Is your Android phone battery dead? Did you inquire about how to revive an Android phone battery with the professionals? Did they tell you it’s of no use now and you are thinking of just throwing it away?

Wait, before just throwing it away, read this article. It is going to help you revive your Android phone battery and save a lot of money.

If you have not used your phone for a pretty long time or if you are using your phone continuously for a long time, your battery may get a little weaker. It is just like having a bit of a fever, don’t worry. You just need to provide it with some medicines, and it’s all good again.

How To Revive Android Phone battery

Three Ways To Revive Android Phone Battery

Note: Please note that all the methods mentioned below are DIY ( Do It Yourself). So, follow the steps appropriately and don’t do anything that TheAndroidPortal has not mentioned. Following steps inappropriately can damage your battery permanently. Therefore, be wise and follow the steps carefully.

Clean all your Phone Interiors

The leading cause of viral fevers is dirt and dust. So, why not just clean them and give the battery once again a proficient life?

To do this, just open the back cover of your phone and remove the battery out. Don’t forget to switch off your phone before removing the battery. Also, now take any deep cleaning device and remove the dust and dirt particles from all the metal surfaces of the phone. The dirt can allow the contacts of the phone to oxidize leading it to a shorter life span of the battery.

Freeze to revive Android phone battery

The first thing you could easily do is just freeze your battery. Take the battery out and first put it in a sealed plastic container. Now place it in a sealed kitchen bag. Also, make sure it does not get wet, or it will just cause more trouble. Now put it in the freezer for at least 10 to 12 hours.

This will help the electrons to move which will help recharge your battery cells. While removing the battery, make sure it gets to room temperature before you connect it with your phone. Also, after connecting, don’t just turn your phone on.

First, charge it. The electrons would want to run to the anode. After charging your battery for up to its minimum battery period, restart your phone.
So, Is it working now? Kudos!

Jumpstart your Phone Battery to revive your Android phone battery

If you have not used your battery for an extended period or if the battery has reached its lifespan limit, you can use this method to revive your Android phone battery.

The things you will need to jump-start your phone battery are:

  • A 9 Volt battery that has easy excess to the terminals
  • Electric wire, make sure it’s insulated to prevent shocks
  • Electric tape to hold the wire to its place
  • And your dead battery itself

First, connect the wires to the terminals to the 9 V battery. Also, if there are two terminals within the battery, one on the edges and the other in the center, use the one on the edges.
Thereafter, insulate the corners with electric tape to prevent the leak of conduction.

Now connect these wires to your Android phone battery. Be very careful while doing this. Connect the positive terminal wire of the 9 V battery to the positive terminal of your Android phone battery and the negative one to the negative. Do not make any mistakes while doing this.

Once again put on the electric tape to the connections to secure them.

Now place this connection in a cool and dry place, make sure there is no heat or water around.

Now keep this connection steady for approximately 30-60 seconds, until your phone battery gets a little warm. This means the conduction of electrons has started. Immediately disconnect the circuit as it gets a bit warm, don’t wait for it to get fully charged.
Now insert the battery once again in your phone. Now, switch on the phone and then connect it to your charger.

Charge it and see whether it works. If it does, congratulations, you just revived your Android phone battery.


These are all the methods that can help revive your phone battery. If one doesn’t work, jump onto the second or the third, one of them is going to work. It’s better than paying the professionals to check the same thing that you can quickly check at home.

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