Want to know what Lost.DIR is? How it works and what’s its purpose? Here we have explained every aspect of Lost.DIR. Read on this post till the end to know everything today.

Many Android apps eat up your Android device storage in an excessive manner. Also, not every people choose to use the SD card in their devices to expand the storage of their phone. When managing the files on Android phones and tablets, only the sharp-eyed people may find a folder in SD card called “LOST.DIR.” This folder contains bizarre files of no use.

When I first saw this folder, a lot of questions arise in my mind that what is it? Can I remove the folder to free up space? Are these files in the folder really used for any Android process or these are useless? Later, I found all the answers and that I will be sharing here in this post.

So, without doing any jargons, let’s just start with everything about Lost.DIR.

What is LOST.DIR?


LOST.DIR is basically a system folder which collects all the corrupted data of your phone whether it is writing data into SD card or any app data. The corrupted data are saved in this folder and renamed the file with random numbers.

For example- if you delete any movie name (ABC. Mp4), then it will be there in that folder as a file format named (345671). This is the actual type of file which is created in that folder. Users do not deliberately delete the data in this folder, and all the corrupted data are automatically placed in this folder.

Why this folder created in our android device?

As you know that the LOST.DIR folder is created by the system and not by us. The folder is created for some unknown accidents. Some of the accidents are given below:

  • Improperly removing the SD card from android phone.
  • Incomplete installation of apps and files.
  • Sudden freezing of android’s operating system.
  • Suddenly eject the device at a time when some files are in the reading and writing process.

Is it safe to delete LOST.DIR folder?

As I have told you earlier that LOST.DIR folder contains only corrupted files. If the corrupted data are not in use for you, then feel free and delete the folders. Well, you have the option to back them up as well. However, if you are missing or deleted any critical data or file from the SD card, LOST.DIR files and folders can actually help you in recovering your missing data.

You can either empty the folder by deleting one by one, or you can delete the whole folder to free up space. But every time when the SD card plugged in or out, your device may search for this folder.

Furthermore, If your device will not find this folder, then it will create a new one. Some people may worry that deleting these files may create some issues in their device, but there is nothing like that.

So finally, we concluded that we are free to delete this folder. There is no disadvantage of deleting this folder. If you don’t want to recover any of your files, then remove the whole folder at one time. However, there is no benefit of deleting that folder because whenever your phone will reboot, the system it will reappear again.

How to recover files from SD card using LOST.DIR?


If you want to recover your lost files from LOST.DIR folder to SD card, then you normally need to restore to a third-party app.

Here I would recommend you to use FonePaw Data Recovery tool as an example. This tool can help you in recovering all your deleted and corrupted files from SD card, USB drive and from the computer too. Here are some steps on how to restore files from LOST.DIR to SD card with FonePaw data recovery.

Step1- Download and install the FonePaw data recovery software on your laptop or computer.

Step 2- Open the software by double-clicking on the icon of FonePaw recovery data.

Step 3- Connect your phone to the computer. However, you need to remember one thing that the SD card should be inserted and work correctly on your phone as the computer will be reading the SD card and managing the phone.

Step 4- Next, you need to tick the files which you want to recover and check the status of the SD card on the home page.

Step 5- Click on the Scan Button on the bottom right corner of your screen.

Step 6- Now, you need to wait until the scanning process gets finished. Next, view the files by type list or path list. If you cannot find you file then click on the “deep scan” option at the top right corner of the screen. Tick off the files you want to restore.

Step 7- Click on the “Recover” button on the bottom right corner of your screen and select the path where you want to save your recovered file.


That’s all about LOST.DIR folder. Hope now you understand that what is LOST.DIR folder and what is the work of this folder.

I hope you really enjoy reading this article. If you have any questions or queries related to that comment below. Also, do follow us and for more updates, keep in touch with The Android Portal.

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