Android 10 is now official. To take your excitement and expectations to the next level, here we are going to reveal some cool features of Android 10. Haven’t you received the update on your phone yet? Well, Google Pixel, OnePlus, and others have already received the update, and it could arrive on your phone anytime soon.

Many Android users are still waiting eagerly for the Android 10 update, which is also called Android Q earlier, on their phone. Android 10 has arrived with some improved and new features. You can say the Developers gave their best so that users like you can enjoy the best of Android OS on your phone.

So, what are the features Google covered in their Android 10 version?

In this article, we will discuss some excellent features of android 10 version. Do remember that we are focusing on features that are confirmed by Google, and they don’t require extra tweaks to use. Read our article further and you will get to know most of the features of Android 10.

An Introduction To Key Features Of Android

Features Of Android

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All-New Dark Mode

Android 10 Dark Mode

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Google has experimented on dark mode feature for years, but this time the company has finally made it official with android 10. When you activate the battery saver option in your android device, dark mode will activate automatically.

Dark mode will also affect Google Podcasts, photos and search engines. Well, undoubtedly, it is one of the most crowd-pleasing features of Android 10, and when the updates eventually land, it will get a good response for sure. Most of the companies will also be working with the third-party developers so that they implement dark mode feature in their apps.

Smart Reply For Messaging Apps

Smart reply is one of the fantastic features of Android 10 by Google, which is better among all, means predicting what you are going to say in response to a message. It’s currently available in some Google apps, but now it’s coming to all messages apps with the Android 10.

This means you can smart reply to all your chats, likes in Whatsapp and Facebook Messenger. Overall, it’s an easy and handy feature to save time when a short response will do the job. These suggestions also maintain your privacy settings as the relevant information isn’t sent to Google’s server.

Improved Sharing Menu

Many previous android versions failed to give a better sharing experience. However, this time, Google has also solved this problem with the all-new Android 10 version.

The new sharing menu is much faster than the other legacy menus. The most important job of android 10 is to recommend contacts and apps for sharing. Time will tell whether Google actually fulfill this goal or not. If yes, then the third party developers will also need to update their apps to take advantage of this feature.

Live Captions

Android 10 Live Caption

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Android 10 comes up with an excellent feature called live caption. It provides you with the real-time captions experience like when someone is talking, and it all happens locally in your devices means no internet connection is required for any activity.

Live captions are very helpful for deaf & dumb peoples. You will be able to turn this feature under accessibility settings in your device.

New Gestures

The back button or a classic navigation feature is removed now in all-new Android 10 version. Alternatively, Android 10 includes a full set of gestures so that android users can experience beyond buttons, virtual or otherwise. It’s not a default setting in your device; you have to go into the settings option and choose new navigation options.

This feature is very similar to the iPhone, but the styling is a little different. The bar present at the bottom of the screen can be used to switch between the apps just like the iPhone.
Revamped Notification Controls

From the last couple of years, Google has been continuously working on the notification control system. This time Google has successfully dealt with the feature. In the previous android versions, you were not having any control on the notifications alerts of any app, but this time you have to select whether you want to customize notification alert for some app or not.

It means that when you swipe away notifications, you have to choose whether you silent the notification or alert the notification of this app. If you don’t like then press turn off notifications options and decide not to be bothered by the app ever again.


Android 10 Bubbles

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This one is best for using multitasking apps on your phone. It reminds us of Facebook messenger chats heads as it is a little similar to that. The Bubbles work like this:

When you receive any notification alert, a tiny circular bubble will appear on your screen to tap. For example: for a messaging app, a bubble will appear on your screen, and you can tap on the bubble notification to view a conversation thread or reply without disturbing the entire apps. Developers use Bubbles for notes, arrival time and calling too.

Accent Colors

This is one of the amazing features of Android 10 that Google offers you. You can easily change the accent colour of your entire UI. The colours include blue (default), black, green, purple, cinnamon, ocean, and space, orchid.

These colours were found in the developer’s option of the first beta. And in the second beta, you have to find a new app appeared called Pixel Themes which gives the experience of new accent colour customization tools.

A Better Files Manager App

In the previous versions of Android, Google offered files app with no frills and affairs and even with no shortcuts. But this time it will give you a better experience of running and managing files via the app.

The new file app does not only have shortcuts, but it offers a revised UI with a universal search bar at the top of the screen and quick access to other apps. There is also a chance Google can make some changes in this app before launching, but it definitely gives you a better file managing experience than the previous one.


So those are some excellent features of Android 10 that Google provides you with this latest android version. Well, Google offers some more features along with these features. So, just wait for the release date of Android 10 update on your phone model, and you will automatically know all the features and the improvements from Google.

Thanks for reading this post here at TheAndroidPortal. We hope you enjoyed reading this post and it has introduced to most of the features of Android 10. That’s all for today; your suggestions and comments are most welcome. For more updates, follow us and stay tuned with us.

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