The Samsung Galaxy S5 is one of the great smartphones that offers amazing features. Along with the features, it also offers you durability, security, and more. But, as we know, none of the mobiles are so much of durable.

If some of them, then they are not smart devices. Jokes apart but one query that is frequently reported by the S5 users is the Samsung Galaxy S5 Screen Flickering. So, to solve it, here we have some troubleshoots.

Fixing Samsung Galaxy S5 Screen Flickering Problem

Here, we are discussing the solutions for solving the Samsung Galaxy S5 Screen Flickering Issue. Before that, many of the users reported the same issue. Some of them said that the display is flickering rather than stable. The screen goes flickering when they press the lock button to lock the mobile. Also, when they adjusted the brightness, the same thing also happens there.

And if you are having the same issue with your Samsung Galaxy S5, then do not worry about it more because this article will lead you to solve this issue by yourself.

So, let’s start with the troubleshoots to fix the Samsung Galaxy S5 Screen Flickering.

How to Fix Samsung Galaxy S5 Screen Flickering Problem -

Disable Hardware Overlay

This is one of the most-working tricks to apply when the screen flicker issue occurs. Which you just have to disable the Hardware Overlay option.

To do so, first of all, you all have to do is generate developer mode on your S5 device. Let’s take a look at the few steps below to know how to do it.

  • Go to the “Settings” > “About Phone” option, which is probably at the end of the screen.
  • Here, scroll the display, and you will see the “Build Number” option.
  • Now, tap on this option for seven times continuously to enable the Developer mode on your Samsung Galaxy S5.
  • As soon as you complete the seven times tapping, you will get a message as “You are a Developer.”

Now, come back to the About Phone display. And, here you can see a new option which is Developer Options. In this way, you can easily enable the Developer Mode on any of the Android mobiles.

Now, let’s discuss how to disable the Hardware Overlay option.

  • After enabling the Developer Mode, go to this option.
  • Now, by scrolling down the screen, find an option to Disable HW Overlay. You should see a box in front of this option.
  • Just tick on that box, and the Hardware Overlay option will be disabled.

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Disable Air View Mode

Sometimes the activated Air View Mode also causes such screen flickering issues. However, many users may hear about this word for the first time, Air View Mode. Although it, they all are also using this feature on their Galaxy S5 device. The activation of Air View Mode allows you to see a preview of the content that you are interested in.

Let’s take an example of this feature. If you want to see any message even without opening that, then this feature will work. Just hover your fingers around the message, and you can see the whole message with a small display. The same feature also works when you are browsing the Gallery. Hovering near the images will show you the pictures without opening them.

In short, it is a good feature to use. But, as we mentioned, it may invite some screening-related issues. At that time, disabling of it will be beneficial to you.

  • Go to “Settings” > Scroll down the screen and tap on the Air View option that comes under the Motion tag.
  • On the next display, at the top right corner, you should see a toggle to activate/deactivate the Air View.
  • Just tap on the toggle to disable the Air View feature if it is enabled.

So, by using the above easy steps, you can disable the Air View Mode on your Samsung Galaxy S5 with ease was published by Nanuk Winarno on YouTube.

Remove/Insert the Battery

As smartphone users, we all need more than 100 percent battery to utilize the device—however, the apps we are using in the mobile demand more battery power. As a user, you should know that which app uses more battery and which uses less. Even after knowing that, if you still use that app which requires more battery power, it should damage it. So, to ensure the healthy life of the smartphone, you must delete those apps.

Sometimes, the screen flickering may take place due to the less battery. The screen also uses more or less battery power to always be on. If the screen does not have enough power to stay on, it sometimes starts to flicker. So, at that time, firstly, you should check the remaining battery percentage. If it is running short of battery, put it in charge as soon as possible.

As another option, you should also try to solve this issue by removing the battery outside. Not all the time, but it will sometimes fix the issue by doing so. You just need to do is remove the battery from the device.

Wait for a while to insert it. Before that, clean the place where the battery will be inserted. Then, insert the battery, and start the Galaxy S5. As a wise user, you can also try removing and inserting the battery to solve the flickering screen issue.

Replacement of the Display

The display is one of the most required aspects while using smartphone devices. Nowadays, various display technologies are available that you will get with different smartphones. It also plays a major role in attracting the people’s towards mobile. But, if we are talking about the Screen Flickering of the S5, then what should be the troubleshooting to fix it?

However, the Samsung Galaxy S5 comes with 5.1 inches Full HD Super AMOLED touch display. It also offers you high screen resolution to enjoy every part of the picture. Even though, at the time of Screen Flickering, one of the best solutions is replacing the screen.

For that, you have to check whether your device is under warranty or not. If it is, then to go to the Service Center and report your issue there to replace the screen. If the S5 is not under warranty, you can also go to the shop.

Factory Data Reset

Ultimately, the best option is to perform the Factory Data Reset process on your Galaxy S5. It can be considered as an ultimate solution almost for all the issues that comes with the smart mobile. Also of that, many shopkeepers also suggest you this for your little issues. That’s why here we recommend you perform this Factory Data Reset on your mobile.

Here, we will also mention the Soft Factory Data Reset or Hard Factory Data Reset. As per your requirement for the solution, you can try any one of them. But, before following the process, you must secure your data from the mobile. As the Factory Data Reset cleans up all the data, you must ensure backup of the data. o, one-by-one here we will mention both the process.

Soft Factory Data Reset

The Soft Factory Data Reset is a process that you can perform without turning off the phone. We can also say that this process can be performed by the software of the device. That’s why it is called a Soft Factory Data Reset.

  • First of all, go to the Settings of the Galaxy S5.
  • Here, scroll down the screen and come to the User and Backup section. Under this section, you can see the Backup and Reset options. Tap to go through it.
  • It brings you to another screen; at there, tap on the Factory Data Reset option.
  • As you tap on it, it may prompt you. Say YES to all the prompts, but before that, do not forget to ensure the backup is.

Wait for a while till the completion of the process.

Hardware Factory Data Reset

Now, let’s have a look at the Hardware Factory Data Reset.

  • Switch off the Samsung Galaxy S5 phone.
  • Now, Press and hold the Volume Up, Power Button, and Home buttons simultaneously.
  • Then, by using the volume up/down key, you can navigate options. Choose the Wipe data/Factory reset option using the Volume Down Key. To select it, use the Power button.
  • Again use the Volume Down Key to select the Yes option. And, then press Power Button to confirm it.
  • Now, wait for a while and then, select a Reboot System Now option.

So, in this way, you can perform the Hardware Factory Data Reset process.

We hope that you have enjoyed the full discussion. If it does the job for you, then also share it with other Samsung Galaxy S5 users.

Also, let us know your valuable comments regarding the discussion if you have any queries related to it.

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