Are you looking for the best news apps for Android? Here are the eight best news apps for Android to choose from.

News is the best way to gain surrounding knowledge, and it keeps you updated with the whole world, especially during a pandemic situation like Covid-19.

For some people, the news story is their daily dose. Their mornings cannot start without listening to or reading the news. They spend a lot of time listening to and reading news about the world and always want to stay updated with the current happenings.

A few years ago, everyone was relying on honest and fresh news in the newspapers or TV. But in today’s rush and rush world, everyone is busy with their stuff, and they don’t have time to update themselves with the latest news. That’s why smartphones and tablets and App-based news media solutions are the perfect companions in keeping you updated with the world.

Dozens of news apps are there on the Play Store to keep you updated with the latest news even when you are on the way. In the news apps, you can read or listen to all the latest happenings about the world from anywhere and anytime.

There are plenty of free and paid news apps available. So, today in our article, we are going to discuss Best News Apps for Android. If you want to stay updated with the political, business, or healthcare like COVID-19 pandemic news, then read our article further to get all the details on that matter.

Best News Apps for Android

Here, in this guide, you will get the Best News Apps For Android. In the guide, we have listed the Best apps for news that provide you with the latest news under different categories. All the below-listed apps are readily available at the Google Play Store for all Android users.

Best News Apps For Android -

So, just go to the Play Store and download it without making any payment. All these apps come with high compatibility with all the smartphone devices that are running on Android OS.

Google News

Google News is the best news app on our list. It is no surprise that the world’s best search engine also comes in the form of a news app. This app keeps you updated about the whole world and helps you to surf your favourite content.

Thanks to its “For You Tab” feature, which keeps you updated with your favourite content in one place.

Google News

Google News has organized briefing updates of all the news, which includes a mixture of essential content, local news, political news, and other topics in which you are interested.

Its full coverage feature is amazing and provides every detail of a story. Its headlines tab offers the news of the whole world, and with the other tabs, you can surf for the business, politics, sports, society, and other news that you want to read. Overall, it’s a smart and among the best news apps for Android that are designed to keep the world updated and meet the needs of the users.

Google News - Daily Headlines
Google News - Daily Headlines

BBC News

BBC News is one of the famous English news channels on television. And, it is one of the most popular and best news apps for Android that bring news directly from the journalist. The app comes with plenty of features, and the most exciting feature is the top stories.

BBC News

Top Story features the latest and fresh news every minute from its leading global network and journalists. Its My News Feature allows you to access all your favourite content under one roof. You can also add your favourite content or stories by using + icons and easily personalise your content in My News Feed.

Furthermore, you can also search for your favourite content by tapping on the search engine. And you can choose your favourite content from the BBC news list index. This news app also provides offline services.

It means you have to download your favourite content and read it in your leisure time, even when there are no networks available. It also has a full coverage option for all news feeds.

Feedly- Smarter News App

Feedly is another one of the smarter News apps and is a place where you organize, read, and share all your favourite content. Feedly is one of the most used on all Android phones and tablets because people are addicted to this app and follow blogs, magazines, and other news content regularly.

Feedly- Smarter News App

Feedly also helps in organizing all the publications, YouTube channels, and other relevant content under one roof. Overall, when you have this app, no more Zigzagging. Feedly offers faster access to all the content so that you always keep yourself up to date with the running trends and build more expertise in your favourite content.

From tech business news to sports news, it covers all the content; briefly, that’s why this app is unique and different from all other alternatives.

Feedly also supports integrations like Facebook, Twitter, IFTTT, Zapier, and other sources so that you can share it directly with your friends and colleagues. Well, the app is free on all Android devices, but the $7 monthly Feedly subscription unlocks more great features.

Feedly - Smarter News Reader
Feedly - Smarter News Reader

Microsoft News

Microsoft News is best known for delivering trusted news from various sources and journalists. It is one of the most trusted news-sharing apps that keep you updated with all the latest trends and topics.

With this app, you can get quick notifications of breaking news 24/7. It offers a smooth reading experience to all the users with some of its cool features like night-time reading mode for a comfortable reading experience.

Microsoft news.1

Moreover, with this app, you can freely move from story to story and section to section to get all the information. The app is free with all its features. It also provides easy access to the stories that happen in other countries.

Overall, it’s the most significant platform and among the best news apps for Android for reading the news and listening to related content videos.

Flipboard: News for Any Topic

Flipboard is another popular app used by millions of people in the world. It is one of the award-winning news services because it offers news, stories, and other essential content with honesty according to your interest and passion.

It also provides easy access to all the services and collects the world’s information in a single room. This app offers a variety of news content from photography news to recipe-sharing content; it covers everything for everyone.

Flipboard News for Any Topic.1

You just need to download the app and select your interest area, and Flipboard does everything for you.

The most unique and fantastic feature that the app offers is you can create your customized magazines by collecting stories, images, and videos from the app and sharing your magazine with others or creating groups so that more and more people support your curator.

Flipboard: The Social Magazine
Flipboard: The Social Magazine

NDTV News – India

NDTV News is another trusted and official app that offers live news content from India and the world. It is an app that offers trusted content, stories, videos, and photos directly from NDTV journalists. The NDTV News app is the mini version of the NDTV live channel. Like TV, you can also view all the content in one room.

In the News option, this app offers a lot of categories. You will have various categories like Top Stories, Latest, Sports, Trending, Entertainment, Technology, Auto, Science, Food, Business, and more.

NDTV News – India

You can easily access all the news topics like sports, entertainment, travel, technology and more so that you can read what you want. You can also view live cricket scores and share market records on this app. The app offers a smooth and comfortable reading experience to all the users and keeps you up to date with the latest news content posted every minute.

NDTV News - India
NDTV News - India
Developer: NDTV Apps
Price: Free

Dailyhunt (Newshunt)

Dailyhunt is the presently trending number 1 news, entertainment, and video app in India. Millions of people use this app all around the world.

The app is popular because it provides news and content in various languages like Tamil, Malayalam, Kannada, Telugu, and other words. Dailyhunt also offers fresh, young, and quirky content and videos every minute. It collects the news from various trusted sources so that you can get all the information under one roof.

Dailyhunt (Newshunt)

With this app, you can also share fun videos, memes, greetings, and other material with your loved ones.

You can also get tasty recipes, beauty tips, or fitness goals in this great app. You can also check the live scores or your horoscope with the daily updates of this app. Overall, it’s another one of the best news apps for Android for all travellers and learners.

News By Times of India Newspaper

The Times of India is the most popular and the best newspaper read by all the people. News By Times of India app is the mini version of this newspaper.

Like a newspaper, the app also brings the latest news, political news, sports news, and other updated news in India and around the world. With this app, you can also watch live broadcasts, photos, videos, and other content of the world. TOI app also offers brief articles and headlines for those who are in a hurry or want to stay updated with the content.

News By Times of India Newspaper

You can also get the latest updates every hour from this app. You can also catch the live coverage of the news you like.

From Bollywood news to ET news, it covers all the content in the photos and videos from under one room. Last but not least, it also offers an offline reading experience means you can read the downloaded content anywhere anytime. You can also bookmark new articles and stories for later reading.

Thanks to its night mode reading feature, this offers a comfortable experience to read the full coverage of the news at night.

Smart News

Smart News is one of the best news apps which covers all the topics. It delivers the top stories and trending news all over the World. Through this app, you will get breaking news from top news publishers like NBC News, USA Today, TIME, The Huffington Post, VICE, and many more.

Also, to get all the stories and news under one roof, this app has various categories to watch out for. You can read the top news including categories of Sports, entertainment, World, Biz, Tech, Science, LifeStyle, etc.

Smart News

With this app, you will never miss any breaking news as you will be notified via a notification. As a new top story is trending on the app, the notification is there to let you know.

For every news, you can have two views read Web view and Smart view.
The smart view offers better readability even when you are running on a slower data network. Also, it allows you to read the news offline.

To share any top news and trending stories, tap on it. As it opens fully, tap on the share option and you will have many options to share it. This app contains ads.

SmartNews: News That Matters
SmartNews: News That Matters


The Inoreader is another app that is powered by an RSS feed. This app offers you news from all the magazines and websites at your fingertips. Even, you can grab all the important sites under a roof with this powerful RSS app. You can read news and articles from many newspapers, websites, and magazines for Free.

Alongside it, the app has more than 28 catalogues for news like Travel, Sports, Tech, Food, Health, Life, Movies, Books, and more. Under each category, plenty of news and trending stories to read.


For easy access to all the main and major sites, you can also add them to the Subscriptions. For further access, just come on to the Menu. Here, under the subscription option, you can find all the sites that you have added. You can also add the news in a Star.

One of the best tools of this app is to read the tracker. That means you can not come across the news that you have read once. You will only have unread news and stories.
You can also read the news even when you are offline.

The smart search feature will easily find articles, news, or stories regarding your search. To share the news with your friends and other users, there are various sharing options.

Inoreader: News & RSS reader
Inoreader: News & RSS reader

Fox News

Fox News is one of the best Live News Android Apps that lets you know the international news. Also of that, the app comes with a user-friendly interface. The main interface of the app has four options Stories, Watch, Listen, and For You. The Stories option will have the best stories to read with the publishing time.

Each story can be saved and shared with others using social networks. It provides the different categories to read from like Technology, Autos, Food & Drink, Travel & Outdoors, Style & Beauty, Health, and more.

Fox News

The Watch option will have the news with Videos. It offers Exclusive news and Live Headlines 24*7 with Breaking News Alerts. You can also have Live Streaming, Exclusive Videos, Latest Episodes, Shows, and more. While the Listen option will provide you with the latest news in the form of News Radio.

In the last option, you will get saved stories. Apart from that, it offers Recommended Stories, App Settings, and Notification Settings. It also lets you watch TV. To do so, in the stories section, tap on the Watch TV button at the top right corner.

Features of Fox News

  • User-friendly Interface
  • Four sections Stories, Watch, Listen, and For You
  • Best Stories to read with save and share options
  • Categories like Technology, Autos, Food & Drink, Travel & Outdoors, Style & Beauty, Health, and more
  • Videos for Exclusive news and Live Headlines 24*7 with Breaking News Alerts
  • News Radio to listen to the latest news
  • Live TV to watch

Aaj Tak News

The Aaj Tak News app provides you with all the latest news from the India and World. It comes with rich content which includes all the news categories.

On the main screen, it offers sections like Home, Live TV, Photo, Video, Section, and Programme. To switch between the two news, just swipe the finger on the screen. For each news story, you can change the text, add bookmarks, read offline, and make comments.

Aaj Tak News

The live TV option will let you watch the four news channels Aaj Tak, India Today, Delhi Aaj Tak, and Tez. Also, on the screen bottom, it offers the shows on the channels. So, you can easily watch any of the shows anytime. Apart from this, there are also two options, Live Video and Live Audio.

You can also check out the photos of some of the stories and news. You will also watch the videos of the news. It also lets you change the notification settings and the sections too.

Features of Aaj Tak News

  • News from the India and World
  • Sections like Home, Live TV, Photo, Video, Section, and Programme
  • Eas switching between two news stories with finger-swiping
  • Change the text, add bookmarks, read offline, and make comments for each story
  • Live News Channels like Aaj Tak, India Today, Delhi Aaj Tak, and Tez along with shows
  • Live Video and Live Audio
  • Photos and Videos of the stories and news

Zee News Live

This Zee News Live app provides news in five different languages English, Hindi, Bangla, Marathi, and Tamil. After choosing one language, you can also change it later from the app settings. There are different categories including Home, Latest, India, World, Entertainment, Sports, Business, Health, Technology, Lifestyle, and many more.

Each news story comes with options to share, and add comments and favourites. To jump on another story, you just need to swipe your fingers. You can also read the story offline.

Zee News Live

For watching live TV, there is also an option. Just tap on the Live TV option. This app also lets you watch videos. You can also customize the categories.

Also, you can select the categories to receive notifications from. The Photos section offers photos of the latest news. You will also get a search option to find the sections and categories.

Features of Zee News Live

  • News in Five different languages English, Hindi, Bangla, Marathi, and Tamil
  • Different categories like Home, Latest, India, World, Entertainment, Sports, Business, Health, and more
  • Each News comes with share, add comments, and favourites options
  • Watch the news videos, customize categories
  • Manage notifications and offline reading


ABP Live News app will provide the best news in six languages including Hindi, English, Marathi, Bengali, Punjabi, and Gujarati. It offers news from around the India and Globe.

It is very easy to switch between the languages in this app. Just tap on the three horizontal lines at the top left corner and you will get the language options. From here, you can choose a particular language.


You can also enjoy Live TV with this app including TV Shows and Videos. For easy access to your favourite news content, you can add bookmarks.

With this app, you can also Edit the categories that you are looking at in the main interface. For each story, you will get the Bookmarks and Share option. You can also select the Font Size, Line Height, and Background.

Features of ABP LIVE News

  • News in six languages including Hindi, English, Marathi, Bengali, Punjabi, and Gujarati
  • News from around the India and Globe
  • Easy switching between the Languages
  • Live TV with this app including TV Shows and Videos
  • Edit the categories
  • A story with Bookmarks and a Share option
  • Select and set the Font Size, Line Height, and Background for each story
ABP LIVE Official App
ABP LIVE Official App
Developer: ABP Network
Price: Free

Final Words

So, which app do you prefer?

So, those are the best news apps for Android, which keep you updated with the whole world. All the apps offer various unique and cool features and provide an impressive reading experience.

Thanks for reading our article. We hope this helps you in connecting with the world. For more latest updates like us, share with us, and follow us on our website, The Android Portal.

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