With Samsung Smart TV, you can stream your favorite shows and cinema, enjoy music, and watch sports like football, cricket, etc. But sometimes, the experience of using the device becomes insufferable. It happens when your Samsung TV keeps turning on and off hourly. The comportment can come down anytime, including when playing a tape game, powering up the Box, and viewing your favorite shows.

However, it could be due to old or outdated software or loose power wires if your Samsung Smart TV keeps restarting. In the case of software, a simple requirement is to continue. Restart is a solution to some problems.

However, if you apply all these steps still, your Samsung TV restarts while watching and enjoying your favorite shows; it is possible due to some reasons, may be down to:

Your Box could also be proceeding while streaming because of a shortage on the power inventory board. When this happens, you’ll see a flashing light all the time. That also means the problem is either software or outfit-hung.

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How To Fix Samsung TV Keeps Restarting Issue?

Samsung TV Keeps Restarting

Steps taken to fix Samsung TV keeps restarting issue :

How To Update Device Software?

The Samsung Smart TV receives software updates to fix bugs or add new features and plays. By keeping the software modernized, you can help improve multiple issues with the device, including frequent restarts. Presently how

  • Go to “Settings” >> Select “Support“.
  • Select “Software Update.”
  • Highlight Auto Update and turn the option ON.
  • Select software update, then update now.

How To Fix Issue Due To New HDMI Devices?

How To Fix Issue Due To New HDMI Devices

The issues gawked when you plugged in a new FireHD or a new Streaming device like Google chrome. In this case, it’s the issue with the universal Fire Remote or Chrome Remote. To resolve this issue, reset your Fire HD stick and make sure not to add other dispositions like Blu- behave and soundbar to be controlled with a fire HD remote.

If the power cables come out loose

You can correct this by connecting all power wires and securing them to fit tightly. Next, switch on your device and see whether that helps.

Also, you may want to reseat the wires. It’s a step you should consider because dirt gets in the connections. When that happens, it causes some resistance. Disconnect and reconnect the cords to try and fix the issue.

If damage mainboard

If damage mainboard

If the main damaged board of Samsung TV, then we have only one solution to replace the board itself.

Overheating Samsung chip

Samsung Television comes with a CPU that can get hot as the Television gets long-lived. There’s a heat cesspool attached to the chip that can freely slip. Try touching the reverse of your Television next to HDMI harbors.

If you feel it’s too hot. Paramount is probably overheating. To resolve to overheat. Open the hindmost panel of the Television to check if the heat cesspool has moved out of place. Either peel off the sticker given for the Samsung extension package. This will resolve the overheating problem.

How To Factory Reset Samsung TV

A factory reset will restore your Television to neglect settings. It’ll get free of all your ranges and other data that may be causing the Samsung Television rush hoop. Presently’s how to do it.

  • Open Settings > Select General.
  • Select Reset.
  • Enter your PIN or the default one as 0000.
  • Select Reset.
  • Select OK to complete the reset.
  • Depending on your model, go to Settings – Support – Self Diagnosis – Reset.

Your TV will restart automatically.


You can solve your Samsung TV restarting problem using the above solution. The above solution may definitely work to solve your problem.

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