ahead with some amazing videos.

Restart the Mobile

This trick may also leave a strong impact while we are discussing the fix to overcome the YouTube error. In which, the turning off the device will take place which is as easy as using the mobile. As a smartphone user, we all know that how to power off or restart the device.

  • Press and hold the Power button of the mobile.
  • After a very short time, you will have some option of the board.
  • Due to the different interface of the manufacturers, some device may have both the options, Switch Off and Restart. While some manufacturers only provide Switch Off option.
  • You can go with both.
  • After having the options, go ahead with the respective options.

Wait till the device turns on if you have restarted. If you go off with the turn-off, then wait for a while and then turn it on.

Use Updated Version of the YouTube

If you do not use the latest version of any app, you may have to face such issues. This might be the case here also. So, at that time, you must update the app to its most recent version.

To check about the update of YouTube app,

  • Go to the Google Play Store with the account that you have added. Make sure that it is an active account.
  • On the main interface of the app, type the YouTube in the search bar.
  • You will have some results related to the search.
  • Tap on YouTube.
  • If there is an update available, tap on the Update option.
  • Wait till the completion of the update.

Then, use the YouTube, the issue might be solved.

Or else, you can also set Auto-update for all the apps. If once you enable the Auto-update, whenever the update comes, the system automatically update all the apps. With this feature, you do not need to worry about an update.

Update the OS Version

Sometimes, the older version of the OS also creates such issues to interrupt you. So, never miss out any update to OS version as it always brings something exciting every time for you. If you also get the same error message, then check if the update is available or not.

To check it,

  • Go to the Settings.
  • Scroll down the display till the end.
  • The last option will be of About Device. Tap on it.
  • Go to the System updates. It displays if an update is available.
  • If there is, then go ahead with the downloading of the update.

Whenever you are doing so, make sure that the mobile is having enough battery power. If not, then charge the device first and then do it.

Try to use after some time

The page or even app may be stuck due to the high crowd at the same time. Due to which, you may get such error message. So, it is a wise decision if you decide to use the app after some time. So, just close the app and try to use after half an hour to get the better result.

So, these are the tricks we have included in the troubleshooting guide for the YouTube error message. All The tricks provide substantial impact to get solved the error.

Do your issue is solved with this guide? Let us know below in by commenting. Also, suggest us other tricks if you have.