Do you use MicroSD cards on your mobile phones? Most of the smartphone manufacturers include a microSD card slot with their smartphone, while some of them just give you huge internal storage that you don’t need to connect external microSD card with your device. Here in this article, we will talk about some of the best memory cards that you can use with your smartphone.

If you want faster microSD cards, you should note that the new memory card that you are purchasing should have at least a U3 speed rating & SDXC card. So that you will never have to complain about anything about your microSD card again.

Best Micro SD Card For Android Smartphones

Best Micro SD Card For Android Phones

When you are thinking of the best memory card for your phone, Sandisk & Samsung will first come to your mind. Here are the best Sandisk & Samsung MicroSD cards for your mobile phone.

Sandisk Ultra

If you are looking for the largest microSD card that gives you huge storage, Sandisk has an option for you. You will get 400GB Storage on SanDisk MicroSD cards. You will also have a good transfer speed which is around 100MB/s which is the perfect option for you.

Sandisk Ultra

Of course, new Samsung S9 & S9+ allow you to expand your storage as large as 400GB microSD card, check out what Sandisk offers that work with your smartphone.

SanDisk Ultra microSD cards are specially designed to use for the smartphones with Full HD video recording, Listening to music & audios, watching movies and store a lot of stuff into it. You can use 200GB card in the popular device like S7 edge or Galaxy S7.

If your smartphone supports 4K video recording, you should go for SanDisk Extreme cards, that are perfect for 4K video shooting that we have discussed below.

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Samsung EVO Select

This is another brand that comes in mind when we are looking to expand the storage of our android smartphone. Samsung has EVO Select microSD cards to offer you a great & cheap pricing option along with fast data transfer speed that is perfect for your smartphone too.

Samsung EVO Select

Usually, you will get around 90MB/s to 95MB/s data transfer speed which is not recommended for an Action camera or etc, but for a smartphone, it’s a good option.

Depending on the GB size of the card, you should get read speeds between 90MB and 95MB per second.

Samsung microSD cards offer good data transfer speed so that it will be the perfect choice for a mobile phone.

SanDisk Extreme

If you love to record 4K videos, you should switch to SanDisk Extreme MicroSD cards, which are specially designed to handle 4K video recording on it.

SanDisk Extreme

SanDisk Extreme microSD cards come with a lifetime warranty, so you don’t have to worry about, even if it stops functioning & it is actually capable to survive in challenging environmental conditions too.

Sandisk has recently launched the biggest microSD card which is 1 terabyte memory card. If your device supports a 1TB microSD card? You should definitely check this card from here.

If you think we are missing something, feel free to suggest in the comments section below. If you have ever used these cards and want to share your review with our readers, you can also share it in the comments section below.