Best Screen Dimmer Apps for Android

Nowadays, all the people are using the smartphone with their purpose like gaming, project work, etc. Out of which, there are also some individuals who wake up till late night watching movies or playing games on Android. Sometimes, we surf Facebook or browse websites till late night. While using smartphones or tablet, you should always keep your eye on the screen. The constantly staring at the screen is one of the primary reasons behind the eye pain or eye problem. So, here we will discuss the Best Screen Dimmer apps, which will protect your eye.

We know that all the devices come with some degree of brightness. While using the smartphone, you can also set up the brightness level according to your requirement. But, sometimes the lower light mode may also harm you. So, to get rid of this kind of problem, here we are going to discussing the Screen Dimmer apps. So, now take a look at the apps and enjoying the use of the device at the lowest brightness.

Best Screen Dimmer Apps For Android

Check out below list of screen dimmer android apps with further details. We hope you would like them.

1.) Dimly – Screen Dimmer App :

The Dimly Android app is one of the recommended screen dimming apps for Android. You can easily find this Dimly app on the Google Play Store. It is freely available at there for all the Android users. This app is easily compatible with all the android based devices. The Dimly app allows you to reduce the brightness level beyond its minimum limit which you see in a device by default.

If you want to use the smart device for late night purpose, then the use of this app is the best.If you want to use the smart device for late night purpose, then the use of this app is the best. Once you download this app on your device, the pop-up comes on the screen along with the brightness level. As you can see in the image, using the pop-up, you can set up the display light level.

The Dimly screen brightness app also has one great feature, and that is Blue Light Filter. In front of the Blue Light Filter option, you should see a slider. If you want to use this feature of the screen filter app, then tap on that slider. To dimming the background of the device, the use of this app is such a wise decision.

display brightness app for android

By using the brightness pop-up, you can customize the brightness level. This app also comes with the facility of Auto Stop Timer. To set up the settings of the app, you can also use the Settings. This app contains a too little memory of your device. It comes with an easy user interface. The user review ratings for this app is excellent, which is about 4.5 out of 5.0.

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Features of the Dimly App :

  • Easily compatible with all the android devices
  • Allows you to reduce the brightness beyond its minimum limit
  • Best app for late night use of the smart device
  • Easy Setup of the light intensity level
  • Blue Light Filtering feature
  • Great app to dimming the background of the device
  • Auto Stop Timer

App Name
Ricardo Solano

2.) Screen Dimmer App :

This Screen Dimmer app is also a good app to dimming the screen of the device. By using this brightness control app, you can lower the brightness level even more than the default level. It means it allows you to reduce the brightness than the minimum level of the device. This app also protects you from the eye disease which occurs due to the consistently using phone. For example, it can help you to avoid a headache after continuously looking at the screen as well as eye pain.

If you have a smartphone device having an AMOLED display, then this app also saves the battery power. The pro version of this app comes with the Blue Light Filtering. This great feature will protect you from the Insomnia. The Insomnia is a disease which occurs because of the radiation of the blue light. This app is designed with easy user interface. It is so easy to use. It comes with a variable range of opacity of the screen. Whenever you are using this app, it will show a notification of it. You can also set the opacity directly from the notification panel.


So, all the android users can download this app on their device with free of cost. But to download the pro version, you have to pay some amount. The compatibility of the free version of this Screen Dimmer app is too good with all the android devices.

Features of the Screen Dimmer App:

  • lower the brightness level more than the default level
  • protects you from the disease occurs due to the constant use of the phone (a headache, eye pain)
  • It will Save the battery power.
  • The Pro version comes with the Blue Light Filtering
  • Designed with easy User Interface
  • A variable range of opacity for the screen
  • Set the opacity directly from the notification panel
  • Excellent compatibility with the Screen Dimmer app (free version) with all the android devices

App Name
Sébastien Morand

3.) Configurable Brightness Preset or Cobrets App :

The Configurable Brightness Preset or Cobrets is an app which controls the brightness of the screen. It shows you a widget in which a number of the mode of brightness is located. To open the widget, tap on the icon of the Cobrets app. After tapping on the icon, the widget will be opened and from which you can set brightness mode. As per your wish, you can add and remove the brightness mode. The app will also provide the brightness values in four presets as a minimum, cuarter, medium and maximum.


The Configurable Brightness Preset app is available at the Google Play Store with free of cost. All the Android users can easily find and download this app. The user review ratings for this app are 4.1 out of 5.0. The Cobrets app also has a feature of screen filtering. It comes with two different screen filters, Nightly filter, and Diurnal filter. You can also set the filter opacity for both the filters. For Diurnal filter, it also permits you to adjust the filtered brightness. Also of that, you can also choose the color for both the filters.

Features of the Configurable Brightness Preset or Cobrets App:

  • Controls the brightness of the screen
  • Various mode of the brightness
  • Provides the brightness values in four presets as a minimum, cuarter, medium and maximum
  • Display filtering facility with Nightly filter and Diurnal filter
  • Filter opacity for both the filters

App Name
Iber Parodi Siri

Here, we have listed best 3 Screen Dimmer apps fro Android devices. We hope that this discussion should be useful to you. If it is, then do not forget to share it with others. Do let us know, do you feel comfortable while watching at your smartphone’s screen? Or facing any eye problem upon continuously watching it?

Last Updated On: June 29, 2017

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