Looking for Best Alarm Clock App for your android smartphone? Are you heavy sleeper and don’t able to get up on time even if you set an alarm there? You should check out this post for Best Alarm Clock Apps for your smartphone that surely wakes you up in the morning.

Alarm Clock Apps for Android

Nowadays, the smartphone device is a device which makes all your wishes fulfilled. It does not matter that your wishes would be of entertainment related, storage space, communication, television, games etc. There is also some wishes would be completed by using smartphone device. The smartphone is also a device that also is your assistant like Siri. Moreover, traditional alarm clocks have been replaced by smartphone alarm clocks.

The alarm clock of all the smartphone works perfectly, however people wants more customization in their default alarm clock on their smartphones. Here we are coming up with an interesting topic, which helps you to do more customization on alarm clock apps of your smartphone. Almost you can replace your default Android alarm clock with this customized ones. Check out few of the best alarm clock apps for your android smartphones.

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Best Alarm Clock App for Android Smartphones

Yes exactly, here we will discuss the Best Alarm Apps, which is very useful for your android smartphone device. These all alarm clock apps have the ability to awake any kind of heavy sleeper, also even on Monday morning. So, now a take a look at that best alarm clock app for your smartphone.

Funny Morning Alarm Ringtones

This is the very first alarm app for your android device from best alarm list. If are you bored with that old ring of alarm clocks which plays like “trrrin trrrin” “trrrin trrrin” and looking for the ring which is good then old and capable to wake you time to time. This alarm app would be perfect for your need

This is the most favorite alarm app among the most of users of smartphone device. This is the alarm app, which consists of many funny ringtones and alarm tones.

Best Alarm Apps - Funny Morning Alarm Ringtones

The ringtone which is named with “Very Annoying Song”, is the best ringtone and is also capable of waking heavy sleeper with their louder ringtone. The tones provided for the alarm can also be set as ringtone and notification ringtone. (Check best Notification apps). It means that this app is not only made for morning alarm ringtones, but you can also use it to create and select ringtones for your smartphone.

With the help of this app, you will also be able to set a particular ringtone for your particular contacts. The user interface of this alarm app is very easy to use. The best thing about this app is that app comes with 50+ funny alarm ringtones. This alarm app occupies 23 MB space on your smartphone device.

Funny Morning Alarm Ringtones Features:

  • Best tone named as “Very Annoying Song”
  • Can be set tones as ringtone as well as notification ring
  • Able to set particular ringtone for your particular contacts
  • User Interface is easy to use
  • Includes 57 funny alarm tones


Alarm Pro app

The Alarm Pro app is one of the best alarm apps for your Android smartphone device. The app has very good and clean layout for an easy user interface. The color combination of red and white color really makes it professional looking alarm app.

Here, we are discussing the best alarm app, but this is not only an alarm app. This alarm app can also be used as a reminder too. You can set reminder or alarm for birthdays and anniversaries of your friend circle and relatives and it will remind you of your requested time.

Alarm Pro app

By using this alarm app, you can also well manage your week with the help of a built-in calendar of this app. This app will also useful to you, which reminds you of the things at the right time automatically.

It also contains options of a countdown, rents, calendar, timer etc. With the help of this app, you will also be able to record & make a personalized ringtone and also can be set as alarm ringtone.

Alarm Pro app Features:

  • User Interface is easy to use
  • Professional color and theme layout
  • Reminds about birthday, anniversaries and for other events
  • By using built-in app, you can manage whole week very well
  • Will reminds things automatically at the right time
  • Can also record your own ringtone, which can be set as alarm tone


Puzzle Alarm Clock app

Another wake-up alarm app for your smartphone device is Puzzle Alarm Clock app. This alarm app comes with a good user interface and also has a lot of features. This android device alarm app also consists of 3 soft rings, for whoever who taken light sleeps at night. It also contains some annoying or explosive alarm ringtone for heavy sleepers.

Puzzle Alarm Clock app

With the help of this free alarm clock app, you can set your alarm as usual. But, after you set alarm, it will ring and buzz at your preferred time. After that, instead of a snooze option or button, you have to meet to a puzzle. The interesting thing now comes that you gonna failed to solve the puzzles, that means the alarm continues to ring. If you are heavy snoozers, you might not be able to solve this puzzles and it will ring again and again. So you can say this as the best alarm clock for heavy sleepers.

If you want to close the alarm ring, that means you must have to solve the puzzle. The puzzle of this app will come in 3 different difficulty levels and you must have to solve it to sleep again. But, after solving that 3 difficult puzzles, it is so hard to go to sleep again. Lol, isn’t it good? After every alarm clock, you must have to meet to the puzzle like the math question, patterns, memory cards etc. In short, if you want to sleep really after the alarm rings, then solve the puzzle first.

Features of the Puzzle Alarm Clock app

  • Has good user interface and features
  • Easy to use alarm clock app
  • Contains 3 Soft rings, for light sleepers
  • Also has annoying ring for heavy sleepers
  • Have to solve puzzles after the alarms rings, if want to sleep again


Alarm Clock Free app

This is the another best alarm clock app for your device, which is named as Alarm Clock Free. This free alarm clock app comes with a stunning look along with beautiful green color’s LCD-style display. With the help of this free app, you can also set the alarm in both the time format, 12 hours as well as 24 hours. It also consists of 11 different types of alarm sounds, to wake up you time to time. It also has a facility of auto lock for alarm.

Alarm Clock Free app

This alarm app also has snooze button with an option of on and off, to continue alarm and stop button to close the alarm. It also has an option of multiple alarms, to set more than one alarm. This is the alarm, which works very well even your smartphone device’s screen is locked. The alarm also rings, even if your Android device is in silent mode. This app is also compatible with your smartphone and tablet device easily and works well on both the device.

Features of the Alarm Clock Free app

  • Has stunning look with Beautiful Green Color’s LCD style display
  • Allow setting alarm in 12 hours as well as 24 hours format
  • Contains 11 different alarm tones
  • Snooze button with on and off option
  • Allow setting multiple alarm
  • Rings alarm even if the screen of your device is locked
  • Rings even if your device is in silent mode


Alarm Clock Plus app

If you want simple and easy to use Best Alarm Clock App for Android mobile phones, then the app named with Alarm Clock Plus app is a too good option for you. This wake-up alarm app is easy to use on your smartphone. It is not only simple alarm app, but is also having a reliability. It also has some features such as setting an unlimited number of alarms at a time.

Alarm Clock Plus app

You will also be able to set your favorite music as alarm tones. The app comes with auto snooze option and auto dismiss option for each and every alarm, which has been set by you. It also has a feature of the flashlight, which flash the LED light with each alarm. So if you are sleeping in dark, flashlight will help you to wake up on your desired time.

Features of the Alarm Clock Plus app

  • Simple and easy to use alarm app
  • Can set unlimited number of alarms
  • Can set your favorite music as an alarm tone
  • Auto snooze and auto dismiss option as well
  • Featuring a LED flashlight with each alarm


Alarm Clock app

Another extreme alarm clock your device called Alarm Clock app. Like other alarm apps, this is also easy to use alarm app. This alarm app consists of 4 different types of clocks like analog dark, analog light, digital dark and digital light clock.

The best thing about this alarm app is that it will have the capability to set the alarms according to the changes of time zones. This feature of this app will very useful to you when often you are traveling outside your country.

Alarm Clock app

The app will automatically lower down sound of an alarm when you are working on your android device. You can set a number of alarms at a time without any kind of limitation. It will also allow you to set your favorite music or audio as alarm tone.

Features of the Alarm Clock app

  • Contains 4 different types of variety of clocks
  • It can set alarm according to the changes in time zones
  • Above feature is very useful to you when you are traveling from one to other places
  • Automatically reduce the sound of alarm, when you are busy with your device
  • Set number of alarms without limitation
  • Set your favorite music as an alarm ring


I Can’t Wake Up Alarm App

I cant wake up line is mostly we hear from the student and an office staff member. Another line is ‘I can not wake up early in the morning’. If you are a heavy sleeper and have really needed an alarm app by which you can wake up a time to time, then this I Can’t Wake Up alarm app is for your need.

This alarm app comes with 3 to 4 different ways, by which you may wake up at the time that you want to wake up. It also has a smooth wake up option for those who takes light sleeps. You can also set up your own personal music, audio or song, to make your wake up way easy.

I can't Wake up alarm app

It also having an Awake test, to wake up you at the right time. If you fail to solve the awake test, then what happens, have you any idea? The alarm continues to rings and annoys you until you fully wake up from your bed. It also has Snooze music feature, which allows you to play the music of your choice during the timing of snooze.

Features of the I Can’t Wake Up app

  • Comes with 3 to 4 different ways to wake up you at the right time
  • Smooth wake up option for light sleepers
  • Set up your personal favorite music and audio an alarm tone
  • Also has Awake test for heavy sleepers
  • Contains Snooze Music feature


AlarmMon App

If you are looking for a loudest alarm clock for your Android with the variety of funny ringtones, then AlarmMon app is perfect for your needs. If you want a funny alarm app for kids, this app’s user interface seems to be designed especially for children.

It also offers you different funny features like setting multiple alarms at a time. It also has the cartoon characters, of may become the best app for your kids.

Best Alarm Clock App - Alarmmon alarm app

Each and every cartoon character contains mini-games and unique sounds. You can set the alarm with choosing your favorite character. This kind of feature of this help will help your child to wake with the happy and light feeling in every morning.

Features of the AlarmMon app

  • Funny alarm app with funny cartoon characters
  • Has option of multiple alarms
  • Can set alarm with your favorite cartoon
  • Easy to use and simple app
  • One of the Best Alarm Clock App for kids


Alarm Clock Xtreme App

If you want to download alarm clock that is simple and sober, then the Alarm Clock Xtreme app another option for you. It comes with a simple design, which makes it Best Alarm Clock App.

Alarm Clock Xtreme App

This alarm app will also offer multiple options for wake up, in which by choosing an option you can easily wake up. Like other apps, it also features a feature of setting up your favorite music as an alarm tone.

It also has an auto snooze as well as auto dismiss option. You can set a maximum number of snoozes. This alarm app also comes with a built-in timer and stopwatch option. If you want to snooze or disable your alarm, then you have to solve the math problem.

Features of the Alarm Clock Xtreme

  • Multiple options for wake up you
  • Set your favorite music as alarm ring
  • Auto dismisses and auto snooze option
  • Can set maximum number of snoozes
  • Built-in timer and stopwatch


Gentle Alarm App

This is another android alarm clock for you, to wake up at right time. This app will be available in both types – free or trial version and paid version.

Gentle Alarm Clock App

It comes with a good user interface, to makes its use easy. But, if you don’t have time then this app is not for you. Because it requires more time to set the alarm.

If you love the customization of alarm, then it is the Best Alarm Clock App for your android device. Your favorite music, song, and audio can also be used as an alarm tone. It comes with its own built-in media player for an easy access to the tones. It also features a flashlight, at a time of alarm rings. One important thing about this app is that the trial or free version of this app does not ring on Wednesday. So, please keep in mind this thing.

Features of Gentle Alarm App

  • Available in trial version and paid version
  • Best Alarm Clock App
  • Well customizing features
  • Favorite song and music can be set as a alarm tone
  • Has built-in media player
  • Flashlight feature


Now, here we have listed few of the Best Alarm Clock App for Android smartphones and tablets. We hope that this article may very helpful to you in the choosing process of the best alarm clock app for you device. If you are using any other alarm on your smartphone and you think that it can be included in this Best Alarm Clock App list, feel free to get in touch or comment below.

Photo Credits: Cause for an alarm , Google Play Store
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