Want to know how to fix freezing and unresponsive UI issues on Android 10? Here is an ultimate guide for you. Read this post till the end of the full solution.

Most of the latest smartphones come with the all-new and fresh Android 10 update. The newest Android 10 update is incredible, which offers advanced features and enhance the user experience.

However, some users face random freezing and unresponsive UI issues on their Android 10-enabled smartphones. These issues are faced by many devices like Google Pixel, One Plus, and Xiaomi. However, the problem is common in Google pixel devices. Users reported that they face random app freeze, and it locks the entire UI. This issue disables many functions like pressing home buttons or a pull-down notification tray.

Moreover, the UI also freezes some of the apps like Whatsapp, Twitter, YouTube, and others. The majority of the cases are faced by Google pixel phones, but One Plus and Xiaomi users have also reported the same. To deal with these problems, users start using Nova launcher and Action launcher, but the issue remains constant.

Well, there are no official updates launched by Google yet to fix this issue. The developer team is still working on the subject, and hopefully, Google will provide a stable update soon.

But if you are facing the fix freezing and unresponsive UI issues on Android 10 constantly, then the Android Portal team has come up with two simple solutions. These solutions are common but helpful in fixing freezing and unresponsive UI issues on Android 10. So, without wasting a minute Let’s take a look at the solutions for fixing freezing and unresponsive UI issues on Android 10 below:

2 Solutions To Fix Freezing And Unresponsive UI Issues On Android 10

Solution 1: Factory Reset Your Phone

There are many reasons to factory reset your phone like you want to sell your phone or the apps working slow, or perhaps you are facing bugs and malware effects. The factory reset is the mother solution to solve all the problems related to software, apps, or Android. So, in our opinion, this solution also works here.

Factory Reset Via Settings Menu

Factory Reset Via Settings Menu

This method works if your smartphone is in working condition. Before performing a factory reset, remember that you have to back up all your essential data. The reason is performing a factory reset deletes all your data, and you cannot recover it again. Let’s dive into the steps of how to perform a factory reset.

Step 1: Go ahead to the “Settings Menu” from the home screen apps.

Step 2: Scroll down at the end of the menu and click on “System” option

Step 3: Then click on “Reset” and then tap on “Factory Reset.”

Step 4: On the next page, enter the device password and tap on “Continue.”

Step 5: Then, at the bottom of the page, tap on “Erase Everything.”

Step 6: Wait until the process is completed. Once done, restart your phone.

Factory Reset Via Recovery Mode

If your phone is facing constant freezing issues or is stuck on the same screen, then try a factory reset in recovery mode solution to fix this problem. Let’s follow the quick steps below:

Step 1: Switch off your device. Then hold the “Volume Down” & “Power Button” for a few seconds.

Step 2: A coloured screen will appear. Again hold the volume down button until you reach “Recovery Mode.”

Step 3: Again, press the “Power Key” to enter into the recovery mode.

Step 4: Once you successfully enter the recovery mode, then scroll down using the volume buttons and search for the “Wipe Data/ Factory Reset” option.

Step 5: Use the volume button to highlight the option and the Power Key to confirm.

Step 6: Again, use the volume and power keys to confirm “Yes.”

Step 7: Once the process is completed, highlight “Reboot System Now” and use “Power Key” to confirm.

Solution 2: Back to Default Settings

Back to the default settings menu is also a great solution to fix freezing and unresponsive UI issues on Android 10.

Sometimes our device does not support a few new settings; that’s why issues like freezing apps and unresponsive UI occur. To fix this problem here, how to set default settings again.

Step 1: Go ahead to the “Settings Menu.”

Step 2: From the Menu list, tap on the “General Management” or “System” option.

Step 3: Then tap on “Reset.”

Step 4: In the reset, the menu tap on “Reset Settings.

This will reset all the settings of your device and back your device to its default settings menu.

Wrap Up

So, those are the two quick solutions to fix freezing and unresponsive UI issues on Android 10. We hope these fixes solve the random freezing problem, and you can again enjoy and get a smooth experience.

Thanks for your valuable time. If the above fixes don’t work, then wait for Google updates. For the latest articles, do follow us and stay tuned with us on The Android Portal.

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